Alice R-P
Alice R-P
1 second ago

Where I am standing now,
I can enjoy the view.
The past was beautiful,
I changed, I grew.
The present I see
as a place to believe,
calmness and contentment
residing within me.
Every step into the future
becomes the present,
then the past.
Whatever I choose to keep,
will be what lasts.

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Shofi Ahmed
1 day ago

Tomorrow we have all
the good reasons to wake.
The earth’s column
down the sky will stay high!
The sun will return and align
upon the face of earth  
on every new sunrise!
But for now it’s present,
don’t go away!

The same old first light will break out,
unveiling once more the face of earth.
Log on now it’s present,
don’t let it vanish away!

Many a time rallies of clouds
shroud the blue sky.
There is no need for anyone
then just to turn away.

The stars too illume
the sky with dim lights.
Maybe the chaste moon
then comes out swimming low
in the orb of the night.
So the sun, too, for a while
goes off into the hide.
Only to show up soon and align
above the earth’s column.

Atop a blooming new dawn
with the rose facing the sun
aligning to it’s shining polished line
passes through the present time.
So don’t just let it slip away!

#future   #earth   #now   #tomorrow   #present  
Nabarun Roy
Nabarun Roy
7 days ago

I wanted to make her feel lively,
I though of presenting her something
But, I didn't know what to present
And I wasn't going ask her too
As I knew her reply,
What then?
Then I kept trying to present her something
Until she would find the perfect something.

Once, she may also feel to present something,
And will ask me,
I will say that I want nothing,
And throughout the life I will get hearty nothings,
While for trying to present her something
Perfect, I have given everything.

Mar 14

We are creatures
That live in this moment,
The clearest image,
Is in front of our eyes.
Not before
And surely not ahead of us
But now.

We are creatures
That live for this moment,
Our lives unliveable if
Our goal is out of hand,
Out of reach,
Out of our sight,
It's warmth, lost in the distance.

We are creatures
That live to this moment.
No life is in the future except now.
No life is in the past except now.
No life is in any point of the timescale,
Except now.

What we wish for,
What we reach for,
We should reach for in the moment

#future   #dreams   #past   #now   #moment   #present   #timescale  

Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

Our moments are collecting,
building a past.

Each second writes the
story we'll read
when tomorrow becomes today.

#poetry   #life   #future   #time   #past   #reflections   #story   #passing   #present   #moments  

You never get accustomed to saying goodbye,
not to family, not to friends... It never ceases
to be sad watching them leave, even when you
understand that they have to go... You never
stop yearning for an extra second that won't be enough
and through sparkly tears laugh... You never stop
feeling empty just after someone dear in your life
leaves even when you knew they are going leave
as soon as they came but then that's human nature...
We are not trees to just drop the old leaves of connection
or to forget the roots beneath the soils of family and friendship...
We ain't flowers to just watch the beautiful petals fall
because we were created to understand and feel
for every connection we create in our universe, be it
an electric charge, a glimpse of a smile, a second of eye
contact, a handshake, a wink... it's never about how long
you've known each other, the length only makes it harder...
You never get used to saying goodbye, you never just let go
of the touch, the palms may unclasp, but the hearts remain
entwined... That's why we miss people like you brother...
Safe Journey Androcles Nyonje, may you always remember
that we love you, and like Karen Kingsbury wrote in my favorite novel "Oceans Apart'
"Love you" means we are always together even when Oceans apart...
So know that even when latitudes apart, we'll always be close to you at heart...
Bon Voyage... and come again bombolini

A tribute to my brother Andrew
#love   #life   #past   #friendship   #family   #journey   #present  

My heart will be forever grateful,
to all the hardships and pain—
the past and the present,
now that the future is revealed.

iamthe_avatar ©2017

A poem for love.
Made with Creative Writer app.
#love   #heart   #future   #hope   #faith   #past   #forever   #present   #hardship   #grateful  

Fingers flying across the
Freshly clipped from the
Confines of my mind
Wishing these words
Made sense
Meant something to
Any faceless name

Trying to
Escape the memories
Past has left behind
Destruction left in its wake
Never holding the
Culprit responsible

Your touched is
Etched into my body
From a time before
Everything surrounding me
Broke with each breath

Solace isnt good for me
Left alone too long
Thoughts creep back in
Reminding me that
Broken has been surpassed

Not sure how long
Its been of
Existing without
Living or surviving
But I know that
Im alone in this

Nobody knows the truth
Emotional exorcism of
Dark days
Not so long gone

Thought I was better
What a lie
My scars can tell you
Different stories

Truth will always
Be hidden behind
Madness and lies
But it's there
Reminding me
What I've done

Trust is my
Biggest flaw
Forever a mistake
The ones I need
Always leave

Tell me what you think
#fear   #pain   #past   #darkness   #present  

Let the wind blow of life
branches dancing with the breeze
The sun shining rays of light
truth of this moment is here
Flowing through me and out of me
there is nowhere to hide
My eyes wide open present to and witness of the miracle of now
The gift of life to wake and see beauty
not darkness of conditioning
To heal the inner demons with conscious awareness and acceptance
Humbly face the truth and make ammends let go and forgive myself and others
I see now not what I use to see what the inner demons see; filter of the past and pain
But light in every situation
teacher in all people reflection of myself in relationship
Love in every moment
It's not all dancing clouds and fairy tales, it takes hard work and dedication
To see the truth of what I am is tough at times but worth it
As I am freer now than ever before, a life of gratitude and acceptance
The mind takes over at times, yes, sometimes an hour a week a month
But eventually I let go because I know to let go is to love

Maybe not really a poem but reflection

Somewhere along
the past and the present
lies my future.

iamthe_avatar ©2017

A poem for love.
#love   #future   #past   #rose   #present   #venzerie  
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