Druzzayne Rika
Druzzayne Rika
5 days ago

An image , I see  
from where I stand
The coloured sky
and beautiful land
The birds fly
and winds blow
The sun shines
this place glow
and I walk there slow
taking my time with the peace
Something I know I'll miss

I say sad words
with a contented voice
Smile when i cry
Cry when i laugh
Will anybody
hear my call?
Call for help

Im in here.
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Mar 18

If I  ever leave you

Its because

i miss me

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Mar 18

I want to approach you
how have you been?
I hope the summer's breeze
doing you well
I miss you
Heat's fastly approaching
But I still feel
the cold you're bringing

At least look me in the eye
Stab me, let me bleed
please, if you may
At least, pierce through me upfront

If this is goodbye
please tell me
Though, I'm afraid to let go

Just tell me
all the hatred
you feel against me

It was never my intention
to hurt you, dear
But I still did
I guess...
This will be the last time
I'll apologize

the damage has been done,
and you'll already sick of this...

I'm sorry... I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
#hurt   #apart   #miss   #sorry   #njb  

When I miss someone a bit
I have the tendency to feel
a tad sad,
far from a toppling grief
adding a pall to all proceeding,
more nourished roots
missing the time of seeding;
every hop and skip
is still done
with swift
and sprightly,
every bus on time,
even the ones that run nightly;
but when the sun was full today it shone a little less brightly.

#love   #life   #miss  
Mar 15

I love you more
than the sun
loves the moon,
and I miss you so much
when I'm watching
the flowers bloom.
I look at the lilacs,
the lillies,
and lavender.
Their blossoms blooming,
despite the cold dew.
They remind me of you
with their purplish hue,
how you are so pure,
but always feeling blue.
I wish you were here,
your shy smile in bloom.
It lights up my world,
like the sun warms the moon.

~ I love you ~
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I hope,
they all know,
how lucky they are to see you
in your daily throw

two hearts,
hand holding,
finger wagging, scolding
hot water, soup boiling,
roiling and flailing, finally,
singing and waving,
laughing, joking joyfully,
wine, stories about sailing,
that time we knew, when,
by the by,
we sat,
side by side,
hands out and arms wide,
eyes open, a deep sigh,
kissing, finally thinking of
things other than I.

#love   #kiss   #rain   #precious   #miss   #memory   #care   #mist   #measure   #causality  

i'm not good at expressing my thoughts.

i'm not good at picturing how the clear skies hugged my heart, or maybe how the storms drowned me into depression.

i'm not good at writing how lovely the sounds of nature, how it rhythms with our heartbeats when we lay down and watch the stars.

i'm not good at describing your beautiful smile, how it reminds me of the clouds, and how your company reminds me of the earthquakes around the world.

i'm especially not good in painting words about how much i missed you since everything.

but one thing i'm surely good at would be missing you.

i miss you.
#love   #sadness   #miss   #separated  

Remember before the
Days of darkness
Rise, there used
To be brighter times?

The days of
Skinned knees and
Dancing in the
Autumn leaves
Haunt my teenage

Back to when
Sesame Street played
Endlessly on the
Family T.V. and
If Daddy watched it
One more time,
He'd damn near

When Mama had
Her Canon in my face
And I'd hide in
The tiny spaces;
Appreciating the simpleness
Of my childhood
Resting place.

Before reality set
In and rattled
My toddler brain;
Before the world
Would turn
Cold and "how
Big the sky was" would
Just become
Another midnight

How could I refrain
From such beautiful
Memories when
They're still
Haunting my
Teenage dreams?

A sentimental piece because it's just a beautiful day in Michigan and it reminded me of the clear skies of childhood (oh, what a cheesy line, I know!)
#life   #memories   #dreams   #nostalgia   #miss   #toddler   #childhood   #haunting   #baby   #2002  
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