12 hours ago

This cell becomes division
an idea a split a incision
a night and a day
Black and white
But in this division
We can see, we can envision
Identity pouring forth
The tiny flame
Of a name...

This tree becomes a seed
It moves it bleeds and breaks
a part of itself of itself to move forward
and yet it is not how it started out
however it doesn't lose it self to doubt
We branch out wards like this family tree

This fire becomes a spark
It lights another flame
Who could tell it from the fire
and yet it has its own desires

The human becomes a egg
Hatching catching its mothers eyes
One day it will be fully grown
Will it still feel the sting of being alone?

This ocean becomes a drop
A drop that drips from a leaf
A raindrop that settles on the ground
In the cycle of Gaia
Repeating on and on
We are not separate
We move on and on..

#love   #water   #separation   #universe   #human   #identity   #cycle   #drop   #seperate   #gaia  
2 days ago

Mercurial in my moods,
I switch up, off and on
Mercury rules me
Disputations nailed upon
My churches doors
Gemini explores
Sagittarius saged
and Cancer galore

You cannot buy indulgences
And use them on me
The only swaying I do
Is when the wind blows the trees
On a cool summer evening
When the Moon is nigh
And Orion looks down
From his hunt in the sky

#love   #lust   #stars   #astrology   #rhyme   #universe   #planets   #requiem   #virgo  
3 days ago

For the days when you feel like,
there is nothing left for you to feel.
As though the whole universe had come together
To conspire against you
And take away all that’s left of you.

For the nights when you feel
Heavy and restless
From the weight of your eyelids
that has seen too much.
Entertaining the repetitive dialogues
in your head that never ceases.

You live your life
with a series of misunderstandings
And the concept of happiness
has never seem so
foreign to you.

This is for you.

You struggle to find meaning;
Any purpose or reasons to
live this life for one more day
When it hurts most to even breathe.

But darling,
I promise you that one day
The universe will be kinder and
You will find so much love that
You shall be whole again.

Those days you spent in the dark;
The nights that consumed you whole
And the mornings that arrived late in pieces
reflects nothing but your courage
to carry on, to travel further.

This one is for you.

One day,
The warm sun will rise and
days will no longer seem dull and long.
The hurt will be over.
And you, will lustre.

You will be okay.

I wrote this for you. Please always be kind to yourself. You will be okay.
#love   #life   #hurt   #strength   #yourself   #you   #universe   #kindness   #positivity   #lustre  
Julie Grenness
5 days ago

How to write a recipe,
For life in the Universe, indeed,
Take the basic building blocks, you see,
Yes, Hydrogen, Helium, and Carbon made thee,
But who made the first matter,
When a cosmic egg did shatter?
Or has there always been matter, man?
We're in a petri dish of a vast plan,
Maybe a universal experiment,
Is mankind what all this meant?
So that is the basic recipe,
For life in the Universe, indeed.....

Feedback welcome.
#life   #in   #the   #universe  
Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
6 days ago

I can’t shake the feeling
that when I look out into life,
life is actually looking in.
Peering into my mirror eyes
to find out where it’s been --

to see itself and understand
the ways in which it lives
as a universe consigned
to the confines of mere mind.

Willingly it dons this brute disguise
of soft and shivering skin.
To realize its deepest truth inside
life creates forms to go within.

J.M. 2017

Look outwards and feel the exceptional, heightened awareness that surrounds you.
Julianna A
6 days ago

Look at those astronomers and astrophysicists
As they attempt to comprehend the universe's mysteries
Stalking stars in the heavens they may never reach
So much discovered, even more yet to be
I can relate.

#life   #universe   #teenage   #musing  
Alyce Black
Alyce Black
7 days ago

This is how I like
my bruised skin
And how I like my sin

Pretty lights
across heavy flesh
ripe and warm
and wet
with the waters of

Sometimes I wonder if hell
is just a
fever dreamt
from the disorderly mind
of someone with issues
like mine

#love   #hell   #drugs   #balance   #water   #heaven   #sex   #universe   #spiritual   #damnation  
Joyce Joadiyce
7 days ago

A moon, a star the universe
The Earthlings look like aliens
Stars surround all around
Lightyears to the planets

#stars   #universe   #moons   #planet   #aliens  
Marissa Straw
Marissa Straw
Jul 4, 2016

Lying on the car
as the insects are biting
There are only stars.

#haiku   #alone   #stars   #night   #one   #universe   #mountains   #car  

Ever onward into a sea of reverie
Where raindrops fall bronze by the light of the evening sky.
You and I were ghosts to the most colors we could find and that's fact.
We stopped at the green lights and flew at the red ones.
We drew a flood on the face of the desert
and danced to the sounds of the northern lights
those ever pulsating bass drums
that kept telling us it's time to wrap things up
because the end has come and new things are on the horizon.
Within all things are other things and all those things are galaxies.
A universe within a single cell amongst a million others
and they all make you.

So bless us this day our daily bed
and lead us not into nightmares
but deliver us from fear.
For thine is the brightness
The curiosity
And the adventure forever.

I wrote this years ago. But I still love it. For love and adventure!!!
#love   #dance   #adventure   #universe   #lights  
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