We have the intuition that we are meant for each other
In each other's company we can deepen our love bond
You are my good adviser and I am your staunch admirer
Chain of love and beauty to cross time limit and beyond

My sweetheart I do not know what is love and its shades
What I know is constant and consistent torture and pain
Love is what is cut by sharp blunt time's unknown blades
Real sense of loyalty and sincerity with sacrifice to attain  

My beloved it was just the error of glance to make dance
Now I am undergoing the process of real transfiguration
I feel lighter , enlightened to go just along to take chance
We both have inbuilt and inherent just real love attraction

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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Astre Wynd
Astre Wynd
6 days ago

We'll start once again,
We cannot let this thing go
It's our time to love.

Black Jewelz
Black Jewelz
6 days ago

Her eyes are glowing rubies

Her hair is crimson; flowing beauty

Her aura is an avalanche, the snow ensues me.

How, oh, how could this happen to me?!

Her smile peels back the curtains on the sunshine

And pulls open my chest, like Clark Kent's shirt when it's punch time

Then caresses my heart as if her love was mine

And she would never know

But that is much better though.

Her face glows

Her shape flows

She makes me wish I could see her face at every day's beginning and every day's close.

How could this be?!

I despise romancing!

What potion has entranced me?

I never believed in love at first sight

Until I saw her.

I do not believe in love

Except the agape kind.

But every time I see her

The image remains branded on my mind.

I see her smile expand to fullness in slow motion;




This is impossible!

I am a Stoic!

And yet,

I am a poet.

I could see beauty in the hideous,

Draw meaning from the frivolous,

Confound the wittiest

But now I'm just an idiot.

Because instead of harnessing beauty,

Beauty has harnessed me.

Just days ago, she sat in a car with me

But if she ever knew these thoughts, she'd stay far from me.

I write this in hopes to expel this foolish infatuation

Of a hormonal child awaiting maturation.

See, she makes me think of a life that is merely a fancy,

The simple thought of her makes my heart get antsy

I don't know why, to me, she seems so beyond the usual

And the fact of our different races makes it all seem even more beautiful.

I will look away when in her presence,

Even as I exchange a sentence

No more to be subdued by her essence

And feel like the lowest of peasants.

I do not need her
I will not seek her
I will not flee her
I will not squeeze her
No reveries of a life of me and her

She brings me from equilibrium to ecstasy at her leisure,

And this

Is why I hate to see her.

Tear down all these walls
and burn down all these fences
Let's dance, for once, now.

#love   #haiku   #attraction  

Would there be a hint I could find
somewhere in your glance
That would define love?

#love   #haiku   #attraction  

How far would you go?
Show me now I'm worth loving!
What is stopping you?

#love   #haiku   #attraction  

It needn’t even be a word --
just a mere sound emanating from your lips
penetrates me deep, flips an electric switch,
gets me buzzing, fluttering with an energy that emits
a charge so strong it moves me along
into immediate, stupefied orbit.

So often have I heard those breathless words
transferred from your throat to my heart.
It jumpstarts my blood and seizes my lungs
and vibrates me right apart.
Your conductivity builds effortlessly,
sparking a reaction within me,
as you arrest and possess with a binding current
that overrides and drives me completely.
Magnetic, your essence courses and runs,
powering me up and turning me on,
so that my mind is never mine for long
as inside me you electrify your dawn.

I am attracted to the static of you --
utterly drawn like electron to photon.
Absolutely seduced, addicted and fused
to the friction of your diction.
Your voice is most bewitching –
a persistent, elevating conductor
that beautifully orchestrates this excited state
into an accompaniment like no other:
I am the lightning flash of your allure amassed --
a sudden jolt of ecstatic shudder.
Desperately urging the next surging rumble
of your sweet and rousing thunder.

J.M. 2017

Runaway Train
Runaway Train
Dec 28, 2016

*Your eyes are pools of endless mystery
Sparking every curious fiber of my body
Shining stars of Texas summer
Spill your secrets, Senator
All there is is this, and this is all there is
Only this moment, only this time
It's our time, Senator
In your arms is the comfort I've sought
The smell of woods and wildflowers holds me tight
Under a starry sky tonight
Please, Senator, stay with me
Your brown eyes draw me in deeper every second
My fingers meet your warm red cheeks,
They reach upward and swim in silky black seas
"My Sweetheart" your lips breathe as they meet mine
Taste of Dr. Pepper and summertime sadness
Soft hands tracing all of my edges
We lay in the greenest grass that the ground could grow
My whole world is waiting for me, right in front of me
If only I could touch.

A poem for a special someone.
#love   #nature   #crush   #trash   #politics   #attraction   #texas   #senate  
Alvin Llanos
Alvin Llanos
Dec 2, 2016

I cannot help feeling the way that I feel
or doing the things that I do;
acting the way I'm not supposed to.
For I have not the discipline to do so.

Your presence is powerful, and intense..
it overwhelms me completely
and takes control of me.
For that moment, it's an eternity.

I am rendered helpless..
in a state of mind in which I cannot think
clearly, nor focus or believe
in anything other than you.

Everything that I have learned.
Everything that I have built myself upon
has vanished. No rules or religion can
deter me to think otherwise.

I am at your mercy,
whether your intent was to do so or not;
it's how I feel, and it's how I am
when I'm with you.

Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Dec 24, 2016

If you asked if I would skinny dip
You would have hit it on the nose.
But that was back when I was still
Rather attractive without clothes.
Now I don’t go around naked
As long as it is in my power.
I’ve gotten so fat and wrinkly
I wear undies even in the shower.

I’m not kidding around a bit
When I talk about this aging stuff.
I not only don’t look so sexy
When I walk around in the buff,
There are certain types of clothes
I do much better to avoid wearing;
Me in sweat pants or leggings
Is not a sight I enjoy sharing.

I’ve begun to look a bit like
Laundry that is not quite dry.
I’m not much surprised by this
Because I understand why.
I have been around a long time
And have enjoyed my ice cream
But it makes one into a pudding
And makes other people scream.

It’s just not a good idea these days
To show of what time has done.
There are such things as hotties
But I know for sure I am not one.
You know those Botox babies
You see on the Hallmark Channel?
Notice how they don’t look like
Their faces are made of flannel?

Well, I’m not into all that stuff,
That reconstructive surgery.
I don’t expect to look today
Like an escapee from a nursery.
I just make wardrobe choices well
Bearing my current self in mind.
I look upon some of it as wise
And some of it as me being kind.

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