Build castles with the stones they throw at you,
so that the pebbles are rather stepping stones to
a much more ambient skyline of your life...
grow a wild flower out the dirt they throw at you
of such a flamboyant bloom rather than gloom,
construct a bridge with the stumbling blocks they create
then match ahead like there wasn't a speck ahead of you
and of the shit they put you through make manure
to boost the crop of your seemingly impossible dreams...
It's about you, words hurt, people hurt, dreams fail
hearts break apart and folks throw dirt
but none of these will ever affect you as long as you
never let them do, stumbling blocks are tinted bridges
pebbles are great foundations, wild flowers are as scented
as roses if only you look on the brighter side...
Build castles with the stones they throw at you and
they'll come asking how you managed to achieve
great success unaware that in breaking you they made you...

Masked Voice
Masked Voice
Dec 16, 2016

How I handle my rejection?
I wink at them,
As I know they can't handle
My attitude ;)

Francie Lynch
Francie Lynch
Dec 6, 2016

A trophy doesn't designate
A winner
Anymore than swearing denotes
A sinner.
Wear a ribbon.

Cynthia Jean
Cynthia Jean
Nov 13, 2016

The poisonous attitude
that the world


The very best
for this


A grateful attitude
for what

Cj 2016

Oct 21, 2016

It's been a long day; I'm stressed and worn
A little frayed around the edges but not quite torn
Someone makes a comment, I hear some bad news too
And my world, perpetually sunny, sees a touch of blue

It's not the end of the world, it's not really a big deal,
It doesn't usually bother me, but that's not what I feel
This will not stay for long, this feeling soon will pass
To dissolve and to disperse on the wind like gas

The light will give these clouds a chase
The negative feelings are soon replaced
Peace, love, and joy will once more embrace
And a smile sweeps widely across my face

As I remember
My great Defender

He is stronger and bigger than my problems big and small
I recline at table in the great feast hall
I come running and He holds me close to His chest
Sometimes I cry and stay there a while I confess

The sun is beautiful and it hardly ever rains,
But peace and healing are found after the pain
And this I also know:
A little rain makes the flowers grow

So here I stand in the sun once again
I give thanks to God and then say: AMEN!

Life is full of problems ,miseries and hardships
To encounter any hurdle one has very many dips
Very many complaints remain under the lips
Very many sweet full moons remain under eclipse

What mockery is a man's life what test it takes
Soul remains always in trouble and heart just aches
In the hour of trial no one is there who partakes
Lot many chances do come in life but mistakes

Never leaves one to be able to be on path of solace
Heightened sentiments when encounter real grace
When one decides to take on difficulty face to face
Courage and confidence travels from race to race

Hope is hallmark of men who suffer with  solitude
They are always ready to pay homage with gratitude
One has to remain happy and never ever be rude
What makes real difference is ones positive attitude

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Sep 29, 2016

There will be someone there
Down that long lonely road
Maybe someone who will
Help you carry the load.
Maybe nothing more than
Someone who cares
To listen to you speak
And walk with you somewhere.

It all will depend on you
Whether you are seeing
And whether you can hear
A loving caring being.
Or whether you are hearing
That chanting in your mind
That you have trained yourself
To treat yourself unkind.

It will matter heavily
If you prefer to count weeds
Rather than smell flowers
Because that’s what it needs
If you want to change directions
And take a different route.
Want to bitch and grumble?
You have to cut it out!

Look for the beautiful
The kindness in your life.
Avoid the painful focus
On resentment and strife.
There will be someone there
Down that long lonely road
Maybe someone who will
Help you carry the load.

Thomas Shepherd
Thomas Shepherd
Aug 19, 2016

Yes may sound nice
No cold as ice
Reason just boring
music amazing

But that what we hear is not always the truth
Blindfold believing is like dreaming of youth
Crazy adventure
endless endeavour
a thought that appeals
in dreams forever
now or never
A fact check reveals
What wood are you made of, you talk or you do?
To follow your dreams it doesn't need two
It only needs courage, some heart will not harm
the devil is in the detail
and it's covered with charm
Believe it or not
All that's in your way
Life seems black and white, but it's actually grey
Just action may
uncover what's right
behind all the darkness you'll find more than light
complex but bright
facts, reason, love
no rhyme is needed, cause love says it all,
an unified feeling not simply a call
that can break this wall
of anger grief hate
don't hesitate
it's never too late
if you start now your dreams become fate
You will be surprised of the power you have
Fear is just a concept - Trust me you're save!

Samm Marie Moore
Samm Marie Moore
Jul 27, 2016

Do you have a problem with
The way I
And walk
'Cause if you do
Bitch I'll knock your ass to the floor
I might be fucked up
As all holy hell
But shit hunny
I got way more culture than you'll ever know
I don't give two shits
That you've been across Europe
And seen all Seven Wonders
Because at the end of the day
I still got more love
I couldn't give a flying rat's ass
About your big hair
And prettied up nails
'Cause bitch, I'll still fuck you up
You wanna mess with me
Go right ahead
I'll tear off your throat
If you talk shit 'bout my people
And I ain't judgin' you for
The way for the funny way you
Or walk
I ain't even judgin' you for your upbringing
I, too, can talk in a highly sophisticated manner
With my nose upturned
My hair permed
My nails done weekly
In high heels
From behind the gated community we
Both lovingly call home
I can even join you and your gaggle
Of acquaintances
For a night at the country club
So of course I don't judge you for any of that
Bitch, hunny, I judge you
'Cause o' the way you treat
Me and my family,
Which yes includes friends,
Like we's all some sorta shit you stepped in
Do you have an issue with being real?
'Cause damn you wear
Eau de faux
Like I might be your last breathing sight

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