William A Poppen
William A Poppen
Jun 10, 2014

She fascinates men
like a fused corolla whorl
attracts birds and bees

#flowers   #bees   #bird   #attraction  
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Aug 12, 2014

Dripping honey
Attracted to the honeycomb
Beware! Bee stings…

#honey   #bees   #attraction   #stings  
Feb 17, 2016

pupils dilate,
an increase in heart rate,
respiration goes up.

and my reaction to you
screams attraction,

i feel it happen,
and i can't help but deny it's true.

Aug 12, 2014

Red lips
White lace
with her words, she drew a field of tulips
On his face.

My interpretation of what attraction feels like
#love   #sexy   #attraction  
Apr 3, 2016

You better stop trippin'
or you might
fall in love.

Well I'm still writing cheesy poems and you're still on my mind.
#love   #fall   #10w   #clumsy   #trip   #attraction  
infinite mind
infinite mind
May 26, 2014

your deep brown eyes stare back into mine
you can read my mind
you know exactly what i think
there is no need for clarification or confirmation
i know that this is love

it is a strange thing
it is an invisible string
pulling me ever closer to you

#love   #eyes   #attraction  
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