16 hours ago

You often cross my mind,
not in a hateful way,
trust me,
but more of...
I'm just really wondering
how you are doing...

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Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
7 days ago

Now I said that I wouldn't judge or treat you any different. Because you're still the same person you were before right?


No, you're not.

2 days, that's all it took. Just 2 simple days.

You come back and suddenly I wonder if I should ask what your name is...

You look -- different. But let me believe that the person I once knew is still there in the projection of a body I don't recognize. You are still here... right?

But then you start talking, and acting, and thinking differently. What?!?!

I start calling your name wondering if you'll respond, tell me you remember me, tell me you're still here, tell me--

Tell me that you can still be my friend. Because I will still be here for you.

No matter what.

Wrote this last year after a friend dyed their hair. Sometimes simple changes have more impact than we thought.

Some days better
Then others nothing
Above destiny this
Life always demands
The best of me
So I proceed like
It's my last day
To live just like
It should be..

They all say "only time could tell" but within the time, all I saw was her walking away with unspoken feelings she never talked about.
Was it just bad timing? Was it just a "caught up in the moment" type of thing? Or was it something she wasn't sure about?
I'll never know.

I continued to stay while she acted like she wanted me around. I kept coming back, thinking there would be a different result.
I was wrong.

She walked away and continued to come back as she pleased and swear it was more confusing than algebraic math.
It was like trying to teach a toddler how to tumble.

I gave in; my all with everything that came out of her actions and her lips. We kissed and I was confused on why I cried, 3 weeks in.. Strangers to lust in between.

I was really confused on what she wanted. I swear I didn't do anything wrong.

What's insomnia like?

It's when your body and mind are drained and exhausted, but something inside your head refuses to quiet down.
Its like there's a special compartment of thoughts that only opens when it's time for bed.
A unique box filled with the things you're afraid to address during the day.
The things that chase you.
Haunt you.
Bug you.

The things you'll probably never forget.
Moments permanently ingrained in memory.

Things you regret.
And things you never will.


They cower in the light
And return in the night.
Never leaving
Never resting.

Chasing you to the day.
Chasing all your dreams away.
Wide eyed

Sucked into darkness
A restless trance
Of never ending thoughts
A maddening dance.

What is insomnia?

It is madness.
A lost abyss of endless thoughts.
The ones that never leave you.
The ones you'll never release.
Trapped inside for eternal night.

I've lost far too much to care
From afar, you touch the tear
Feelings marred, I clutch your stare
I've lost far too much to bear

Cigarettes begin my day
Better yet, they singe me grey
I could bet on what you'd say
Please just make it go away

Can't you see that I'm in pain?
Don't you hear me call your name?
You've just got to stake your claim
On the boy that never came

When the sun returns, my dear
Don't question what I'm doing here
You knew that I would one day steer
My way back to your jagged spear

So on the day that neither know
Be sunny, grey or white with snow
I'll deal out the fatal blow
And on our separate paths we go

Mar 2

I’ve learned how to bike
Learned how to write
And I also learned how to cook
Where are you?

I’ve mastered drawing
I’ve finished high school
I’ve been practicing music
Where are you?

I’ve got into college
Lots of friends, lots of enemies
One even became my boyfriend
Where are you?

I worked double shift
My grades are failing
And my boyfriend cheated on me
Where are you?

I’m now alone
Thinking in this dark room,
Filled with doubt and fear,
Still wondering
Where are you?

I just want you to know
This three word question
Only means one thing

I wish you were here.

How come you never looked back?

Make sure you choose your first love wisely

Because you will always remember them
You will always think about them
And you will always wonder what it'd be like if you were still with them

But if you choose wisely
You'll still be with them
And you won't have to live
With the painful wonder

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Jan 3

when i close my eyes, it's your face i always see,
and in your arms is where i'd rather be.
i long for your kiss,
and looking at your eyes is a bliss.
how come it is you that i miss
when there is nothing else to reminisce?

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Jan 6

why do i find comfort in you?
you are a perfect stranger.
why is it that i find peace in your eyes
when in fact,
our eyes have never met.
how is it that i find assurance in your voice
but all you've sang about is her?
why do i call your arms 'home'?
by no means i've ever experienced home.

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