Zolan Pronsio
Zolan Pronsio
10 hours ago

the anticipation towards this event was extraordinary, one could say it was a real hype.

newspapers, radio and tv stations blared the latest updates, enticing even more interest to the event throughout the months leading up to it.

it was planned to be held in one of the city's largest theater, thousands who had enough money were seated, while the rest got it streaming through the internet.

unlike other theater events, there was no orchestra, people were quiet both inside and outside.

the heavy red curtain had on dim round spot beamed on it, no movement, no sound. there were no noises, it seemed like finally this event was the one that got everyone's attention.

... ...

everyone seemed to be shaken up on the faint sound of a gong that went off, signaling the start of the long awaited main event.

the curtain rolled up really fast and in the following few seconds people were hardly be able to recognize the thing on the stage, the thing that was surrounded by determined and stone faced soldiers, more less even move, before the sergeant signaled the well known sign, fire.

total destruction, leveled cities nearby, hundreds of thousands of dead people all around, no food or water anywhere.

it was deemed a total success ...

based on the rating of the televised and streamed coverage it is certain, this is just the beginning.

stay tuned ... coming soon to a theater near you


get your popcorn and cola while it is not too late
Maria Etre
Maria Etre
20 hours ago

I have fallen
for the mess
of things
for surprises
have always
been my

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1 day ago

There's something bigger, there's something more
There's something greater than there ever was before
A difference so subtle I almost paid it no mind
Hard to put my finger on and harder still to define
Life goes on and time inexorably passes
It seems the same, but now and then there are flashes;
Glimpses of what was, what is, and what could be
There, I observe, I am alive and well and free
What I would need to change to make this future a reality!
I could never get there on my own; the gap is just too wide
I need someone to build a bridge to cross the great divide.
There is one who has the tools to do the task
But I need to take initiative and ask.
I like what I see, but do I really want to do this?
All the comforts and control of the vices, I would miss.
How could I live without them around?
It would be uncomfortable not to have them weighing me down.
I think this now, but there I saw real joy and peace
And if this could happen, I'd love that sweet release.
I could sing with all my heart, I could dance with every part
I could cross the great sea with the wind filling my sails
And anchored steady and secure in the storms and the gales.
I could fill the sky with words of love, with thanks and praise unceasing
Writing poetry and prayers, across the world reaching
If this is what could be, what reason do I have to resist
Open my hand, put it in yours and walk with you instead of making a fist
Lead me to this future and help me follow you
Help me if I stumble and guide me straight and true!

1 day ago

I know what together means.
It's human nature to want to be a part of something larger than us.
It's human nature to hold onto something so volatile in the hopes that the tension will turn into warm stability.
It's human nature to attach yourself to something or someone, to look at this entity as if it were a part of you.
You are okay.
You are normal to not want to be alone.
You've been okay with it in the past, but now that you know what together means, solitude screams discomfort.
You've spent your whole life headstrong.
The steps in front of you were confident strides waiting to be seized and conquered.
It was so easy to be alone.
But you know what together means.
It's human nature to love what you love and not want to let go when you've tasted the subliminal euphoria you thought you could only give yourself but someone was holding it for you all along.
I know what together means,
But sometimes I wish I didn't.

Six Flowers
Six Flowers
2 days ago

Let the snow fall. It settles where it will,
over broken rocks and the ancient hill
(the burial mound of all we once held dear).
Snow obscures the path. Everything's new from here.

#future   #anxiety   #hope   #nature   #change   #snow   #fate  
3 days ago

I love him
I really do
          He loves me
    I know that's true
And hopefully
                Through all the fuss
  We'll tough it out
                                        And it'll just be us.

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3 days ago

Depression. Oh depression.
Always there, never fading away, or going away in this case.
Coming at me like she's my first priority.
Staying in my life because I guess I like the company, the feeling like there's always a weight on my shoulders, always a reassurance that I'm definitely not going to be in the mood for anything besides sleep and sometimes not even that.
Depression is my side chick, not only because I need some difference in my brain, some pizazz to keep things spiced up, or spiced down, but because my brain needs some company while the main chick happiness is away.
My side chick goes away sometimes when the main is in town.
While happiness is with me I'm always scared because what if depression finds out and comes to win me with pure determination.
So I ditch happiness...
Depression gets total control over me and I can't seem to find hope of ditching her and finding someone like happiness again.
Depression finds the time to insert unwanted thoughts into my brain, talk to me like I'm some slave to it, I guess I am in a way.
She's inconsistent in her time with me,
I talk to happiness still to fill in the times when depression isn't there, it's not the same with her.
Sure we're close and spend time together, but happiness is never really there with me like she was prior to depression.
Depression is jealous that I spend time with happiness, but I can't help it.
Happiness will always have a place in my brain.
Unlike depression happiness has been there since the beginning.
Depression came along for the attention a couple years ago and now we're in a relationship that only goes one way.
Depression loves me, I definitely do not love depression.
I hang on to depression since she's all I have left...
Happiness is at the back of my mind constantly wanting to be set free from my thoughts.
I just can't let go,
Can't let go of the feeling happiness gave me, can't let go of the love she gave and still gives to me as a far off friend.
You see happiness found relationships in the people around me, she is constantly prominent in their lives, they never fail to give her attention, treat her like the priority in their lives.
I miss happiness, she was great...
Now I have the bitch called depression and she's not leaving anytime soon, so I sit with her, attempt to love her and fail miserably at doing so.
I try and tell her that I don't want her anymore but she keeps coming at me with kindness and affection.
So now I just sit with her and happiness is held in the back of my mind slowly fading away and depression is now my partial past my entire present and most likely to be future.

3 days ago

they told me to think about the future
so I bought a calendar
ripped out the pages
put the whole year on the wall
and started crossing out the days
I decided I would think
of tomorrow
and not

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Samuel Fox
Samuel Fox
3 days ago

Should wedding bells chime in a dream you have, I pray the man,   miming affection     near the altar is not me. I am ragamuffin; a butcher with no cleaver     in his shadow,
instead a bouquet: Clenched in my silhouetted hand flowers turn into torch. I burn     as a filament in a bulb half-expired. I have smoked through my pocket money    in order
to scatter cremated angels from my throat.    I am cloaked by anguish      my grief    poorly sheathed   a tattered nerve. I have only learned        how to praise darkness.

Light is painful as it shimmers against frost: grass gleams in steady growth    discolored
scars healing. Here I am letting out a blood-letter addressed to you, wondering    if I send   a snip     of my own vein will it remind you how     one missing piece    from a whole            can forfeit the future. All any future is:      a motion into the next moment,  its pending indecision none can envision.      We can’t help but revise malleable pasts. Memories flux     rippling water and enough light changes it’s refraction with each new  ripple.        I cannot be a lover if love is not static    humming at least from its hymnal.  

I   write this letter in calligraphy mourning,    like most poets do – rending heart  rendering  this broken universe – with bone and feathered quill. This feather is from my wing, the pair fallible love clipped         the first chance you took to kiss my darkness.

I’m charting learning a path to winter in an opposite sky:
one only I can fly.

3 days ago

A dream can slip away,
And ooze into the floor.
There it will remain,
Becoming nothing more.

Time will pass overhead,
Each step a sudden crack.
He’ll leave the fallen dream behind,
Unlikely to turn back.

The dream will lay in darkness,
A cold void to it's center.
Stretching blind towards the light,
Begging help to enter.

It's hope will turn to poison,
Seething with regret.
An affliction with no cure:
It's potential never met.

The dream will late return,
And blast up from below.
An inner rage will advance,
A vengeful plot will grow.

Your dream will come to strike you,
Like nothing has before.
You will come to fear it,
And it's never ending gore.

So hold fast to your dreams,
Don't let them drift away.
Else one day you may regret,
And fear where your dreams lay.

Forgive the dark turn. The loss of something so sacred should never be looked upon lightly.
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