Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis
4 days ago

I want the life I once had,
waking up to the warm smell of coffee in the morning.
With my tired brown eyes gazing up at you from the bedsheets.
And your smile just makes everything in the world seem right again.

I want the midnight feasts, sharing stories,
And me falling asleep on your chest
And just listening to you heart race in my ear.

I can fall asleep now, I'm not so frightened of the dark anymore,
But I sleep on your side of the bed, so I don't end up looking over before I go to sleep expecting to see you there.
So I stop dreaming I'd woken up before you in the morning when in reality you left a long time ago.

I know we can't be together.
I know I can move on, be with someone new.
But I'd rather live my whole life alone than share it with someone who isn't you.

The truth behind the truth is,
I don't want to move out of this bed.
I just want to fall asleep,
and be with you,
even if it's just in my head.

But now I'm awake again.

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JJ Cooke
JJ Cooke
6 days ago

Shocker, this rocker, a lyrical Doctor.
A Golden God's voice, which makes women moist.
A comedy genius, No doubt about that.
I want to be friends with the Legend Jack Black!

Snotty VX
Snotty VX
Mar 22

We all know the cracks between them are temporary, from downing a handful of happy-candy and flowers with a swig of chamomile tea, how only closing their eyes softly and the paralyzation of their body, pulling them and their body down the rings of Saturn can aliviate the scent of their own fear fighting WW2 in their veins, and the sound of humming from the television with a shattered screen... or what we call the voices of people in a large, congested crowd.

in my dreams i'm selling weed
and on the streets
and hiding sheets

of lsd
flying through trees
crossing over lands
and into seas

i finally can breathe
and finally can see
i've found the key
to feeling free


As I slumber
I dream of how
It would've felt to
Hold you in my arms
The coolness of your skin
On my feverish flesh
The way our hands
Like yin and yang
Would entwine and dance
Around each other
Like ballerinas in Lincoln Centre
But how cold must you be
How sad must I be
To long for the
Gaze of your eyes
Into mine.

I wrote this last year, but I cannot yet remember who it was for.
#love   #sadness   #dreams   #dancing   #dreaming   #longing  

Scared minds write the loudest and speak the least
they shut bloodshot eyes when the pen hits ink

thoughts from the poets with anxiety
#anxiety   #nervous   #ink   #dreaming   #writing   #paper   #poets   #nerves   #struggles   #relate  

I hope that your the one.
Accompanying tomorrow into today.
The time shared from one conversation to the next.
Painting vivid pictures in each other's eyes.
The moments where time stands still, sitting in each other's embrace.
Rushing to get to the phone, hoping that you'd pick up soon as it rings.
Relaying different thoughts, new things to think about.
How much I've missed you, when could we meet again. Do we require permission to do the things we keep to ourselves.
The smiles that reveal how close we keep each other in thought.
The way you look wearing my favorite color.
The start of our imagination getting the best of us.
Spending time with you, becoming my favorite habit.
The smell of my cologne staining your shirt.
The times when all you need is a look. A slight procrastination that leads into different topic of conversation.
The comfort of voices revealed in low tones.
The perfect day dream, your head laid on a pillow.
A random date somewhere out of the ordinary. Drive in movie. Arms stetched out, pretending  to fly like we're kids again.
Big head pretty girl pictured perfectly in my dreams, a pack of starburst filled with pink wrapping.
Real life situations seen as practical. Late night conversations, the need to vent.
Not a thing to do but listen to you speak your mind.
The build up of stress from work, fake friends, the perfect invitation to relate to your favorite vice.
Not everything has to be about sex. I want you for you.
Imagining you walk from one room to the next.
The spark of intellectual stimulation, aspiration, the reasons I miss you as much as I do.
The fragrant aroma of your skin lingering, an incense of thought wrapping around the senses.
Waking up finding myself still in a dream.
A kiss to wake up to. Ensuring the future.
The sun peeping through closed blinds, the wiggling of toes.
The smell of decaf. Coffee in the morning.
Fitting perfectly inside the cup of my hands, the swirl of cream, a couple tablespoons of sugar, swirling about in perfect motion.
This is how I picture us together.
All in perplexed but interesting truth.
The simplicity of it all

Dreaming, dreaming of you every night.
You are the love, and beauty that brightens my life,
That I write of in reality,

You inspire me, to write words of love, beauty, and hope.
I would die,
If you stopped coming to me in dreams.

If the only reality is,
To touch you, my sweet fantasy,
Is in nightly dreams, let it be so!

Let me love you, love you forever in dreams.

You are my vision of beauty, my inspiration, my love.
And at dawn, every day,

I pray!

Fate will build a bridge,
That will allow our Souls to cross the great distance,
Between dreams and reality,

So that I may feel your warm breath upon my neck,
As you whisper,  
Welcome to my world my fantasy, my dream.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Yoon Mirae - A World That Is You  FMV (The Legend of the Blue Sea OST part 2)[Eng Sub]
#love   #reality   #true   #dreaming   #fantasy  
Feb 28

I wasted my day reading poetry
Thinking of you while I read
It passed as I listened to love songs
Though the whole time you filled my head
Before I knew it darkness fell
I'd spent most of the day in bed
But sod it I thought
I adored every moment astray I was led
Beautiful daydream delicious and tasty
You certainly kept me well fed

#love   #lust   #crush   #dreaming   #fantasy   #daydream  
T      A
Feb 27

blue eyes deep enough to get lost in
i made them caverns to get lost in
and filled with light you couldn't turn without blinding yourself
so i sit in the dark and stare at my ceiling
wishing for respite
in this very long night.

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