I touched the air today as it gushed past my outstretched fingertips. So fluffy and innocent and yet so crisp in its distinction. I brought her into my lings greedily and then exhaled at her touch.
When she began to caress my senses, I dug into her neck with my lips and brought the mutual satisfaction a notch higher and higher as a sigh of pleasure was whispered into my ears.
It was here that I knew I'd never be alone, this altered reality that changed my paradigm so effortlessly. I never wanted to leave.

I Kissed the rain today while she dripped down from heaven and landed solely in front of me. The swish generated by her hips changed the direction of the water's trickle. And once in front of me, I pressed her form close to mine until every drop in her body echoed my temperature. Each significant drop was one of her fingers holding onto my face, or sneaking close to my lips where I would steal it momentarily before she took it back. I clasped her wet fingers in mine and absorbed part of her.

I played with fire today as her seduction set my body ablaze. Her words heated, I silenced her by placing my lips over hers and sucking the smoke away. As her temperature rose, I became weaker and weaker for her orange flames. She began to devour me. And as I lie there, fire roaring on top of me, I began to burn my soul away like dry leaves. Her warmth captured me like a camera as she grinded slowly and seductively on my embers. A new flame had been kindled.

I created new life with earth today as I felt the heart beating of her heart through the palms of her hands. Scorched soil as the fire of my love slowly dissipated into her shaking grounds. She gave me in return a gift that I can never repay, the irrepressible joy of the birth of my first child. I placed my faith and love and seed into her grasses and she birthed me a tree of my own. A tree that I can groom and nourish and raise as best I see fit. A life untainted by the toxins of the world. And it was here that I knew I could be safe; I knew I would never leave.

#love   #fire   #lust   #mind   #water   #earth   #air   #wind   #child   #flame  
Julie Grenness
2 days ago

The vessel of our dreams,
A ship that's not as it seems,
The beauteous Earth,
Sailing  space's girth,
Our bountiful blue ship,
Run by  powers-that-be's blip,
A ship that's not as it seems,
The vessel of our dreams......

Feedback welcome.
#the   #earth   #vessel  
Leal Knowone
Leal Knowone
3 days ago

A silken rope of phrases
   ailuranthrope blood tasted
   Sweet salt of the earth

   The dark minded misanthrope
   lycanthrope with bloody noise
   could always be worse

   Now i'm just a  broken rope
   of the wagon, on the boat
   been sinking since birth

   I want to forsake this  curse
   travel through time on this earth
   longing loving mirth

A haiku trapped in mundane
A perfect body
I lust for your  gorgeous brain  

Surround me with your splendor
help the broken see
and find a way to mend her

   This world it may betray us
   and you may find you hate it
   but it could be worse

   Broken bones on dusty throne
   lone failure and  cheap cologne
   I can see the hearse
   Passing through, heart still with you
   Now I'm done, let us review  
   Empathy in you
   Did you know you were my worth?
   The meaning of my rebirth
   no greater on earth

Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
3 days ago

i see the world in her eyes,
she is mother earth,
her skin the colour of the richest earth bringing forth a plentiful harvest,
her limbs long; beautiful and they flow like the waves calm and graceful but capable,
her hips wide bearing the greatest fruit; you; me and what shall be,
her feet are rooted strong and steady,
from her lips come the gentle winds or the thunderous storms.
mother nature in all her wonders

this poem is inspired by some imagery by Sara Golish.
#beautiful   #nature   #mother   #grace   #earth   #natural  
4 days ago

I no longer question
The way of this world
Not that I would want to anyhow

I no longer ask
Why beggars are scorned and ignored
Even the children younger than me

I no longer ask
About Mermaids and Fairies and Elves
Nor the werewolves and vampires

I no longer ask
Where the sun and the moon came from
Or if the angels live on clouds

I no longer question
The way of this world
Not the questions that matter, at least

Why ask, when no answer can be given?
#poem   #words   #people   #questions   #earth   #free   #deep   #verse   #humans   #ignorant  
5 days ago

where do stories go to die?
do they expire with the ink of thought
penning themselves out of imagination
or simply tire of expectation?

where do proverbs go to die?
tell me and i would scourge that ignorant grave site,
guillotine its keeper, decapitated
upon a writer’s block

where do poems go to die?
show me and i will breach earths bowels
wrenching words from darkness depths
with the light verse of celebration
and a calligrapher’s paragraph of praise!

only then could i rest in peace
from wordy passion and novel pleasures
and when spent, 
upon my epitaph do write;
'she, brought my words to life'.

© Qwey.ku

Lingua Franca
Lingua Franca
5 days ago

A face, a place, a heart of change
A lash, a laugh, a star in the dark
A tear, some wear, lived out well
A Boy, a Girl, a spirit that gels
A curve, a bump, all but none
A sound, a silence a state of heart
A beat, a whack, loves attack
A sign, a fate a decision to make  
A repel a need, something to see
A rock, a stump, is it all done?  
In you, in me, in her, in him
A water, a sky, in dirt and all worth
Only God decides what's not.
Now who am I to judge the earth?

#god   #earth   #spirit   #decision   #fate   #sign   #judge   #whoami  
5 days ago

Trees are the veins of the Earth,
Silhouettes against the night.
Trees are the arms of the Earth,
Trying to touch the sky.

If I gaze upon that sight,
Will I too strive higher?
Or be intoxicated,
By the poison of its desire.

#desire   #night   #sky   #earth   #trees   #allure   #intoxication  
Jan 13

It's 4:02 am
And I'm craving your mesmerizing brown eyes more than ever, the ones you never liked and the ones you wanted to change badly.
But you never saw them with my eyes, you never realized they had a compelling and authentic power...
Your dark brown eyes could wake you up more than dark coffee ever did, they fulfilled you with electricity, magic and colorful butterflies in your chest.
Your dark brown eyes told stories, ones you could read over and over and you'd never get tired of it, ones that awed you more than an Ernest Hemingway book ever did
Your eyes were a mystical dark brown with shades, nuances and hues that could resemble the dark depths of the center of earth.

And if he looks at you the way he looks at me, oh those dark brown eyes have the overwhelming spell of freezing you into a trance full of freedom and euphoria, and there, right there you'll find stars floating and lighting up the galaxy's edge and the center of the universe, but only if you look closely enough.

#love   #eyes   #stars   #galaxy   #power   #you   #earth   #universe   #inlove   #brown  
Angie S
Angie S
Jan 12

Sometimes I am afraid
to begin something new
because I don't want to end up
just short of my destination
or rather I
don't want to find out if destiny
prefers my misery over my dreams
or maybe it's easier to
never begin in the first place and
I can waste away lying down
instead of dying in the heat of battle

if I start something new I also risk
losing my way  (again)  and
with things as they are
I should avoid new beginnings
I should stay as I am,
stagnant and afraid

yet I long for the feel
of the earth beneath my feet as I
walk forwards
for it is always stable

I hit "the zone" today. The poetry zone. I wrote this minutes ago in my journal fresh from my wandering thoughts, hence the title.
The toughest part is the first step, especially when you dream of running
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