Adelaide London
Adelaide London
3 days ago

Who am I?

I am love
but I am not love.
I wear love’s coat,
like a blanket
and hold its
sweet, sweet smell
a perfume too expensive to touch.
Those who dare,
always pay the price.

You see
I am not as kind as love.
I do not care.
I do not embrace with loving arms.
The heart rules the mind.
I make
your body the master of your heart.
Your soul is tossed aside.
It is no worth to me.

I am a coward.
I flee at the sight
of pain
and do not help.
It is not my job,
after all.
My job is to leave you enshrouded
intrigued torn upon captivated enthralled clouded
in the mystery that you thought
was love.

I am not love.
never will be
never have.

I am the jealous best friend.

The one always trying to steal the limelight.
Who sometimes comes before love.
Steals love.
With grimy hands,
Covered in jeweled gloves.
I do not feel with the heart,
I feel with the body.

Sensual. Aroused. Intimate. And stimulated.

Who am I?

I am lust.

Differentiating between love and lust. I believe that there should be a guidebook for that.
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Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
5 days ago

allow our minds to collide in a kaleidoscope of thoughts,
fear and love intertwined like overgrown ivy vines racing to the moon arms stretched out grabbing at the beams bursting.
peacefully we lay here in our own silence.

#love   #moon   #lovers   #different   #minds  
Ricky J
Ricky J
6 days ago

If I could tip toe on the edges of the universe.
I'd do it ostentatiously with a top hat and orange shoes.

If I could slide down a rainbow I'd do so in a dicky bow.
If I could walk on water, I'd play the banjo

If I could travel though time I'd drop you line 'I wish you were here'
I'd arrange a 5th dimensional candle lit dinner

If we could stay together forever and ever, I'd throw in another century just for good measure.

#love   #strange   #odd   #madness   #creative   #different   #travel   #peculiar  

Wanting to be a different person is hard because I want to be a twink with blond hair and blue eyes and to have a big strong boyfriend.
But I also want tattoos and pale skin and to shave the sides of my head and dress in button ups and ties and to have a deep voice.
Or I could be tall and thin with long hair and a skirt and a cute voice and big sweaters and a little fluff.
But I also want to be a boy with a broken heart to mend and wear makeup and to fix myself.
I'm none of these
I'm a person who wants more
I want to be different
But I'm just me
And I'm getting better at liking just me

Once upon a time
There once lived a swine.
He loved to travel.
Unraveling himself in solemn novel.
Along with a apple.
He'd often babble.
With a book won from raffle,
He'd stand bowleg and baffled.
He'd often tattle
Not meaning to ramble.
Standing bowleg and baffled.
His face a smooth red cackle.
The look on his face outdone.
The zipper on his pants came undone.
Far from the favorite son
Those whom seen would make fun.
Of a swine whom despised bacon kind.
Losing peace of mind.
He soon became unkind.
Confined by bacon kind.
He'd straighten a leather belt
Soon a hand seldom dealt.
Soon a bag of rind.
Some kind of stew, cordon bleu.
With much displeasure.
Read the obituary.
And to think its almost February

I figured that since flowers can grow from concrete..
so can dreams and desires ..
smashing old habits and hiding old skeletons in the back of closets should do the trick to make them grow ...
running towards the light leaving the darkness far behind my footsteps ..
Flash lights sitting at every corner .
I dare it to creep up on me ...
cause now I can see you coming .
If a flower can grow from concrete ..
So can I .
I can grow from my lowest point ...
With all the doubt in the world ..
Little to no support .
I can make it .
and not a soul tell me any different ..

#love   #desire   #sadness   #flowers   #dreams   #darkness   #help   #different   #support   #aspire  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 30, 2016

There was a girl named Nancy,
Her habits were all outgoing.
Once she became too busy,
Directly for nine months.
Thanks to all of her habits,
Blocked're all the incoming.
She did not want PregNancy.

She was impregnated by a boy,
His hormones uncontrollable.
Worked not any of the Pills,
Now busied for 9 months.
Used to each 1 of the thrills,
But none of it was avoidable.
Thanks to her being a tomboy..

Nancy was the girl in pregnancy,
Her repentance was no point.
Old habits are hard to go,
She may not be loyal.
Now she hides it,
For avoiding it.
The insult...

As for the boy here,
Aged just 15 like her.
He fumbled to suicide,
And she was destroyed.
She can't name the baby,
Not now, not now at all.
How will she name the baby?

As it was supposed to be,
She will behave a virgin,
Will she name him Jesus?

Such things happen when even The Pill won't work.
Practice maturity and patience forever and ever.
An unconventional poem by my standards.
My HP Poem #1357
©Atul Kaushal
Dec 29, 2016

If I was a dolphin, you'd be the shark eating my fin

If I was a hare, you'd be the hunter killing for skin

If I was a bee, you'd be the kid that crushes my wings

If I was a bed, you'd be the jumper who breaks my springs

If I was a shoe, you'd be the gum that stick to my sole

If I was a lego, you'd be the dog that eats me whole

If I was a child, you'd be the wind that blows me away

If I was a poet, you'd be the thoughts too wicked to say

#poet   #thoughts   #if   #weird   #insanity   #rhymes   #imagery   #different   #twisted   #wicked  
Saloni mann
Saloni mann
Dec 27, 2016

I was sad!
I was crying on the floor that day!
Rolling and sobbing!
I absolutely had no idea about myself!
I couldn't reach conclusions!
I couldn't make decisions!
I started over thinking about things I should not!
I started criticizing myself!
I started punishing myself!
Punished myself!
Punished my own self because I thought I deserve it!
Punished my own self because I thought it would make me happy!
Scratched, cursed, slapped,slammed and continued it!
I punished myself until the day I asked questions to myself!
Is this the solution?
Does cursing myself would end me on a good boat?
Would it help me to restore my feelings,my emotions,my beliefs,my perspective towards things,my respect for myself back?
Do punishing my own self leads to anything else other than bruises and never going marks on my body , my mind,my soul and even my spirit?
Is it right to mentally destroy my own self?
I was sad until the day I realised that this phase is temporary!
My sadness,this bad phase can be temporary if I believe it to be temporary!
I decided to work on myself!
My own self!
To believe in myself once again because it is me who has to live for my own self and not any one else!
Therefore,it's my opinion about myself that matters and not anyone else's!
That day,after analysing and evaluating i got to know that it is me who is going to change my life,mould my decisions and differentiate between what is wrong and what is right for my own self!
I decided to understand myself so that I can get myself completely ,my needs,my wants and love myself!
It was difficult but it was worth it!
And then I ended up on a conclusion that had help me go on in Life!
Your life is in your hands!
Your life is what you make it!

#sad   #life   #different   #mything  
aniket nikhade
aniket nikhade
Dec 25, 2016

Time flies
Time moves fast and world seems to be very much different than what was initially thought.
Present becomes a thing of past and past becomes a thing of remote past,
what remains in mind are moments from past.

Images and instances from past
Quite a few glimpses from past
Essentially what remains in the mind are moments that went on to define the past.

Annoying facts
Bitter truth
A past that cannot be denied, even if it was disturbing
To add to it there is an undisclosed future, which largely remains uncertain.

In all the chaos and confusion of life quite essentially what remains in mind is the present moment in time, which won’t last forever
It’s always better to remember that the present moment in time belongs to the present, which is the best thing to happen in life.

How fast things have changed in life over a short period of time, which brings the mind back to present moment in time.
Is this the thought that comes to mind over a period of time with regards to what’s going on in life?

If yes,
then better remember,
neither facts and nor truth it changes.
It’s the perception that changes.
Hence even if for a moment or so it’s thought that rest of the things in the world are the same as it is,
as it was,
as it used to be like it was thought prior still facts and truth will remain the same with regards to the present and past.

Hence the best thing to do is to be what you are.
Be what you are
Do what you want
In doing so always remember not a single moment in time is going to last forever
Hence never waste any moment in time lamenting over what has been lost with regards to everything that happened in past.

A thing of past is a thing of past,
from where it came,
to where it belongs.
A thing of past is a thing of past and it will remain in past.

The world is a fast changing place where everything that belongs to the present is going to change with regards to what’s best that’s possible in an uncertain future.
Given the chaos and confusion in life what needs to be thought is something certain in the present, which will also have a place, space and position in the future.

Initially something like this was neither planned,
nor was it thought,
however something like this has happened in life and not only happened,
but now it’s part of life.
A force greater than what was thought continues to exist, remains in life and guides every individual in the best possible way
In whatever form every individual recognizes it,
finally it’s called by the name, God.

First you have to believe in yourself,
then believe in the world around you.
Finally your life belongs to the world in which you live.

So think positively in life
Be positive
A positive attitude towards life is what is going to shape life in a better way

In all the walks of life,
always remember,
if you have a positive mindset,
then the outcome is going to be positive.

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