i always sit in the corner
with my headphones on.
but i was not playing anything to listen to,
but i can hear everything they say,
about me.

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Feb 13

Mom sometimes looked at me
like I had bolts
coming out of my neck
and green gray skin.
They all did,
brows furrowed
perplexed at the words
that came out of my mouth.
Maybe my words were
a different language
than everyone else.
Aunt Patty said
I was like her.
I danced to the beat
of my own drum
and sometimes
its was good
to be the monster.
Sometimes the monster
was the best part of the movie.

and I'm ok with that.

And we sing, together. But, I feel
And I sing alone, I feel, still.
And I feel alone in a breathe....
And every song is the last.

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Never before
Makes sense like
Suddenly things just
The world differently
When you start seeing

I'll give you an example;
Have you ever tried
To read a poem from
The bottom to the top?

I think this will be a series of messy poems..
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Feb 7

am an
open book
my pages
are scrawled
with a

An issue it has been for many a year,
A secret behind doors of which you often do not hear,
Within families and friends, workplaces the lot
To seek of this would not be a long shot.
It gets to us all through one channel or another,
Whether it your neighbour,friend,sister or brother,
Observe and you will see just how easy it can be,
A source, a connection you could get to in 3.
Little fear when it is felt it is required,
Over and over never seem to get tired,
A deeper need creates desperate measures,
Often leading to the sale of many treasures,
A family breakdown, withdrawal and depression,
It was only meant to be for the night of that one session,
It gets out of hand, you slip through the cracks and man oh man you wish for normal life back,
At the start, it was good, a trip like no other,
Now so deep you steal from your own mother,
Looks have changed, personality altered, an unknown individual who would have thought it?
Bruises and cuts, owed money and hideaways now a thing,
A strain to everyone's lives drugs do bring,
Your own person no longer, you thought of yourself as stronger,
Your life stolen, taken away if only that one time you had not strayed...

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Live out
Live loud
Live strong
And those like you
Will laugh in relief
That they are not alone
That they like you
Can be who they were born to be
And can do what they came in this world to do

Thank you for standing up: Lord Kevin Shinkwin.

We only cried once a year

I saw the flower we cried on grow a little more
But you just looked at the rest of the flowers
And thought about the drought

If you were a beautiful,
soft sunrise,
with glowing rays of light,

than I was always the sharp,
deep sunset,
just before darkness fell on the earth.

I was going through some of my past writings.
Just random chapters I'd written from books that were never finished,
and found this little piece jammed into one of them. :)
#love   #writing   #us   #forgotten   #different   #soft   #sharp   #chapters  

Somewhere in the thundering chaos
                               drumbeat mountain silence
grows an iridescent bubble
                        mirror of eternity
Crashing like an ocean breaker
                                            making the wind       weep.     sand.

Howling like a wolf attacking
                                     fragile spheres of pretend safety
     Dandelions become thistledown
                                                and float their hopes
above the mangled corpses of tomorrow
                                                   fallen from the silver cliffs of never
Rising from the hope that tastes like candy
                       filtered through an owl's screech
     Battered bubble of the soul.

Trying something new to see if it has wings
#new   #different   #risky  
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