I want to breath in
a sweet cotton air.
Moments of ones mind
stretching forth
elegant and divine.

A piano drips like rain,
Reverberating above the soul,
while frequencies dance
across nerves full of static.

Pangs and woes,
weigh heavy upon my shoulders,
too broad and too weak,
to carry much more.

Life's burden weighs down
the branches of trees,
their fruits bruised against the ground
turn sour by the first rain.
One must tens to lifes terms

Contracts laid down in cosmic fibers,
Guides the flow of time.
If time could be streatched,
The structure of the universe
would appear like a roadmap,
Expanding and contracting,
Like the heartbeat of time



Odd feelings about an odd set of people, emotions and experiences.
#time   #scent   #natural   #cosmic  
5 days ago

the seashell glimmer
of seafoam and fir tree moss
sparkles out the corners
of your eyes
as you dimple sweetly
up at me--

I lose where I end
and you begin,
a lavish ocean of
passionate spray along the wind
of birds flying overhead
and delicate kisses mingled
amidst sheets--

i don't know
how i came to know you,
feel you so deeply a part
of me so quickly,

but I have to wonder
if the stars have
a plan in mind for us
to learn together,
beneath the radiant moon--


K Pemberton
K Pemberton
6 days ago

my heart is the moon
glowing pale and wan
cold light filtered through voids of flesh
shadows dancing into shapes in the crevices
beating in tides against stone
saltwater drips through my veins
an ocean of blood colder than the sea pooled behind my eyes
my lungs are the sun
roaring, empty, gasping oxygen
a shining light, shying away the moon
choking for more, desperate
words fall in sunspots, blinding, pointless
the planets align in my joints
snapping into place and crawling through orbits
asteroid belts curl behind my tongue and stars burn in my ears
cosmic, ascent complete, I look below me
the void is everything
I feel distant and spread, broken into parts
solar ice forms my teeth and I gnaw at dust
above all, I am alone

#sun   #moon   #stars   #space   #cosmic   #non-rhyming  

Use amethyst for everlasting creativity in your organic endeavors, to keep mental sobriety, to calm the drunkenness that is an overtly analytical mind and an emotional heart. Use lepidolite to remind yourself that love envelopes everything around us, and allow your own to radiate and touch those who need it most, never disregarding yourself. Also to trust and have faith in your unique energy, to channel your strength and allow yourself to dream awake, and live every day in love with the universe.

Small patch of thought for those who are interested in crystals. This was my mantra the other day and the crystals i carried around.
Tamal Kundu
Tamal Kundu
Dec 22, 2016

I walk among stars,
my vibrant soul resonates
their brilliant symphony.

It tells the story
of us, each reaching out for
the divine in the other.

Form: Sedoka
Luisa C
Luisa C
Dec 9, 2016

don't just give yourself a planet or a star.
give yourself a whole galaxy,
be every swirl of cosmic matter you can find,
and never let a black hole
take away your shine.

inspired by something i saw.
#poem   #short   #metaphor   #space   #galaxy   #black   #star   #hole   #planet   #cosmic  
Jami Samson
Jami Samson
Jun 1, 2013

In the black sky, he glows like a falling star.
While on the ground, she stares from afar.
He flickers like fountains of meteor shower
And she can't help but to devour.

The clouds gave way upon his presence
And she was bedazzled by his luminescence.
His sparks are like shimmering asteroids;
Which, one by one, she desperately avoids.

The girl is Yin, and the boy is Yang.
When they collide, it'd be the Theory of Big Bang.
She's the color black, he's the color white.
They can't be combined, just like day and night.

Yin couldn't be heard even with her voice so loud.
While Yang, even the planets are proud.
He's the sun, she's the moon.
When they intertwine, it'd be the start of doom.

But alas, the constellations have connected
These two heavenly bodies by a thread.
There was no need for a North Star to be of guide,
For their lines are meant to coincide.

Neither did a black hole,
Nor did a nuclear fission divide them sole.
Just like saturn and its rings;
When he spins, she clings.

They're both from different galaxies,
With the same discrepancies.
Yet, they are in one circle in cosmology.
This is Yin and Yang's story.

#10, 2011
#love   #good   #bad   #black   #white   #calm   #chaos   #cosmic   #yang   #yin  
Nov 23, 2016

I like to think that in another universe
there's the
other-you and other-me
blithely happy,
gasping in swirls of soft cosmic dusts
into our ribcages,
harmonizing the beat of our almost heart
despite the others
who wants to wander more than commit
you were there
to lavishly crown up
my fissured stars


someone who loves
someone who loves
Nov 23, 2016

i see his face
and like a child looking up at the stars
so fascinated to the point of tears,
my heart bursts into space dust
and grows bigger than the expanding universe,
i am surprised at how these weak bones
could hold so much love for a distant star,
a boyish wonder who has reached such great heights.

his beauty is cosmic yet so real,
i am forever wide-eyed and moonstruck.

#love   #life   #teenager   #beauty   #space   #universe   #admiration   #teenage   #cosmic  
Sep 17, 2016

Drawn into the
eclipse of your
crescent moon eyes..
Melting droplets of
rain from
midnight indigo skies
falling like kisses
drenched by lips
of heavenly bodies
seeking magic potions
amongst the paths
of Venus
Under a vagabond moon
For him....
she quotes
Prose of Kama Sutra

#love   #lust   #romance   #universe   #metaphors   #cosmic  
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