black can be two things:
or everything.
black can tell you stories
or stare at you in silence.
black can be the depths of hell
or the limitless universe.
you can get lost in its darkness
or be found in its unparalleled dimensions.

black can be cold and idle
or etch an agonizing fire in your heart.
it can invite you for dinner
or devour you whole.
you can hear your blood rushing in its quiet
or be haunted by the resident banshee.

you can fall in love under the swirls of black ink when your tears touch the wet brush strokes
and you can lose yourself in the intricacy of her black pupils at midnight under the moon.
but you can also look death in the eyes and submit yourself to it
you can feel your heart blackening with the poison of heartbreak and grief.
you can feel the raging sun and the crumbling constellations if you close your eyes hard enough.
thunder jolts through your body like lightning on live wire
intensity builds up leaving  you breathless but begging for more.

black can be the moment you took your first breath
and black can be the moment you take your last.

#love   #death   #moon   #dark   #black   #night   #colour   #midnight  
J Ames
J Ames
2 days ago

Something about a heart served with a twist of lemon
She wouldn't care for it.
In lieu of that, there'd be something else, sweet.

She said people used to be proud of where she's from.
She makes sounds like her mother, she says.
I haven't met her yet.  

Conversation makes way as a live band does through a cracked window.
And I've seen that tattoo before.
It's a one-hit wonder.

She wears so many bracelets they laugh in a tambourine's voice.
Considered leaving this stamp on my hand from last night.
Well, now I'm a pop song too.

emme m
emme m
2 days ago

midnight thoughts and wasted eyes
waiting for the sun to rise
owls are howling, so depressed
the morning light will be our guest

dosen’t matter if we’re drunk or sober
wasted nights in late october
leaves are floating down to earth
feeling like we’re nothing worth

Alison Latres
Alison Latres
4 days ago

Once again, as night rolls in,
My eyelids do not fall.
Wide awake, despite how late,
I do not mind at all.

2:30 AM Reads an alarm clock,
Sitting on my nightstand.
Or the dim screen of my laptop;
In which its keyboard is at my hands.

The heavy sound comes right down,
But deaf ears it fell upon.
The sound of a rooster's crow, the sunlight shows,
Marking the start of dawn.

I'd tire now, what's the time?
It's clearly past my assumptions.
A glance reveals it's four fifty-nine,
And the bags under eyes display my malfunction.

Oops, then, I'll sleep again,
And get some rest for once.
Tomorrow, though, tomorrow...!
I'll be awake to see a full sun!

7 days ago

The day ends  
and the night begins,  
and midnight passes by again.  

overwhelms and  
thoughts flood the mind.


in familiar sorrows,  
once concealed,  
now amplified.  

These thoughts,  
all too familiar,  
return every night.


with no one in sight.  

Another night passes
and I drown


Teresa Alaska
Teresa Alaska
7 days ago

Shouldn't I be surrounded by lights
colorful ones- the club
immerse in the happiness that
surround everyone?
But i'm lighting up my cigarette
The red little light is the only
light in sight-
and I press my fingers
against the writing machine
typing out the bloody
stories about myself
couples kissing
in the corners
of this city that
is falling over my head
and I'm back
in the melancholic
chaos of the night

it's been a month since my last poem and I guess it's time to move on from the things I lost. I'm learning to be my own best friends
#love   #sad   #insomnia   #write   #midnight  
6 days ago

If only I could whisper
All the things I want to convey
All the feelings I kept
In my fragile heart
All the love I have for you

I would want to tell
the whole world
how much you mean to me
how much of a beautiful human being you are
But I’d rather keep quiet
and tell it all to you
Besides, you’re already my world

Though I could only pray at night
when it gets dark
But your thoughts, they comfort me
and your voice lessens
the creeping voices in my head

Oh, I could only sound asleep
Every night
Wishing that you knew
In the midst of silence
It is you whom I want to fill it with

I still pray for you, dear. | 3:41 AM
#night   #late   #midnight   #adore   #njb   #helloji  

Capture me in a moment of whirlwind
as I dance by the sea, floating
bursts of fabric backlit by
the midnight moon. The water calls me
in to dance with the waves
it sends to me but I cannot go
there, so I must keep dancing
for the water so it
will continue to love me.

~~ Torn between the right and the real. ~~
#love   #dance   #moon   #stars   #water   #ocean   #sea   #midnight   #beach   #evening  

I guess at this point in our lives the world looks so much scarier. Especially when you're only a seventeen year old, sitting in high school classrooms, only seeing the world from a tiny photo on our phones.
Then right when you think you're getting a grip on your life they push you out into this whole other part of our universe you never expected you would get to. The grown up part. The getting a job part. The paying taxes part. The finding the perfect person for you part.
Its all thrown at you at once when you're seventeen.
To be honest if you've survived through the 5 years after high school you deserve a fucking trophy.
Because its scary man.

-LM| Midnight Thoughts
#love   #world   #romance   #thoughts   #universe   #school   #high   #midnight   #edge   #seventeen  

I just don’t belong here,
I don’t understand myself at all.
I don’t want to be here
But I don’t want to leave you till its time…
So if I manage to stay here tonight
Will you please just tell me that it will be alright?
Because I don’t want to be here,
I’m about ready to give up this fight.

I stare at the pictures of us tonight
As these tears stream down my face,
It’s getting harder to breath
And this pain in my chest is taking it out of me.
I see the face of you and someone I don’t like
She’s staring back at me, with a smile I cannot find;
But tonight, I can’t bear to pick up the phone
I can’t even tell you…I’m not alright, I want to go.

I'm terrified you will finally turn away from me,
The long silences increase my anxieties…
I don’t want to hurt you,
I don’t want to bother you again tonight
Because we’re going in circles
And I don’t want you to see the mess that I’m truly in…
So please understand if I try to push you away once again
I just know you can do so much better!

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