The heart of a champion
Willing to go through the battle
With such zeal and vigor
Always one to persevere
What courage she has
With a warrior like attitude
Handling situations with class and dignity
And showing her gratitude

Always use your mind
It is an essential tool
Be willing to grab education
Your mother did not raise a fool
It is all up to you
Go forward and do great things
Just empower yourself
Be the best at it and do your thing

2 days ago

After long time
Here we go

Happy to hear
Listen to me
Very important
I know

The world
This is what life
Is about

Happy to see
Happy to be
Me proud

Dream Fisher
Dream Fisher
2 days ago

Tell them I'm coming,
Tell them I'm raising hell,
Show them the names I've been taking,
Look hard at the demons I'm waking.
I am a something, my cards are showing,
Don't think I am bluffing.
This is my title, so don't amazed when I summon waves,
The hole that I've dug, I call it a grave,
Still I dug it myself, unlike the slaves
Unaware with no care of the bridges their burning.
With a gust through the air, this windmill keeps turning.

Wake up the world in witching hours,
I'll stand on a stage and recite my life,
Yet none throw me flowers
This day job has me living each day in repeat
So quietly, I write week after week
Looking for an audience to pull me from this desk
Until that day comes, I will never rest.
I've been call a quitter, a fighter, a dropout, a dream.
Always striving to be the best me I could have been.

Now tell me them I'm coming
I'll crack through the sky
No limit exists when I sprout wings and fly

Everyday is a blessing
It is a gift that has been given
Be more appreciative
Love your life and start living
Take things one step at a time
Let nature run its course
Move those mountains
Be a power source

Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
2 days ago

In a world where a hold is placed on perspective, and accomplishment is marked by material things.
Never lose your inner child.
In a world where everyone grows up and forgets the things that make them happiest, never lose your inner child.
In a world where momentarily replaces promise and devotion.
Don't forget that you hold the crayons of your soul.
You can color inside or outside the lines.
In a world where everything that truly makes you smile is frowned upon.
Don't ever lose yourself.
Just be you

Drive, energy, and ambition
Comes from within
Just find it in your heart
Right from the start
Of a rising and gentle nature
Victory awaits you
Just take that first step
In order to build your confidence

Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
4 days ago

I am not sure if you enjoy stew or not. But it's one of my favorite things.
You take some of your favorite meat and bring it to a simmer, along with a couple vegetables and a couple seasonings.
Chopped up nice in a good chicken or beef broth. coming together to make something new. Made thick with a little water, a little flour.
Especially on cold days. You can't go wrong with A beef or vegetable stew. Though there is no wrong or right time to eat a good stew.
There really isn't a recipe you can follow unless there is one you really just want to try. I mean it's a stew come on and live a little. That's why it's one of my favorite foods. The amount of creativity and what you can add to it.
Today I'd like you to try one.
I want you to take some of your one of a kindness and a couple of smiles. Season them with a little of the way you inspire those around you. A couple of your laughs and smiles and throw it in this crockpot that we call life. And
If you feel like sharing I'll bring a spoon and eat from the bowl of your hands

Girl, here we are
It is simply just us two
Holding each other tight
Underneath the moonlight
Sharing each other's company
As we feel the gentle breeze
You and I shine together
Loving each other deeply forever

#love   #life   #hope   #inspirational  

God designed each of us
So there would be no duplication ...
Only you can be you ...
Your abilities are the natural
Talents you were born with ...
Only you can be you ...
NO ONE is as unique as you ...  ✨

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