1 day ago

Its not simple, it's not a "want" it's a desire! A slowly forming addiction that will take over even the strongest parts of your soul
There's nothing you can do to escape it, you can't run or hide from the twisted, psychotic images that flash in your mind.

This is love, not many of us get out alive.

Sydney Marie
Sydney Marie
1 day ago

I 'm happy that you're happy.

Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
1 day ago

The more I write about your beauty,
the more the words fail to describe it.

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immense; universe beyond comprehension(
                    stars upon a blanket of potential infinity rule what we see [the past: the telescopes our time machines], and from the smallest of microbes to the largest of nebulas we are but one person within this collection of atoms we call life and tangible.
                    yet even the largest of nebulas is infantile compared to the infinite blanket of infinity (almost):
the only thing greater is our arrogance.                                      
                                               )                    *

d.d. #50
5 days ago

My mind gets exhausted
and my body reacts.
I was feeling too crowded,
Now I'm half-dried.
When there's everybody,
I can't be alone.
Now I'm a pantomime.
The sheer weight of the universe
is on my own.

Me against myself,
concrete and stone.

A twist of a knot,
inside your skull.
a thought, a feeling.
Not to speak.
Such is the spirit of
the will of the weak.

Dream of an act,
or piston strong words.
Always fertile, never born.
Your struggle is yearning.
Doubt has a habit of
keeping you turning.

In a tryst of not,
still-born sapling.
A Restless dance.
In unending motion,
any action is studied Askance.

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Feb 13

I don't write to pretend i'm deep,
I just am

is it not ironic that time and space is at a standstill as our lips hug because they have been missing each other
                                      &yet; the earth is spinning over 1000-miles-per-hour
                               withina solar system hurtling through space
                                withina galaxy ripping through the universe and bending the very concept of time and space itself?
sublime distraction of the ego.
& yet
lips are everything
isnt that (truly) beautitular.

d.d. #45
Feb 13

my soul is poetry.

the inner linings are the stanzas
strong and protecting against the white barrier of a page
or the inevitability of time

it flows like free verse
or runs like rhymes
never stopping, never starting, endless against the hourglass
which is my beating heart

the hollows of my chest are the words I never say out loud
but I spill out on paper like the confessions of a sinner
it is there they are finally allowed eternal rest
and are free from damnation

I am the twists and turns of a sonnet
a side stepped soliloquy
a dead end didactic

I am this
the words i write
the things i feel
the being i am

and i am poetry

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Feb 12

*Ever since you left,

I put the fall,
in night fall…

The sheets have ceased to comfort me with the smell of your scent,
the pillows are no longer able to hold my head,
heavy from the painful thoughts and longing,
for someone who was never quite strong enough to hold my heart.

I thought it was cute when you dropped it the first time,
like this was all so new to you,
and this was your first time.
I thought i could teach you.

teach you how to cradle the muscle in your arms,
put it at ease when it lost it’s peace,
and somehow,
I convinced myself,
that I could show you how you should love me.

That I was the one that was supposed to show you. *

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