Our eyes met
Like magnets
Drawn in from a distance.
The way the beam from a lighthouse
Draws the attention of sailors.

Your gaze was instantly familiar
Like waking up to the smell of coffee
Or coming home from a storm.
Simultaneously bringing bright flashes
Of welcoming warmth and excitement.

I met a stranger, and it was like meeting home.
#love   #eyes   #lust   #new   #warm   #fuzzy   #attraction   #gaze   #lukewarm   #excitement  
Jan 23

Your picture like a painting
I indulge
Imagine I was there
I see more than just a smiling face
gentle passion
is deep within your stare
Imperfection reveals a beauty
only possible from a little wear and tear
But that's exactly what makes me so eager to look
though it's a one sided affair
A projection a style a colour
Like finding a stone so rare
That's how it looks
but how does it feel?
is a question to beware
A desire to touch to taste to smell
is greed 
I'm well aware
But my optimistic mind says we'll meet in another life and those desires we would share

#love   #desire   #passion   #lust   #attraction  

Mornings are glowing red and gold,
Streaks of white paint tossed on a blue canvas,
Yellow Forsythia glowing,

A girl sitting alone on a bench, at the ocean's edge,

Passion in my heart, flourishing,
Her guitar sound, her soothing voice,

My Soul calmed,
Her dress fluttering in the sea breeze.
A sparkle in her eyes,

Seagulls flying above an Angel singing hymns,
Filling my Soul, with hope,
While I whisper,
What is your name,
My pretty daydream?

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

I don't know by SunKyum
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
Feb 21

I was distracted by his beautiful stature
...by the drop of water sliding from his chest
Reminded of the smile that caught my attention
...the red tint of his brown skin that glow in the moonlight

Blinded by the strength that lay within his soul
Intoxicated by the power emanating from his spirit
....I wish to drink of him for eternity

~An FJ Thomas pondering

...thoughts like these make for long nights.


Your voice raising me to the next quantum level

Of one mind with flow of thought surging

Our dual awareness merging

No need for the touch of fingers to connect

It should be too much as brain waves intersect


Without a drop of green blood

No training to restrain the flood

Connections this deep can be dangerous

Explore the uncharted no matter how treacherous

Shields down, sensors active


Don't have to be a Star Trek fan to know the feeling of connection that comes from truly being in sync with another to the point where otherness fades.

The viper will entice you with her weaving
figure and gleaming eyes, but when she wraps
herself around your body you will see
the fangs and scales likening her to death
itself. Her jaws will retract and she will
sap the colour from your being, discarding
you once she has stolen it all. Once you
become colourless, she will move onto
the next one, never hesitating or
wavering for a moment and turning
everyone into the blue stone that will
become of us all eventually.

~~ I am the snake. Hidden, waiting to attack. ~~
#fear   #die   #beauty   #snake   #colour   #danger   #stone   #seduce   #attraction   #reptile  

Sarah, you live in my heart!
Your spirit, keeps me standing,
You are the taste of sweet chocolate on my lips,

Your face so soft, and smooth like satin sheets.
Soft, beautiful, suntan skin glowing, like a warm campfire on the beach,
Keeps my heart beating with passion.

Looking into your hazel eyes at sunset,
Taking hold of your soft hand,
Dancing in ocean waves,

Waves of love tickling our toes.
Looking into your eyes,
Seeing, a fiery red Soul filled with excitement!

So mysterious,
So beautiful,
Wanting our Souls to come together,

Let's become one, my dearest Sarah, love.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Sarah Geronimo is a girl on fire for Meg [HD]

She caught my eye, I
don't know why; her everything
awoke me from sleep.

#love   #dream   #sleep   #crush   #attraction  

slowly going crazy
twisted and burnt
two different faces
one charcoal soul

sizzling and blazing
crackling in the mud
I've been tainting lately
all I touch and learn

falling out of grace
beyond forgiveness
I return
into the ashes of my days
my heart is now the urn

my deepest smiles are cuts
into the flesh of joy
I need to learn the art of healing
before it's all destroyed

flying now erratic circles
I'm the moth who didn't flee
glutinous tongue of careless wind
caught me in a single lick
pulling inexorably into the opening
through the lid ajar I went
above the window sill
and straight into the eyes
of a room clad in light

it's turning warm to hot as I orbit closer
and closer still to the ceiling deity
I came in from the wide open void
I came in from the purposeless
the great free emptiness
where skies were grey and cold
I came in to embrace the bright frail sun transparently imbued
with the gift of gods

I pledge my wings to you
though charred into disfigured trails like brush strokes on some
impressionist painting

No longer are you transparent
no longer am I winged
and for a split-second in suspended animation
it was worth it ten times over

#metaphor   #eyes   #night   #sky   #spiritual   #light   #room   #flame   #attraction   #moth  
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