Dream Fisher
Dream Fisher
1 day ago

What if it all came crashing down?
A single blue-green marble hits the ground
No one notices at all.
What if you disappeared?
Packed up and moved clear out of here
No one notices at all.

It's okay. Pay attention to the change.
You can change a lot, it can change a lot,
To know that someone knows you exist
Take a good look on how strange it all looks
And everything you missed , staring at your shoes.
Even a stranger, you never knew, is a lot to lose.

Dance on crowded streets, with no music,
Keep the beat, playing in your head.
Worry about how others see you,
When you're gone and dead.
Give the world something odd to talk about,
Be something new people thought about.
On these cracked sidewalks that begin to look the same
Change the game, change the world.

What if it all came crashing down?
A single blue-green marble hits the ground
What if you disappeared?
Someone may notice you aren't around

5 days ago

When I'm high it's not that I'm less sad-- I just feel the sadness in a different way... and somehow that helps.

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Dawn Treader
Dawn Treader
7 days ago

Anybody who knows her
Understands she's not like the others
Head in the sky, feet on the ground
Detached when she speaks, cold she sounds,
But her heart is a warm place,
For those she lets in,
The select few see her distant but gleeful grin,
Aware she's different and that's alright,
Because this Nefelibata is always in flight
Head in the sky, feet on the ground
A nefelibata's mind knows no bounds.

Nefelibata: A cloud walker; One who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art; An unconventional, unorthodox person.

I'm Not Her .
I'm Not The Sound Of The Rain,
The Awful Nights Filled With Pain,
The Fear In Your Heart,
The Words That Tear You Apart,
I'm Not The Breath Between Your Thigh,
The Long Ass Sigh,
I'm One Of A Kind .
Something You Won't Realize,
I'm The Winter And The Fall,
Something You Won't Experience At All .
I'm Not Her .
I'm Not A Cherry Blossom Type,
A Fake Hype,
I'm Real,
And Honest .
Something You've Never Heard Of Before .
That's Why I'm Not Her

#not   #real   #her   #honest   #myself   #different   #individuality  
Mar 16

People are constantly waiting for something more,
Something better,
Then what they have now.
But why,
Why are people constantly trying to find more,
Experience more,
Live life differently?
When what they could be doing
Is appreciating what they have right

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Mar 16

Everything I do just seems so wrong
Out of place, and I can't face, that I don't belong
I know we're all different, but I am different still
Every battle I've ever fought, I always fought uphill...

Another nobody in training to belong, to become
And maybe someday, I'll mean something to someone
Recognition for the things that I wish I hadn't done
And I'm done....
Nothing was ever perfect, and so nothing I've become

Nothing was ever perfect, and now I am No-One

Now I am no-one...
#pain   #dark   #wrong   #perfect   #nothing   #different   #meaning   #belong   #no-one   #vyscern  
Mar 16

Remember when you told me you had never seen snow?
Somewhere so far away, so unknown to my own Northern tendencies
Obviously wouldn't know frigid temperatures like this.
While you dreamed of drowning yourself in rushing waves,
I fantasized about being buried under the blanket of a blizzard.

But, darling, I wanted you to know the beauty of snow,
For nothing else can glimmer so beautifully while it suffocates you.
So I wrote you a story about you and I in the snow.
I can't remember where I placed it so long ago.
It must have been taken when you were ripped from my arms.

#love   #death   #old   #snow   #ocean   #cold   #warm   #different   #blizzard  
Mar 14

sometimes I look at myself in the mirror
and wonder what happened to the woman
I was supposed to be
I used to be

I struggle to understand how traumatic events change us
because I feel like I am a still that person
I want to be that woman
I still have the same aspirations
want to do a lot of the same things
only, now, the fear is there
and despite all the help
all the drugs to numb the mind
and ease the pain
I am still afraid
and I am still
not the same woman I used to be
I was supposed to be

and sometimes I just take a moment
and I let myself have a moment
and I ask the universe

"How the fuck did this happen?"

and I can almost see it
rearing back its beautiful head, laughing
saying, "How does it ever?"

"No one really knows, I'm afraid."

and I want to tell her
I'm afraid, too.

To everyone born to this world with nothing
No social code, allowed to risk it all with no bluffing
While others get bored being handed their every desire
I spent my childhood days building dirt empires
Dreaming of the molds I was not cut out of
When I'd sit down with fellow folks talking of my aspirations
Most just laughed, brushed me off like I had no chance
So I fueled my fire with life's frustrations
My life works may never something tangible
But if you read every chapter of me, your hands would overflow

This world doesn't seem to understand my twisting mind
But at least I never looked at my dining room,
Thinking it's a great place to hang a clothes line
I'm taking jabs at my past but never dwell in that hollow home
Past these child eyes how much of me do you really know
If you were me, if you had to be, disrespectfully  some say they'd kill themselves
Take that negativity and raise myself onto a higher shelf

I find my best inspiration in music and staring out at stars
one of my favorite pieces I ever wrote was just about passing cars
I'm scared that people are being cookie cut all the same
In a Stepford  manner more messed up than Gerald's  game
They hand you charts and define you in a statistic
Like they already threw you the ball but you missed it
I'm here to breath life into a deflated man's scene
Don't let these demons destroy your darkest dreams
Spark a light onto who you want to be
In a sea of fish, be the one swimming up stream

you were that one blinking star in the sky i had pondered on for hours when i was a child just to discover that all stars twinkle and you were no different from the rest


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