George Krokos
4 days ago

Whatever goes up, in this world, must also come down
unless it defies nature's law of gravity which is renown.
For anything to rise to a certain height and then have to come down again
depends on the force that initially propels it and how high it attains to then.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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And There Comes This Time, The Day Of Reckoning, The Last Night At Home, Where You Could Reminisce About All Those Moments Where You Could Have Been A Better Son, A Faithful Husband Or A Devoted Father, Reminiscing Those Mistakes You Could Have Evaded In Those Flashes Of Time, The Way You Could Have Gotten Those Flashes Right & Worthwhile By Amending Them At Those Instants Embedded In Those Constants And The Mistakes You Knowingly Committed Without Even Giving A Thought About The Outcome &  Its Effects Later.
You Arrived At Conclusions Sometimes Without Even Thinking About The Outcomes Which You Regret Cursing Yourself With Those Empty Question Marks Filled With Greys & The Distorted Mirages Pulling You Against Gravity Into The Abyss. All This Time You Thought You Were Built To Last And Outlast Your Past As You Were Wrong About Fate Eventually Making You Realize Once Past That Gate That You’re Late.
But All Those Lapses Giving A Snap To Your Synapse Are Meaningless Now As You Cannot Control The Upshot Anymore.

All These Eons You Were Breast-Fed Lies By Those Plastic Eyes & To Follow The Congenital Assembly Line & Be Programmed For Idiosyncratic Slaveries You Were Shaped To Be In This World Per The Tint, Race, Money, Religious Conviction, Order In Society & With Hordes Of Other Plethora Of Anomalies & Your Real Purpose In Life Will Lie In The Trashcan Where You’ll Bred & Abused In This Lifespan, Appeasing The World Because You’re The Dog, The Society Dogs.
You Are Mass-Produced In Manner Such That To Be Impressed By The Authority That You Give All Infinite Reverence And Credence To Claim It.

And That Night When You Finally Comprehend To Senses, Suddenly Overall There Is A Different Version To This Sub Version & Those Endless Prayers Searching For Some Tangible Meaning To This Life Are Nonetheless Spiritual In Nature But That’s The Instant, You Are Being Offensive Towards The Established Order By Unleashing Chaos Into The Assembly Line Because The Society Does Not Want You To Make Logic Because You’re The Poster Child Of Anarchy To Them Because You Portrayed Oddity & Suddenly There Lies A Diverse Of Meaning To This Life.
The Society You Were Born To Is Cruel, And The Only Morality In A Cruel Society Is Chance. The Moralities & Viewpoint, Of The Society Is Frenzy And As Virtuous As The World Allows Them To Be, At The Slightest Aberration They Drop Their Principles & Ethos Into Dilemma & The Next Instant The Civilized Are Eating Each Other Up.

Existence Is Arbitrary. It Has No Pattern Save What We Envision After Gazing At It For Too Long. No Sense Save What The Authority Chooses To Impose. This Rudderless Ecosphere Is Not Designed By Vague Metaphysical Forces. It Is Not God Who Kills The Children. Not Fate That Butchers Them Or Destiny That Feeds Them To The Dogs. It’s Established Order We Contemplate As Established. The Paranoia Lingering In The Society Is That Under Great Power Comes Sense Of Protection. Society Has An Awful Track Record Of Sinking To Anything Or Anyone With Boundless Authority, Be It False Gods Or The Fear Injected Into Them Precisely From Their Inception, Sooner Or Later Detailing Them Into Puppets. The Sense Of Authority Clouding Them Makes Them Feel Innocuous.
In Due Course When You Realize What A Joke Everything Is, Being The Comedian Is The Only Thing That Makes Sense.
None Of Us Understand, Society Is Not Sealed Up In This Ecosphere With You. You're Locked Up In Society’s Assembly Line Depicted Divine & Aligned But Misaligned.

We Are Zero But Trivial Amoeba In This Mind Fucking Huge Galaxy Of Nothingness. To Assume That Your Opinion Matters, Is Just Arrogant Beyond Words.

So, The Second You Comprehend The Whole System Is Downed That’s Instant Your Clicker Starts Going Down And The Next Moment You’re In The Sights Of The Cross Hairs.
As You Are A Personification Of Malevolence To Society And To The Society You Single Handedly Become Accountable For The Collapse Of The Fabric Of Society And World Order. You’re A Fucking One-Man Genocide.

The Secret To Survival. Never Go To War. Especially With Yourself.


The Weak Force is responsible for what type of decay?

*Hint: I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones. Enough to make my systems blow.
Welcome to the new age the new age
Welcome to the new age the new age
Whoa oh oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh...

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Feb 19

I'll take my share of gravity
And nothing else
Heaven knows I need some space
But see, there's no gravity there, is there?

Like the river it pulls everything

Of supernovas and pulsars

It matters. It is.
It is, beyond time and space

But love
Love, is everything.
No matter the time and space

Like you
Bringing night and day
Pulsating the seas
Super, ecliptical or crescent.

Behind clouds
Or on the other side
Strong, relentlesss and beautiful.

Yes you

I can feel gravity grasping at me
clutching me
bringing me back down
drifting down from the sky
is like
falling out of love
you feel heavy
the gradual pull
and suddenly
it's gone

#love   #gravity   #falling   #planes   #landing  
Angie S
Angie S
Feb 8

i carry my heart and it is full of emotions
and those emotions are like
waterfalls crashing with the momentum of pure gravity but
they are equally the eye of the storm in that
the scenery blurs in ugly destruction but
here all is quiet and serene
i carry my heart with me because
it is too intense, too restless to
wait for me to return from my life's voyage
rather, it shapes the ocean's winds
and guides me across the unforgiving world

i took a snippet of something i wrote and liked and then poemized it.
i carry my heart everywhere with me.
#gravity   #heart   #emotion   #journey   #storm   #feeling   #ocean   #travel   #waterfall  

Some make plans to escape
Some just watch it burn

More inspiration from Kurgestat.
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
Dec 17, 2016

Invisible lines and curves
Extend from skin to skin,
In waves, from eyes to eyes
Closing distance faster than light
Is this gravity,
Catching the eyes,
Binding the minds,
Bending the thoughts,
Charging the skin,
Pulling us in?

Life getting to you?
Feel, -displaced?

Look, remember this now,
Gravity, -32'

Thirty-two feet per second.
You cannot fall faster.

You are Okay.

#gravity   #life   #prose  
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