Steven Gosling
Steven Gosling
1 hour ago

If I met myself one day.
Would I like the one I find?
Or would I talk politely,
with retreat most in my mind.

If I had to work with someone.
Would it be someone like me?
Or would I say no thanks,
as a tried to get me free.

If I was my own best friend.
Would I trust me with my thoughts?
And tell me all my secrets,
without  fear of getting caught.

If there was one person in the world,
to whom I’d never say goodbye,
and walk away and never see.
Would it be someone like I?

When you look into the mirror.
is it really ever true,
that you see the same old person,
as when other’s look at you.

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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
6 hours ago

I hate counting the days off that you've been gone from my life. I don't have any more ways to say I miss you. There's no more ways for me to say I still love you.

I saw you on Xbox live the other day. First chance to talk to you since that we were torn apart by misunderstanding. I wanted to say so much more than hello, to say I still burn for you just like our first time.
But I was scared. I don't know if you miss me. I don't know if you need me the way I want you. The silence is agonizing and it's not getting any better, Queen.

I want to talk to you. I want to cuddle with you and kiss your forehead like I used to do every night. We'd stare in each other's eyes and we didn't even have to make love. We knew we were there for each other. We loved. We loved until it hurt and kept loving because... it was us.

I don't want to say goodbye to you. I'll keep marking the days with notches until you come back... I miss you.

You're my Sparkle of Gold. You're my Queen.
Do you not feel me bleeding out?

I didn't like how the first one came out. I was in too bad a place to effectively convey what I wanted to say. So, here's to v2...
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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
21 hours ago

I know guys aren't exactly your thing and I understand why.
I mean, in case you didn't notice, girls are really attractive!
So that leaves us in an awkward position, so let me explain
all the details in my heart to show you this will work.

You see I love you just the way you are. I love you just as you love girls.
I'm not going to try and change you, because then you wouldn't be you. I want to see you grow as you are, not how you "should."

I want to be close to your heart and make you feel secure.
To hold your soul just when our eyes lock.
It's okay for you to be with other girls, I don't care.
Maybe one night we'll spark and make love
and I hope you won't care that I'm a guy
who lacks the curves you love to hold.

I hope you understand your sexuality doesn't mean I love you any less.
I just want

I'm willing to sacrifice for love when I know it's real... just so you know...

I don't have a lesbian girlfriend, but I've dedicated this poem to her anyway. :)
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Timothy hill
1 day ago

Shower of hell pours down into your being.

You cast others as dust to your kind of soul.

Shallow stains with only pity.

Ye hold no hate raft only take its place.

You do know you are of strange depitions.

So be kind, and not too overly stern for you shall seek love of beauty.

Death is a font in style with harsh structure.

Huge door, like sentences knock down your barriers let the pure light Pierce threw.

And you will become of some thang new.

Until this day, you are meaner, than a stage full of people with a mild cast of rage.

Sad tears flood, your place you need a life saver yet you shrug at that too.

I met you last summer and you where kind and polite.

Now you are meaner, and denser than effects can construct.

So I'll ask what made you this way?

Was it the death, of your friend that took his life by the "knife blood driping" down as a mother pulls it out.

The fog of that very moment hazed your light.

Now you persit to overwhelm your life with your own made strees.

Yes it was that I miss his friend ship.

Of a old lost friend.
#sad   #life   #hate   #tears   #friend   #sorrow   #rage   #raft  
1 day ago

Does everyone do this, or is it just me
That sometimes I love a celebrity
Because whenever they show up on T.V.
I'm reminded of someone I used to see

I wound up watching a ton of Gordon Ramsey videos because he reminds me of a close friend who moved away last year. They would get along so well...
1 day ago

You were my friend
before anything,
but you seemed
to forget that
along the way.

I've been your ---, for so long
Now it's hard to take those words
heard through other's lips...

You've been here all the time
Were there anytime the tide was high
and i couldn't swim and i couldn't move

I see you hanging on a thin thread,
not even saying hello.
Putting a distance, for health of your own heart.
I also thought I'd wait for you forever.
But he got in my way...

And you were there
and now this man pops out of nowhere
takes away from you your ----
but it's not like that...

You tried to protect me from life,
it was such a sweet thing from you.
But you can't enclose the fields,
you can't wave life goodbye.

Your -----, that's me...
a bond no one understands
but the both of us...
and who cares
because we are heaven
just like him

Can't you see that
you can have a thousand lovers
and a few friends
and that you crossed the barriers of me
unlike anyone I meet?

And you were there
and now this man pops out of nowhere
takes away from you your ----
but it's not like that...

Because our relationship was always special,
and will always be.
I see you standing there,
having a rough time.
I see you standing there,
but we will learn from this.
You won't be left behind.

This poem is the light, sweet counterpant to Your Lolita, both poems written about the same fact: me and my ex lover growing apart since he knows I'm dating someone.
#love   #ex   #friend   #friendship   #woman   #jealousy   #older   #exes   #manyounger  
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
2 days ago

I'm so sorry I lost you
  I never meant to lose you
   I love you beyond measure
    Why haven't you come back?
I saw you from afar
  I didn't know if I should say
   Hello.... hello...
I'm so sorry...
please come back

I never knew how bad love could hurt until I lost someone who loved me back......... fuck
#love   #poem   #poetry   #friend   #relationship   #jack   #jenkins  
4 days ago

Ode to a Duck
(inspired by a story of a kid and his duck)

I like ducks they go quack
I like them all as a matter of fact
Daffy and Donald are my favorite two
I like ducks, do you?

They keep the garden free from bugs
The gross thing is, they eat slugs
A little baby duck waddled my way
Snuggled up close and there he stayed

I named him crackers because he ate all mine
He’d swim in the dogs dish all the time
He jumps on the chair sits next to me
Eats my popcorn and watches tv

The dog doesn’t like him, neither does the cat
He chases them both going quack, quack, quack
Now he grown and must behave
Because he’s a daddy with three little eggs

#love   #fun   #friend   #child   #duck   #pet  
Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
5 days ago

We let each other go
With the wisp in the silence that was in between
You had hurt me so deeply
But you'll never know
For it was time to let go

There are no hard feelings,
No second guesses,
You did what you said
For the first time ever

And trust me
It was a breath of relief knowing that we were free
From these bounds that we once called home

I'm sorry that it didn't work out how we wanted it to
Or how we imagined it would be
But that was for the best

I wasn't made to be in your life forever
And that's okay
People change

However the world still stays the same
It'll still rotate on its axis
And the world would move on

This isn't such a bad thing,
We left a mark together in our own worlds
In our own way
That's what matters most

Our time has come to a close
But that is not such a bad thing
It was for the best, my long lost friend

I wouldn't change a thing

This is goodbye, my friend

I wish you the best

Talked to her, she understood. Now we have been parted
#go   #friend   #friendship   #on   #letting   #moving   #risk   #strenght  
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