Don't try to dope me
With you false hopes
And nonsensical dreams
Don't try to deceive me
With your delusionally authoritarian fantasies
And distortions of Truth.
If you want to go to Heaven,
Please go right now,
And stop abusing this Earth!
I'll, soberly,
Continue advancing
One step  at a time,
Towards my Destination in  Hell,
Planting seeds deep within  the Earth,
With every step I take.

#hell   #heaven   #earth  
Maggie Rowen
Maggie Rowen
4 hours ago

And so, she said

"There will be pain tonight,
an unbelievable amount of pain
that not even the stars know as they supernova,
that not even the earth knows
as it's land is torn in two by quakes,
that not even the sky knows
as it is ripped apart by lightening.
It is a pain that is unleashed from the very depths of the soul
and leaves the thinnest traces of its mark
on the exterior of the human body.

"It is a constant torrential downpour,
a constant tsunami of grief;
it is a pain that will be known
by the most fearsome of men.
It is a wrath that lashes its victims,
leaving nothing in its remains."

#pain   #stars   #sky   #earth   #rip   #depth   #lightening   #supernova   #unleash   #quake  

She was the earth
I was the sun
She would shy from me if I shined too bright
I would dim just so she could breathe
She would weep as greedy men would throw trash at her
I would dry away her tears
She would turn to face me often, a different side to her everyday
But I can't help but burn everytime she'd turn
Knowing the moon got to love her as well

#love   #metaphor   #her   #earth   #envy   #jealous   #sharing  
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker
6 hours ago

A heavy hand, a heavier heart
full of every burden one can carry.
Made of earth, and stone, and stars
falling from the heavens, landing
with feet planted firmly in the ground.

Melisa Bernards
Melisa Bernards
6 hours ago

Swirling colors dancing flames
Bring this monochrome world to shame
A rainbows arc crowning the earth
A shimmering sight proving its worth

The songs of whales echo in the deep
And the howls of a wolf grace my sleep
They are music most pure, in a world gone mute
They are so hauntingly absolute

Winters death gives way to spring
And all the flowers it does bring
The summers rays warms us all
Then cools us down with the breeze of fall

Morning grass glistens with dew
Reflecting colors of every hue
There is beauty in life, if you care to see
Just open your eyes and heart to thee

#life   #nature   #beauty   #earth  
Ben Jr
Ben Jr
11 hours ago

With all the good intentions,
Let's watch it die,
Burn our smoke to the heavens,
From machine's roaring so loud,
Sever the oceans,
And all that dwells inside,
And with all good intentions,
Let's weep with a smile,

With all good intentions,
Let us count our grace,
Its all about profit to us,
So by all means let's keep up the pace,
Kill all the forests and trees,
Just so we can have money for a change,
With all good intentions,
Let's forsake tomorrow for today,

Don't get me wrong,
Am all for that capitalism shit,
Its all about survival,
So don't waste a moment, think
If the earth gets warmer,
That's why we invented ACs
With all good intentions,
Let's be men by all means,

With all good intentions,
Mother nature can take care of her own,
She's always been here,
A billion years and may be more,
Why help her get on her feet,
When our years are running low,
By all means baby,
Let's take from her what she owns,

With all good intentions,
Life is all but too short,
We got the tech to save us,
Escape to mars and what not,
Why stress about the floods and crops that fail to grow,
We can rape nature, print meals and grow spurts,

By all means let's live like fools,
Forget the science coz the world is just me and you,
"Its not our problem" if some creature won't live to see the next full moon,
Let's drink wine and celebrate our alternative truth,

With all good intentions,
Let the message hit your ear,
If this had ever cross your mind then better listen my dear,
The earth is home, food and shelter that you need not seek coz its already here,
Don't tempt to waste today,
For tomorrow that might never be there.

Global warming is as real as the air we breathe
Alisa Lindley
Alisa Lindley
23 hours ago

The world is an ocean.
Beautiful swirling
rip tides of brilliance
That ebb and flow with the graces of the moon,
caressing the ancient sands of time...

White caps spray grit in the wrinkles of the weathered...
...launch young hands from the deck
to brave the battering waves-
yet calm reigns beneath the surface.
Peace eternal;
Serene depths;

Gasping for air, breaching
the Surface.
No longer visible yet tranquility, shrouded, remains
ff you
                                for a moment.
it sings to you.

The world seems like a storm but once buzzing bustle shed,
the lull of Mother's lullaby
can be clearly heard.


kw'ótl'kwa means ocean in the Halqu'eméylem language of the Coast Salish people of Vancouver Island.
#first   #metaphor   #home   #earth   #ocean   #nations  
2 days ago

Rain never came around here anymore
Rain had become a legend
A fairytale of sorts

Rain was just another fantastic dream
Older folks shared with their children
A beautiful  little fantasy

Rain was like Santa Claus,
the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy
All rolled into one

Rain was never real, that was all a lie
Who could ever believe,
water once fell from the sky

Until one fine day unlike any other,
a few drops fell from a cloud
producing the finest of fragrances

And the people all became high and giddy
Some so excited and disoriented,
you would think they drank liquor

And when they all passed out
laying on the ground,
the rain continued falling down

Rain is a very special gift
#rain   #earth   #petrichor   #perfume  
4 days ago

I see a sphere
it is like one that is,
but not like one that feels
this sphere, is vulnerable
it is colorful but thin
easy to puncture and see
the things that lie within
the colorful skin
i'm afraid it will lose color
and lose what it has once been


#earth   #color   #skin   #vulnerable   #shortpoem   #sphere  
4 days ago

I'll take my share of gravity
And nothing else
Heaven knows I need some space
But see, there's no gravity there, is there?

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