Amber Valencia
Amber Valencia
21 hours ago

So you did, listen.
And winds - blew me over.
And waves sucked me in.
And you did, hear me.

And you did, see me.
And all the stars collided - once and for all.

The ands, and ands.
Coming in unison - coming together.
The moment is the vase, the bowl, the pool of collections of moments
All rushing, together.

And I see how you cared, over and over and over.
Now, over and over and over,
one moment is the collection of how you - saw, believed, hear, watch, care.... how you want me,

How I want you

And a moment is not what is one moment

The moment is, now, how everything before and everything in the future is making this moment seem greater and
More, you look beautiful.

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Renee Short
23 hours ago

Too much
Too soon
Too little
Too late
Too blind to see
You were losing your place
Too fast
Too close
Too soon
Too far
They'll never love you
For who you are

Mornings are glowing red and gold,
Streaks of white paint tossed on a blue canvas,
Yellow Forsythia glowing,

A girl sitting alone on a bench, at the ocean's edge,

Passion in my heart, flourishing,
Her guitar sound, her soothing voice,

My Soul calmed,
Her dress fluttering in the sea breeze.
A sparkle in her eyes,

Seagulls flying above an Angel singing hymns,
Filling my Soul, with hope,
While I whisper,
What is your name,
My pretty daydream?

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

I don't know by SunKyum
6 days ago

I’m not the kind of person that believes
in most things
faith has always eluded me
and, apparently,
hope is not contagious

when I met you
the glass wasn’t even half empty
it was just…. empty
I was incapable of loving myself
of loving you
of loving anyone.

I existed between the realms of
day dreaming and distracted
depressed and over medicated
alive but barely

how you found hope where there was none
I will never know

every day confirms
you are gold amidst the greenery
catching my eye and pulling me in
finding ways to fill the void
with your warmth
with your beautifully, unconditional

luck had nothing to do with it.

chance had everything to do with it.

two souls suspended in the momentum
I am finding faith in you

I am finding faith in the idea that
you complete me
that love is not always a philosophy
but a prophecy

I swear you’re the closest thing to an angel
I’ve ever laid eyes on
there is no comparison
to this feeling
to this clarity
to the day I met you

I am hopeful and healing
and while I’m not the kind of person
that believes in most things
I am the kind of person

that believes in us.

#love   #hope   #real   #dreaming   #light   #warm   #chance  

Tonight, I dream of her cherry red lips,
Her Cougar-eyes shining in the night.

Wrapped around each other, so tight!
In reflections of love and beating music.
Wishing for a sip of love, from her persimmon lips.

Adorned with white silk.

An exquisite Angel,
Wraps her wings around me,
Smothering my Soul, with eternal love.

I press my lips upon her neck,
Tasting the heartbeat of a loving Soul,
Wrapped in each other's, Spirits, never letting go.

Love chimes cry loudly,
As we hold, each other.
Once again in our dreams;

Our Souls never separated by life and death.

My dreams guide me across the bridge of Lonely Souls,
To my lost love, a Heaven's Soul.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

STEPS CUBIZONE: Noir♥Ikilola - I fell In ♥ With An Angel
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A Dream of Summer

From my retreat, I doze
watching white swirls
dance past my windowsill
And counting the growing collection of
Glaciers under my roof
While wrapped in a warm blanket, ignoring the
Bite of chill that clings to my toes, while
Seated in a chair, in front of the window

Yet leagues away from a tree - an oak dead
asleep with the onset of winter,
set to wake at the sight of spring.
Quiet, calm and covered in frost it waits
And dreams of an August breeze and the golden suns of June,
showers of April, and flowers of May
mayhap, I am the same
and as I close my eyes
I dream of summer.

This is actually a rewrite of an earlier poem of mine that I had to do for class.

as the daylight breaks through
the stained-glass window and
rests upon your sleeping face
like a blanket

i like to look at you this way
when dream world is still open for you,
your day hasn't yet started and you're
untouched by the rest of the world.
just dreaming.

i feel like this is perfection.

your soft hair, your eyelashes,
the gentle rise and fall of your chest,
those lips that are (somehow) even more
perfect than they were the night before.
the lips are my favorite.

i think about kissing you, tasting you,
folding myself into your tattoos,
lifting you gently back into your body
so I can once again be with you

but I linger in this moment a little
longer. savor it a little more. allowing
you more time in the mystical purity
of your dreams. allowing myself to bask
in this budding garden a little more.  

and I hope that in your dreams you are a king.

#love   #dreams   #dreaming   #morning   #daytime  

Falling... and wondering.

Falling... and pondering.

Falling... and recollecting.

Falling... and memorizing.

Falling... and regretting.

Falling...... and fearing.


And then - awakening.

An excerpt from a story I wrote.

I've been day dreaming
Losing all the feeling;
In my hands and in my brain.
People think I'm fucking insane,
But no one knows my name.
I've been day dreaming,
Like psychedelic tripping.
I love the smell of rain,
It's like harmony in my veins.
When there was nothing left but pain.
I've been day dreaming...

In waking sleep we all expire,
remote organics built to tire –
searching lusts for something more
to fill our souls beyond our core

We lay awake inside a dream,
asleep within a constant stream,
alone, in part, to wander, lost,
with passing time our only cost

We play as shadows holding hands
with eyes wide closed and few demands,
our every moment briefly clashing;
fast forgotten memories flashing

Here, we count down from our birth
with time a thief upon this earth –
purpose teased at every corner,
Chinese Whispers our informer

But all will realise when we’re gone
that we were dreaming every song –
that death becomes another story;
a painless world of allegory

I fear we write this book forever
as single pages bound together
to lay inside our reader’s minds
in passing paragraphs of time

© Tamara Natividad
Written 21 January, 2017
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