A Wegner
A Wegner
3 days ago

'The biggest problem with communication is that we don’t listen to understand, we listen to respond.'

You trace my bottomless eyes to the pit of my stomach
You stare at the tip of my tongue,
With that sordid tang on it;
Reassure me now,
I am not the cause of it.

Taste, but not too late
The stuff of which
I am made.
Never think
I would clean the bottom
Piety of your sink

Would you hear me?
Muffled in a crowd?
Where my delusions
Of your confusions
Are shrouded

I smell repugnance
And make nothing of it
O the fancies of tongues
Bowed, I make nothing of it
In the crowd I hear your sound
I make nothing of it
My rejoinder blaring loud
You make nothing of it

The boil of the grey water
Murky glasses unclean -
Silent unorderly

I make a run for it.

Bit of a cryptic one, but one of my favourites.
Ami Shae
Ami Shae
5 days ago

Missing in Action--
that would be me--
I hide out in my dark room
sometimes afraid
to leave the gloom
but when I finally
find my way back here
I always find writes
that seem so perfect and dear
and I wonder why
it takes me so long
to come back here to read
when so oftentimes
that I do--
it sparks the hidden need
I feel for connection
for all you amazing poets here
thank you, dear poets
for helping me to clear
a path to a new and improved me
I hope I'll be here more often
and that you all
will be happy, safe, healthy and free...

I hesitate to confess that sometimes I am afraid to write. What if the huge pain and fear that lives inside me comes pouring out? But when I read the writes here, I see such beauty and talent and just wanted to let you all know I truly appreciate each of you.
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Energy flows like magic
Through my whole body
Everytime we touch.
Feels like our bodies are connected
In perfect synchrony
Like we were made for each other.
I think we were born
From the same stars
And the universe conspired
For us to be together.

7 days ago

it's raining and
the sky is cracking and
the clouds are growling and
all i can hear
with my ill ear
are the gentle drops of rain

the rain has broken
all the telephone wires
there is static when i try
to reach out to you
the internet died
sometime last night
and there's no way i can
speak to you

the cable was taken away and
the lights are flickering and
my phone short-circuted and
my laptop overheated and

i'm disconnected

i'm thinking back
to our last few days
and thinking of
the words i never heard
the words you never heard
when the calls dropped and
the line went numb
did you ever even hear me
when i whispered

and i wonder now
maybe that was the problem all along
maybe we were always on the verge
of making our always into forever
and maybe our love just got stuck in

bad connection.

#love   #broken   #sad   #alone   #rain   #bad   #sick   #connection   #connect   #disconnect  
Rustle McBride
Rustle McBride
May 23, 2016

It's Gravity,
and it holds us together.
We bend space and time
and this pulls us towards each other.
And though it's true
that its a law that can't be broken,
there are forces at work to keep us apart.

We are all
hurtling our way into space.
Our colors change
and we see each other less.
Just to say....
it gets harder each day.
So much space,
and all but ours to fill.

to be the Earth and the Moon,
his one companion.
He holds her near to him
with unseen arms.
Spending days revolving around each other.
Gazing at us stars with knowing eyes.

So many stars,
and all so like each other.
From far away, faces hard to see.
But, to the Earth and Moon we are familiar.
To the Earth and Moon we're family.

it is the stars that illuminate their worlds.
Without our light,
there would be nothing left to see.
We chase the night and the cold of empty space.
We carry with us the promise of another day.

The Earth and Moon
know our destiny lies beyond.
They let us roam,
though they long for eons past.
Over time, even constellations change.
But, throughout
there is a bond that holds us fast.
It's Gravity.

Inspired by my sister Candida

pain nearly killed me
through new eyes I see your pain
my heart reaches out

through our experience of suffering we can understand and touch others

It needn’t even be a word --
just a mere sound emanating from your lips
penetrates me deep, flips an electric switch,
gets me buzzing, fluttering with an energy that emits
a charge so strong it moves me along
into immediate, stupefied orbit.

So often have I heard those breathless words
transferred from your throat to my heart.
It jumpstarts my blood and seizes my lungs
and vibrates me right apart.
Your conductivity builds effortlessly,
sparking a reaction within me,
as you arrest and possess with a binding current
that overrides and drives me completely.
Magnetic, your essence courses and runs,
powering me up and turning me on,
so that my mind is never mine for long
as inside me you electrify your dawn.

I am attracted to the static of you --
utterly drawn like electron to photon.
Absolutely seduced, addicted and fused
to the friction of your diction.
Your voice is most bewitching –
a persistent, elevating conductor
that beautifully orchestrates this excited state
into an accompaniment like no other:
I am the lightning flash of your allure amassed --
a sudden jolt of ecstatic shudder.
Desperately urging the next surging rumble
of your sweet and rousing thunder.

J.M. 2017

His first words to me
asked if she and I were old high school friends.
“We just met.”

All we did was watch and listen.
There was small talk,
but at the first strum
he and I were gone.

I could see him from the corner of my eye,
across the table.
We were just
two bodies,
two drummers’ hearts,
moving rhythmically,
feeling the same thing.
Close, but never touching.
She pulled me away
so I could catch my breath.

I stayed at the back of the room,
above all of the shadows
and the purple lights.
I found him again after it all,
drawn back.
He smiled but his eyes
were just so lost.

He offered stories and questions
and a solo cup of Jameson,
promising something unspoken.
I stained the rim with lipstick
and apologised
but he drank from it anyway.
We drained it, together,
between the shuffling of feet,
the money of strangers,
and his hand on the small of my back.

He asked about my plans for the night
and I couldn’t find the words to say
that I couldn’t think past this moment
with him.
He was every future thought.

He left in a van,
crowded with people,
dragging behind a trailer of cases and guitars,
going somewhere far away.
I left on foot at midnight,
slipping on sidewalk ice,
with a dead phone battery
and a belly full of whiskey.
I fell asleep in my bed,
not knowing how I got there,
but feeling its emptiness
more viciously than usual.

I’ll see him again.

My home is in a vintage tin
Belonged to your great grandma
With many other varied breeds
Our cousins sorted into jars

I'm often fastened up tight
In British stiff collared fashion
Occasionally burst off
When shirts are ripped open
In the haste of frisky passion

In my other guise
When I am tapped
I connect you worldwide
My neighbour form words and stories
Whilst I encrypt some code for spies.

Machinery, you really need me
To start and then to stop
To raise alarm bells
And when pressed call the cops

I'm a round reminder
Of how life began
Innie or outie and proud
Of how mum's body nurtured your
In utero life-span

Dangerous in the wrong hands
I must be closely guarded
For if you press me
World war three
Could easily be started

#life   #death   #connection   #birth   #button   #machines  

Forbidden love.
Never meant to be,
But can that be true?
What stars in the sky reject it?
The law of gravity does not address it.
Free for all.
But why doesn't it feel free for me?
I can taste it on my tongue,
But why must I stop?
Why does this feel wrong,
When it is so right.
Euphoric connection,
Not a sexual relationship,
Just an intellectual one.
Years should not make a difference,
It's a sign of wisdom beyond my years,
Of which I want to embrace
Six years.
Lover of my mind.
Corrupt the rules.

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