My perception lately has been so stale
Gazing around vigilant to no avail
Boredom engulfs and does not let go
It swims in my skull
Off the wall it echoes

I sit at home and play mellow melodies
Bike to the meadow to meditate on memories
I write all these words but where will they get me?

I need another well for all my secrets to tell
A release from my hell
This existential crisis
A new fragrance to smell
To touch and to kiss
To dwell in a trance of delicate bliss
But it feels as though I am stuck in abyss

The threads of my thoughts tend to quake in unrest
I tangle and tumble on the crest of a mess
Need to wake up and channel the best of my zest
To tread across landscapes
To complete my quest

To connect to a whole
Let not one moment be dull
I’ll be your push if you’ll be my pull
A non-judgemental soul with pure inner gold

We need to be different but practical still
To establish a presence and travel uphill
To practice compassion and not take a pill
To thrill and be thrilled
To get up from the sill
To peer through your mind and see if you’re chill
Don’t switch to verizon; seek out the horizon

An old poem revised
4 days ago

This life is for strongers
Who got thier minds set
To be all times winners
Even when they lose

I will get back
And fight
Like winners

At the end of the day
I say, I have tried
And I will always try

No way to lose
No way to whine
To stop or to pause

Because I will try
And tommorow
Is another day
To win a beautuful day

6 days ago

How are you?
I hope you are doing fine
but if you are not fine
here's a message for you.

I want you to know,
You cannot please everyone in this world
even you did something good,
something that helps the society
something that helps you,yourself
something that help your friends

There will be people unsatisfied with your actions
they'll haunt you with criticism
they'll compare you to someone better
they'll barge into your life
and bring you down

No matter how good you are
how kind you are
how talented you are
how much you wanted to be you
be yourself completely
You will never,ever
get to please every single one
in our society

I want you to know,
that I want you,
to be yourself.

Whether you are
transgender ,
love yourself.

Do what you love,
Do what you enjoy,
as long it can please you,
satisfy your day,
you are happy,
it'll make me happy.

I want you to know,
you have friends and family,
that'll always be by your side
they will help you through
the ups&down; in life.

Ignore what other people say about you
Do not let them pull you down
Be strong,
fight back,
move forward,
Care about what you think,
not what others think of you.

I hope you'll soon be fine,
I've been there,
I know how it feels.

My final message for you,
is to be you.

It is sad to see the society nowadays just keeps on giving negative comments on everything we do,I just want everyone to be yourself.
#you   #motivation  

you lovesick metronome
sluggish and sinful
reluctant to let go and be whole
a newborn clinging to its past lives
disappointing your hopes
gripping memories like gripped hips gone cold
"over it" but not really
melancholic and panicked:
if you cannot forget what wasn't worthy
then how will you rise up and
make a name for yourself and
do something worthwhile and
make your mother proud and
you know she's proud no matter what but
she could have everything if you worked harder but
you can't even convince yourself
that you deserve it
that you can make it, make it, make it
make it something incredible
you treacherous dreamer
be a household name
come hell or high water

#love   #dreams   #motivation   #ambition   #work   #goals  

This time of year, I often hear of new beginnings
A slate wiped clean, a "do over"
All mistakes forgiven and all debts pardoned
But no wrong is right without effort
Effort is futile without a plan
And a plan is not justified without practice
This time of the year I reflect on my preparation
This time of year I reflect on my presentation
This time of the year I don't wipe my slate clean
I look for the catalyst of the mess I've made
Because this isn't a new beginning
It's a continued effort, to one day, get it right

#poem   #poetry   #day   #new   #years   #motivation   #celebration   #resolution   #eve   #holiday  

I don't want to be alone anymore
I need someone to share with my dreams
someone who can see my invisible tears
one who'll hold my sweaty palms when am shaken
and drowning in volatile oceans of fears
Someone to remind me that hard times do not
mean by the world am forsaken
I need someone who'll hear my silent screams
who'll understand my emotions to the core
to remind me to stop on the second beer bottle
they say the moment's a picture so I need someone in my photo
someone to cheer my cause, as I can always lift the load
thrown at me by karma, I need someone to listen
to help me find every piece to my heart that's missing

I need a friend beyond the lines of proverbial friendship
for now I believe I can manage romantic kinship.

It doesn't have to be a fairy tale, 'long as it's a tale that's fair
all I crave is someone who'll try to always be here
You don't need to be perfect or as sleek as the dawn
I just want someone too... to call my own.

Am free falling from the sky of desolation
and hoping yours are the arms that will catch me
because I want you to be in my future, my definition.

Where has your passion gone?
Is it buried down deep?
Are you only letting it out
In the safety of your sleep?

I'm tired love,
Of being your energy.
Find something that fuels you
Since I fear it's not me.

I wish I could ignite the flame
That you've let die
But I'm holding wet matches
That refuse to dry.

Please dear,
Just try...

#passion   #die   #motivation   #energy   #lack  
Ashur A Beasley
Ashur A Beasley
Dec 3, 2016

I am like an owl.
Too much focused energy,
Try to see it all.

You are like a cat.
Piercing eyes and elusive.
You are warm, but stoic.

We are like turtles.
We have our safe place, hard shells.
Moving slow, cautious.

Time is so obscure.
Panic as the minutes pass,
Panic as they crawl.

Life is like the sea.
Hidden currents pull and push.
Try to ride the waves.

Your consciousness is,
Your own sail boat, a bubble.
Everything you are.

When two bubbles meet,
The may merge, become bigger.
One may pop, or both.

Life continues on.
Whether you march or sit still,
Your time will run out.

But this is your time.
It's not wrong to put self first.
Love radiates out.

Clear your eyes, mind, heart.
Find serenity and strength.
It won't be easy.

Watch how you feel and,
Learn who you are in this moment.
You are in control.

Learn and love yourself,
And every action you take
Will be genuine.

Every desire,
Every want or need or hope,
Is within your reach.

Dec 31, 2016

Don't stop falling
even if you know you'll end up a tragedy

The cupids are with us when investigating a crash.

Jackson Rae Wilder
Jackson Rae Wilder
Dec 30, 2016

By: Jack Wilder (Ramon Carlos T. Castillo)

You are a gift you see,
A person made in the image of our Lord,
So you really should not care,
About another person's word.

Echoes of hate and petty,
Purely brought about by insecurity,
Things that will bring you down,
Only if you let it get to you.

So why should you be,
Afraid of what they have to say?
To the little stuff they give notice,
You yourself can't even see.

Here's to the victims of bullying. Here's to the people who got judged because of what they fought for. Don't give up, I believe in you all!
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