Kilam Tel Aviv
Kilam Tel Aviv
16 minutes ago

We all have the power as individuals
To confront every injustice
To resist tyranny
So every ember moon
I look to the sky
Prepared for every battle
And fly with those
Who look up for opportunities
And not down at misfortunes
So our fires continue, to burn

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Ola Radka
Ola Radka
1 day ago

If you want to be an oak,
think like an oak,
not like an acorn.

Preston Gearin
Preston Gearin
2 days ago

I'm depressed, the lesson I learned about
Life is that it's hell in its essence.
I don't wanna live wanna leave all this
And escape from the present.
I look in the mirror and just see a mess.
It's getting clear, perhaps it's for the best
To disappear and fade away all my fear;
Share it all with the rest of those
Who appear to illuminate by their presence.

Called Satan and left him a message, nobody's there.
I would leave a voicemail but I know you won't answer my prayers.
You're a good for nothing one way road to despair,
The sole reason we believe that life isn't fair,
And if it was just my suffering I'd scream into your burning eyes that I don't care!

But I do.
I'm not the only person in existence.
See, there's also you.
Waiting around without a clue as to what we should do,
Just like me,
And it seems that no one can see it through.
Like find meaning in life and acquire proven truth,
we are doomed into an unsolvable mystery.
Most may mistake it as revolving of misery.  
How can we not?
All we do is suffer, cause pain to each other,
decompose the composure of life, grow old and just rot?
Oh what an ungodly, revolting thought!
How could our solving of existence lead to such insulting naught?
Let us then burn all of what ancient texts have  taught us and then- what?

There's no concrete answer for the endless eager mind,
But indeed, there can be deeper understanding in what we want to find.
In fact it's within your perception that you must refine,
A victim of deception is not someone anyone should confide in.
When only the darkest pages of life are the ones which he's highlighted,


The nature of emotion is to juxtapose;
A contrasting height for our deepest lows.
Can't be happy without a wrenching pain I suppose,
And that's no truth that a cynics brain can expose,
I know this.
Yet this is a concept that everyone can't help but notice,
While still putting in no effort to try and show it.
People love their pity parties I suppose,
And I've learned it's not worth the effort that it
Takes to force another person to grow,
In cases such as those,
All one can do is inspire others with the radiation of your inner glow.

Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
2 days ago

Within you is a great harvest.
One filled with wheat grain and honey.
Within you there is no pain or sickness.
This is where the greatest gift of all can be found. Planted, along with root free of toxin.
Protect yourself from those whom take just to take.
Be wise in the time of famine.
For every hand that reaches hastily isn't in true need.
They seek to abuse and leave you robbed of everything you hold dear.
Leaving behind disease, infection.
This harvest of great proportion.
Selfishly taking to leave you with nothing but emptiness.
Alone in a stretch of clear field.
Your grain and wheat scattered, littered to dry in spilled honey.
In enough time wounds heal.
In time this bountiful harvest will grow back.
But never will the land rid of the memory of everything once pure and wholesome.
Be weary of those whom seek only to trespass.
They too come with pretentious smile and promise to never leave

Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
4 days ago

In a world where a hold is placed on perspective, and accomplishment is marked by material things.
Never lose your inner child.
In a world where everyone grows up and forgets the things that make them happiest, never lose your inner child.
In a world where momentarily replaces promise and devotion.
Don't forget that you hold the crayons of your soul.
You can color inside or outside the lines.
In a world where everything that truly makes you smile is frowned upon.
Don't ever lose yourself.
Just be you

Alec Boardman
Alec Boardman
6 days ago

Feet don’t fail me now.
I can’t look back, no way to go but forward
I need to stand tall so no one can push me down
I have to march on and pull away from the sticky bubblegum of my mistakes to rise up and grow higher than anyone ever could
This world needs a hero, and I sure ain’t that, but I sure am going to try
People push you down, but you have to pour in courage like the yeast in the recipe of your ideal self so you can rise to defeat all that will challenge you
Break free of the chains made of liquorice and spit on the crushed toys of the past to become someone no one expected you to be
Laugh at the quests others have said were undefeatable as you stomp them into the ground
Snicker when they say you can’t
With the flame burning in your chest, write in big firey letters the names of those who have crossed you and take the ocean of tears they’ve forced you to produce to wash them all out
They are nothing
You can do anything as long as you

September 2016
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
6 days ago

Some people live in a box called home
Some people drive around in a box
Some people think inside the box
Some people feel trapped inside a box
Don't get trapped inside your box
You are not a square

You are a beautiful circle
A circle full of life
A circle that gives and takes
A circle that loves and receives love
A circle that thinks outside of the box
A circle that sometimes get trapped in a box
A circle that realizes everything eventually comes full circle

Just an interesting idea I thought of. I feel like so many people get trapped inside their emotions that they forget about everything that makes them unique.
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
7 days ago

It chips away at me
Makes me hungry
Hungry to be successful
Hungry to be the best I can be
Hungry to be the center of attention
A hunger I can never satisfy
A hunger that eats away everything
It starves me when I'm content
It has burrowed deep inside me
I can't rid this being that consumes me
I can't drown it
I can't feed it
I can't see it
Because it's taken over every part that makes me me
There's no lonelier feeling

Its difficult feeling like I am one of the very few that has the desire too do great things.

Although tomorrow isn't promised.
Today was once tomorrow;
Becoming yesterday.
A depth often taken for granted.
Consider waking up one of the most beautiful of arrangements.
Perfectly gift wrapped and opened each time we blink.
Eyes coming to full bloom in the promise to make today better than it was yesterday.
Every breath a fragrance of its own as we journey through the garden of life as elegance is elegance,
Sometimes we prick ourselves in anticipation. The constitution of thorns protecting something pure.
Perfectly unraveled as the day grows on.
For we all toil for the fruit of harvest, sometimes forgetting how precious the fruit really is

Why wait...
Why wait for one door to close
Just to have another open
What keeps you waiting
Don't fear change
The past is the past
There is no future in that

Get angry
Throw all your emotions aside
Don't walk through that next door
Kick that next door off of its hinges
If you don't like what you find
Do it again
Then again
And again
Don't stop until you find what you want
Because each door you kick in is only going to make you stronger
Never settle for less than you deserve

One thing I love about myself is that when I start getting down in life I find my next passion and or I change what is happening. Sometimes it hurts at first but you have to make that next move or you are simply just treading water HOPING it will get better. Don"t let faith control you because if you want to live off faith go play slot at the casino and go broke. Then don't ask yourself what went wrong.
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