2 days ago

her spirit was so powerful,
I believed she controlled the weather.

her smile caused her eyes to crinkle and the smallest sliver of light shone through to brighten the sky.

her mouth created the most beautiful sounds while laughing and singing. It felt like the calm before a storm because for a short moment,
everything seemed perfect.

her tears in her dark hours caused monsoons and tsunamis. So much pent up emotion in one fragile person created the idea of a dam breaking when her world does too.

her rage that forms with the realization that no one can change the inevitable life brings, causes her to shake with fury. The dark sky breaks open with a momentary light. She makes lightning with her quick, angry ideas that are bursting out of her collapsing body.

her shaking hands are the slowing down of rough seas. The drying of puddles after a spring shower. She's sorry for the mess she has made but doesn't realize it's only natural.

it's in her nature, so that's why it happened in a cycle.
I stood in the eye of her hurricane and watched her fall in a downward spiral.

Written 6/14/15
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3 days ago

I’ve spent my time dancing with the waves,
Back and forth, a fun little game.
A splendid step, a tentative twirl,
this feeling becomes no tidal wave.

I’ve spent my time yelling at the breeze,
Empty words unreturned, a relaxing exchange.
No biting reply, just the biting cold,
this courtship is no whirlwind.

I’ve spent my time trembling with the earth,
Captivating and swaying, powerful and strong.
Fearless it quakes, but not in anger
this occasion brings no after shock.

I’ve spent my time with you,
A step, a fight, a world-shaking moment.
Much less safe, much more real
naturally a disaster.

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Feb 22

In a world where natural tendency
And temptation is feared
But hatred and ignorance
Make us comfortable
We that love and we that see
Are crushed by responsibility.

In response to some of what's going on in the world. This is just one response, but one that may be shared.

"And so ...." said the moon to the sun "I need you just as you need me and yet we can never be together for long.
Sometimes in those early mornings, where you rise before I go to sleep I am lucky enough to get a glimpse of your beauty and the way you shine your light.
I always dream of staying, of being with you side by side but even though your beauty is magnificent, I can only exist in its shadows.
I sleep while you shine and while I shine you sleep and when the time comes for you to say goodnight, as the horizon turns from yellow to orange to red and purple you exit the day just as majestically as you entered.
It is my turn now to glow and light up this world, in the way that I know how.
You and me, we are needed" said the moon to the sun as he watched her with wonder and love and the knowledge that one could not exist without the other.

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I sleep but even in my evening slumber
Hear the sounds of summers coming thunder
Cringing and receding from the screeching sound of screaming
Mother earth beseeching while her creatures keep retreating
Scorch marks scar the fragile dirt
Pox and plague for self centered worth
Rain drops heavy as anvils
Hitting hard on my ceiling tiles till
They plunder my vacant eyes robbing them of their wonder
I turn to my tormenter screaming at the thunder
Be gone foul tempest haunt me no more
For I am but a fragile human being and you’re a superior storm
With your vaporous manifestation shocking presentation in fluid form
The storm replied shattering the stillness of my life
With a bolt two feet to the left of me that seared my eyes
Sockets dry the storm left no tears to cry
Singed I sobbed silently heaving and weeping
Damn you nature

It was the Earth's dawning,
The beauty of nature forming,
No mankind has even yet been born,
And the wondrous nature formed,
All pristine, no footprints seen,
Time elapsed, no one to measure it,
Only natural wonders the globe to fit,
Then, there came the humans, that's that,
How to wreck our own habitats!
Sad, but true, now to rue,
What was our natural world to you?

Feedback welcome.
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Grace Kay
Jan 28

My mirror is cracked
my dignity broken, shattered.
Into millions of little pieces

"Am I beautiful?"
I ask in curiosity
I ask in doubt
I ask. Desperate.

I wear a mask
it covers my desperate
it covers my doubt
it covers my. Ugly.

The water falls
my face is old,
I paint it brand new

dusk is here
I wipe away the remnants
I am like a tree;
natural, tall, free
yet I am like a fledgling;
scared, venerable, weak
day's out and

I. Can. Breathe.

From the heart❤
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SS Cheft
SS Cheft
Jan 26

It seems we wanted to live forever
A crashing noise
Been moving in the vertical
It takes much more than ideas to move through the river that we know
To look inside
We're so natural  
I think it's time we start moving sideways
A new direction
Fully out of line
It seems we wanted to live forever
But we never died

I suppose ive come back to writing rather than reading. This was written on a fungi fueled journey, a very introspective journey, not the best, but what can you do?

I want to breath in
a sweet cotton air.
Moments of ones mind
stretching forth
elegant and divine.

A piano drips like rain,
Reverberating above the soul,
while frequencies dance
across nerves full of static.

Pangs and woes,
weigh heavy upon my shoulders,
too broad and too weak,
to carry much more.

Life's burden weighs down
the branches of trees,
their fruits bruised against the ground
turn sour by the first rain.
One must tend to lifes terms

Contracts laid down in cosmic fibers,
Guides the flow of time.
If time could be streatched,
The structure of the universe
would appear like a roadmap,
Expanding and contracting,
Like the heartbeat of time



Odd feelings about an odd set of people, emotions and experiences.
#time   #scent   #natural   #cosmic  

i see the world in her eyes,
she is mother earth,
her skin the colour of the richest earth bringing forth a plentiful harvest,
her limbs long; beautiful and they flow like the waves calm and graceful but capable,
her hips wide bearing the greatest fruit; you; me and what shall be,
her feet are rooted strong and steady,
from her lips come the gentle winds or the thunderous storms.
mother nature in all her wonders

this poem is inspired by some imagery by Sara Golish.
#beautiful   #nature   #mother   #grace   #earth   #natural  
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