10 hours ago

Open the door to your heart
A world without war
A new start
Where love and oneness are accepted more
Turn the page on your rage
Free us from the cage
Of the minds programming
Which is a failed system
Snatch utopia from the ashes
Of heart shaped gashes
Cuts that bleed
Feed love instead
Grow peace in your head
and like a Phoenix fly
From death
Take that one new breath
and think like you've had an epiphany
A realisation reborn into rebirth
Utopia on this earth.

#love   #war   #freedom   #heaven   #earth   #free   #minds   #utopia   #snatch   #trumps  
11 hours ago

The platypus in the crisp clean water,
Fish dressed in mail, but never a clink.
The bears sauntering through the thick woods,
Surveying the land for a meal, a morsel.
Deer sprinting through the verdant forest,
Carrying with them their children of the trees,
From the birds and avian creatures high up,
To the worms and insects cavorting underground,
All converge together, An orchestra of biology,
Filling the man's ears,
With the songs and sights of mother earth.

#love   #hate   #pain   #time   #woods   #nature   #earth   #environment   #trees   #suffering  
Timothy hill
21 hours ago

Beyond the moon your soul recites.

Cold space bright sun limitless from current place.

Zooming all ways forward.

Your beauty is so great.

Words can't describe the beauty you dictate

Sun space moon life galaxies stars plants
#love   #sun   #moon   #world   #stars   #earth   #planets  

I take care of all everything in this world
They can’t stop me
From I used to be
You know I could kill a million trees

These people on earth need me but
I don’t need them, if I throw disaster
In their mouths and their bodies shut
You know in this earth I am your master

You just live in an edges
A tsunami like an ocean of wedges
Don't try to play with me
And you know what consequences it may be

Messenge from our Mother Nature.
Saint Titus
Saint Titus
1 day ago

I am scarier as an imitational being
Draw me a context and watch me come to life
Strive with me, we will be friends
Come and watch as unity does commence

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world turns downright cold
But you won't wake up in Arcadia

Trust me; I've never been so timid
Every grin grimace is as lifeless as my own
Even our souls have begun to tendril shut
Forward thinking and forward feeling
Did I take you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Try and wake up in Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world will someday burn
But you don’t wake up
In Arcadia
Try waking up, try waking up at all

The eyes once drawn apart
Have found their way together
Right and left
Every breath
Working on into forever
Like it or not
And I'm sure you don’t know
We will surface soon
And then we will float

Try waking up in Arcadia
You will never wake up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world became void
But the dream is all there is
You have been awake
There is no awareness
I am doomed

I don't know what i was thinking
#hell   #fire   #death   #ice   #earth   #afterlife   #nirvana   #cold   #arcadia   #spawn  
Shofi Ahmed
3 days ago

Tomorrow we have all
the good reasons to wake.
The earth’s column
down the sky will stay high!
The sun will return and align
upon the face of earth  
on every new sunrise!
But for now it’s present,
don’t go away!

The same old first light will break out,
unveiling once more the face of earth.
Log on now it’s present,
don’t let it vanish away!

Many a time rallies of clouds
shroud the blue sky.
There is no need for anyone
then just to turn away.

The stars too illume
the sky with dim lights.
Maybe the chaste moon
then comes out swimming low
in the orb of the night.
So the sun, too, for a while
goes off into the hide.
Only to show up soon and align
above the earth’s column.

Atop a blooming new dawn
with the rose facing the sun
aligning to it’s shining polished line
passes through the present time.
So don’t just let it slip away!

#future   #earth   #now   #tomorrow   #present  
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen
3 days ago

Water rushes
Hear the brook
And imagine
That no fish were hooked
Hope that's a page in the Earth's book

Hunters shoot
You must look
And imagine
That no deer were cooked
Hope that's a page in the Earth's book

Owls swooped in
It's mice they took
And imagine
That animals were not like crooks
Hope that's a page in the Earth's book

And even if sin on Earth never ends,
Don't forget that Jesus is coming back again!

Don't let sin on Earth keep you feeling down.
#poem   #hope   #book   #earth   #jesus  
JJ Cooke
JJ Cooke
Mar 18

She rests in the emptiness,
full of love, full of pain.
She spins in the light,
She shines.

Full of love, full of greed,
She cries in the darkness.
Full of love, full of hate,
She shines.

She twirls through the void,
full of love, full of love.
She suffers a birth,
She shines.

She screams to her children,
full of love, full of fear.
Her children don't listen,
She dies.

She is dead.
She is dead.
She is dead.

Her children are fading,
full of fear, full of pain.
She spins in the dark,
they die.

She rests in the emptiness,
full of love, full of pain.
She spins on forever,
She shines.

#love   #dream   #life   #future   #nature   #earth  
Mar 18

The sky seems to yawn a bit herself,
the fading blue of her soul hinting at a new day
one she is not ready for.
Outside the moon is slipping away
saying goodbye to the 6 am blanket he hides behind
one he often finds comfort in.

It is a March morning yet snow decorates the trees,
time has all but been destroyed
and the sadness of winter has become a guest overstaying their visit.
Branches slink with the fatigue of an exhausted patient,
and the birds songs are tinged with melancholy tunes
ones they are growing used to.

Every March morning the sky seems to take a deep breath
whispering out to the plants and deer,
I'm still here
Every March evening, the moon gets a bit shyer
knowing it's time to go,
but desperate to stay, a soul so dire.

The sky seems to yawn a lot lately
her restless body struggling to exist for time
time she does not have.

as always my poem makes no sense
it's been so long
happy "spring"
#self   #sadness   #nature   #winter   #sky   #me   #earth   #spring   #reflection   #march  

this growing town
perhaps it will learn
fallen seedpod

Recently I saw while on a walk two seedpods; one lay cracked and empty, while the other was whole still. There were no other seedpods about, except high in the tree. This struck me as so poignant a scene, that I could not help but write this verse around it.
#love   #peace   #home   #beauty   #earth   #understanding  
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