Jim Davis
Jim Davis
1 day ago

Can words
Slice thoughts
Like a razor
Like a knife
Stab flesh
And blood
Throw a blow
Impale the heart
Destroy Love
Twist the brain
To wish a death

Careful of words
You throw
Deadly weapons
In a mind's world

©  2017 Jim Davis

Nothing serious here, except for some.  Just playing with a thought!
#love   #suicide   #words   #hate   #thought   #murder  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
2 days ago

Walk slow
Think fast
Tilt your head
Slightly back

Focus in
Fade out
All the noise
From the crowd

Step back
Seek out
Breathe in
And out doubt

This now
Focal point
Is how

Keep the routine going...
#poem   #poetry   #thought   #process   #winning   #point   #mentality   #scribbles   #sean   #focal  

If shield
wilt with
skirl this
time unfurl
hitch that
neither me
nor they
made it
wean just
latent spoor
soon did
wade with
ingenious ratchet
mired gore
with ulterior
indebted in
renewable bonds.

Anne Webb
Anne Webb
3 days ago

It's a person's Life,
which is never forgotten,
but it's a person's Death,
that makes us never forget.

Edward Jones
Edward Jones
4 days ago

I look at you,
With the eyes of Love and Passion,
A heart that emits Hope,
I look at you,
For long,
I yearn for you,
For the Joy and Love that you bring me,
I look at you,
You, I

for a special girl in my life
#love   #passion   #hope   #happiness   #joy   #thought   #wonder  

though I only own
one meager brain cell
it has through life served
me exceptionally well

of a singular character
in its decision making
not being influenced by
an alternate undertaking

the cell has always known
how to opine
there's a beauty in the way
it does clearly define

one cell of independence
not relying on co-dependence
of the tack only unto me
coming with a lifetime guarantee

Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
5 days ago

Everything that I write
I do not share it here
I think it's only fair
to post the ones to spare

© Ali Qureshi

I don't know why,
but, I do this!
#poem   #feelings   #poetry   #weird   #thought   #writing  
Zach Hanlon
Zach Hanlon
5 days ago

A prisoner on death row, sighing contendedly.
No one was ever sure of his crimes,
but his sentence was clear from the start.
His cell was always absurd,
his life always a mystery.

But now he finds peace.
He has nothing except what he knows;
and what he knows is his end.
It isn't much,
yet it's more than anyone free
has ever had.

#freedom   #death   #end   #thought   #free   #prison   #prisoner   #absurd  
Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
6 days ago

How foolish of me to think that I could understand
That I could even possibly comprehend whatever it is or whoever it was
Because clearly the struggle that I did undertake was something that I could not withstand
But even so and as I am
I cannot understand
Because I am just a mortal
I am just a man
But I wish I could
I wish you can

But I wish you could.
Don Rambus
Don Rambus
6 days ago

A thought, off the top o' my head--
't rings aloud like the crack o' thunder,
then 't bangs around, and 'tis no wonder
I'll get no sleep 'til I am dead!

The tremendous ache,
the pounding pain,
an evil, Abel-less, headly Cain,
a godless, disastrous, Earthless quake--
I'd just like some sleep!

"Rise, my body" calls out my brain,
"we've got t' write all o' this down!"--
but yet, still a clamor at my crown.
A pen and pad I 'wake t' grab,
Then my thoughts go down the drain!

Int' the cabinet t' pinch a pill,
I take 't with juice,
relax and loose,
and wait for the pain to finally kill.

Off t' sleep just one more time,
then another thought my mind comes to,
I whisper t' myself "oh, shoo! shoo! shoo!"
but it stays, it stays-- such a tragic crime!
I'd just like some sleep!

Something I think we can all relate to. Isn't it great?
#pain   #sleep   #thoughts   #mind   #thought   #head   #headache   #deprivation  
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