Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
1 day ago

Come close and
Lend me your lofty ear
I have something so adoring
To tell you O' my

Your moments
Dance in divine hue
And may your nights
Become filled with
Gripping magic so

Aura of
Your magnificence
So charming and so pure
May every soul drown
And forever

Of your majesty
And struck with deep joy
The stars gather in a

You are a queen of
Glory and the moments
Of life are merely
Droplets of

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #magical   #unity   #loving   #heavenly  
beth stclair
beth stclair
3 days ago

as we
our hands

like a
cradle to
the sky,

a slight shift
of foot and
the landscape
as the blue
seas of the

the tide
strides to
the open shore,
wind in her
salt on her

every step
decadent and

every sip of the
wind an icy

and the sky
hangs like
a pendulum
in an old

calling out
crazy minutes,

i stand next to you,
knock on the door
of the airy sea
stare out,

curve like
an echo in a

a handwritten
poem, carved
out of air

while you,
boy of dream,
kiss me like
a wild sea,
restring the
broken violin
of my heart.

#love   #sky   #you   #sea   #loving  
Mara W Kayh
Mara W Kayh
3 days ago

What is it about you
that makes my desire
an open wound,

sealed with only
compassionate touch.

What is it
that makes me wince
with longing,
haunted by thoughts
adorned and quelled only by you

Paint me like a master
With traces of  your stained hands
along my gaping silhouette,
heal me with finger tips tainted by my own blood.

Draw me into your murderous self
love me ecstatic
And caress me back to life.

Spontaneous write from a heavily beating heart
#love   #heart   #desire   #lover   #feeling   #loving   #believing   #painter   #imagining  
beth stclair
beth stclair
4 days ago

in the blossoming,
the sweet, sweet,
echoing blossoming
of our love

i hear stars
wrapped to the sky,

i hear the
curves of a
bridge sigh
like a
blue sea,

i hear the
infinite splendours
of you,
mild and
shadowy like
the sky,

i hear dark notes
and light notes,
blue clouds
sweeping full
of longing
and song,

and i hear poetry
so sweet and
that my soul
starts to shiver
like the song.

#love   #you   #emotion   #loving  
7 days ago

loving you is like how a car can crash into a tree on kettle run rd at 1:49 am on a thursday night in january.

a journey, progressing quickly. very quickly. 2 and a half months or 94 mph, (you decide).
a rush of energy, traveling instantaneously. so instantaneous that windows and hair are both down and every second spent gets its own little freedom.
an impact, all at once. maybe its emotions, pain, or a mix of both but i can feel all in less than a single, lonely second.
the aftermath, that would be worth grieving over. the nights of sitting on my bed thinking about where you are, who you’re with or if you’re able to breathe. i usually end my nightly thoughts by remembering how you were finally able to pick the drugs over me.
you needed me. I needed you to hurt me. you drove me. you made me hurt.

our car crashed.

#love   #broken   #abuse   #relationships   #hurt   #breakup   #heartache   #read   #loving   #hurting  
Mar 20

i just want to fix you
to fix somebody

but i know what its like -
to be fixed
it can feel like you owe your person a lifetime of debt
because when you thought you had nothing left
someone comes in wearing their invisible red cape
and they swoop in and save you
without even trying
and sometimes

without even knowing you were broken in the first place

#love   #heartbreak   #poetry   #sadness   #poems   #touching   #whole   #prose   #loving  
Mar 15

my kind of guy is quiet, sort of,
my kind of guy wears long-sleeve striped shirt,
my kind of guy has voice so warm and encouraging it makes me feel brave,
my kind of guy listens to ed sheeran and sam smith and knows i love kelly clarkson,
my kind of guy wears black shoes on daily basis like a charm,
my kind of guy gives me a bottle of water when i was dehydrated without i even realized,
my kind of guy saves the hardest thing for himself,
my kind of guy sacrifices his own freedom for a friend,
my kind of guy is ambitiously calming,
my kind of guy babbles non-sense and laughs at his own jokes,
my kind of guy receives a scholarship and is an internal field coordinator at student council,
my kind of guy loves to listen to people like it's the bestest thing to do,
my kind of guy has the kindest eyes and smile so endearing, the kind of smile that doesn't take away your breath but grows the even bigger smile on your face,

my kind of guy is him,
my kind of guy is the kind of guy
i don't deserve.

#love   #feelings   #romance   #thoughts   #cute   #crush   #writing   #loving   #writings  

How patient are the arms of the trees
To hold out and hold on
To the weight of the weighed winters snow
In place of their own
Their children, their leaves
Which have long since left left for the distant ground
Having moved on to another town
How they’re holding on and beholden now
How kind are these?
Such winter trees

Tis the truth.... :)
#poem   #poetry   #winter   #rhyme   #snow   #verse   #loving   #scribbles   #sean   #threes  

cloud floating,
sea dreaming
of the blossoms of
the breeze,

love, the song
has got restless
like the wind,
it is time to
burn the
alleys and
the sun,

the sea sweeps out
songless and
murmuring to
a heavy sky,

roots that have
shrunk, surrendering
flotsam and jetsam
to the sands at
low tide,
cry for the

spring, no
longer distant,
waits for a
morn of warming

you, lover of
the spring,
wait for the
crocuses to

Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Mar 12

once treasured
like a gem
a strong, beating
yet fragile heart
struggling alone
caged now trapped
in hopes and fears
garding the only key
to its loving soul

#heart   #hopes   #soul   #trapped   #fragile   #fears   #beating   #loving   #treasured   #gem  
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