Cosmic Dust
3 hours ago

Oh bright shining star
Whose light shines on my darkest
I hope your smile lasts

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Cosmic Dust
3 days ago

I'm in love with pretty brown eyes
Sparking like the stars in the sky
And a voice so sweet, I always melt
My legs grow weary when he smiles

I think of him for days and nights
Of how gently he strums the guitar
And although oceans apart we are
Not once have I felt his hands were far

Oh what I'd give to see that smile
Or spend every morning by his side
But all I could do is look up high
And tell the stars and deities divine

"As long as you're happy, I'll be fine"

Special thanks to my muse hjs; Dedicated to those who give the most selfless kind of love.
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Cosmic Dust
3 days ago

Too much of something, they said
Won't do me any good
But in your absence I realized
That too much of nothing was worse
Than somethings I've indulged in

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Cosmic Dust
6 days ago

How lovely is the boy
Whose smile brings about spring
The lines forming his face
Engraved in my memory with his smile
And maybe if it's winter outside
I see the flowers bloom all the time

How majestic is the boy
Whose poise speaks of royalty
And though a peasant lowly I may be
The way he reaches out, so carefree
Makes me feel the rags I wear
Are riches too, when it touches he

How dandy is the boy
Whose gestures are of a child
The sun-kissed skin that glows
When frolicking under the sunlight
And a mind though a handful of years ahead
He sometimes chooses to play instead

How gracious is the boy
Who forgets his roots never
He prays and thanks for blessings
Even in the stormy weather
And never once he has forgotten
The shelter he takes when he has fallen

How thankful I am for the boy
Who was born on the cold harsh winter
For he forged a spirit of warmth
And his heart makes this world feel kinder
As I stare at the boy that I adore
I couldn't ask for anything more

a dedication to my muse who's miles and miles away
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Cosmic Dust
6 days ago

Years ago I thought
That the fondness of the heart
Is found in absence.
Your smile, your warmth, I missed
I really did.

Some things are best left in the past. Accept and let go.
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In a world this cruel
Some people choose to let go
But some hold on too tightly
For the wounds of your past to show

If you can't find nice people, be one.
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Solitude was the thief
Its accomplice was old man time
In this quest to find myself
And desire to make you mine

The heart my greatest downfall
Though it calls out just one name
Young and blind, incapable
Functional although insane

For you it shouts and echoes
Repeats it four to five
Each step I take towards you
Makes the echoes multiply

My feet though bleeding, blistered
From running miles and miles
On the quicksand we call longing
And love drowns me alive

I shook hands with my demons
To reconcile with yours
Ablaze I set my being
For an ending I can't be sure

The tunnel's dark and distant
Your hand nowhere in sight
So I diminish into nothing
In search of you, my light

I'd close my eyes, ignore
Cuts and bruises on my soul
Not much love is left for me
To you I gave it all

to my muse, the boy who longs to explore outer space
#poetry   #longing   #dust   #cosmic  

She conjures magic from the moon,
caressing light within her palm.
Wide eyed woman from the sky
blesses the Earth with her cosmic psalm

For my lovely hippie friend, Ingrid
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Beyond redemption
Beyond salvation
Beyond emancipation
Beyond recognition
Beyond hope
Beyond imagination
Beyond contemplation
Beyond designation
Beyond conception
Beyond understanding
Beyond comprehension
Beyond transmission
Beyond all illusions
Beyond confusion
Beyond categorization
Beyond separation
Beyond integration
Beyond recognition
Beyond transmission
Beyond intellectualization
Beyond any manifestation
Beyond any origination
Beyond sanctification
Beyond condemnation
It's All
Beyond Me!

Listening as the
Sea hears the moon--
                           Cascading flow or
Pulling away--
                               Melded in
                            Tortured ecstasy.
                             A thousand words
For every birds
                                Eye picture--
My body giving
                                 In to my mind.
My soul somewhere
Silent worlds
                               Of unseen eyes and  
Inward  probing.

                               This neurotic moon
Swaying visceral waters.  
                                 Deeper currents not
Complying  as yet in
                                   This cosmic
                                   Light & matter      
Darkness & void
                      Affecting only the surface--
Pulling back
                          Only waves.
Pushing them back
                                 To the ever-changing
                             When affecting
Only the surface  
                                   It appears to
Be dull monotony
                             At the beck and call of the
Moon's every whim...
And other orbs play
                           Their part with her.

But infinitely deeper
                            Dramatic ebb and flow
Cannot be witnessed
                           By the seagull's gaze.
The thoughts of the soul
                                Are faint or nil
In the patterns of
Our bodies
                         Listening to this galactic
Dialogue seethe
                            In stagnant waters
When the mind like the
                             Moon is all she hears
Or whatever brings
                                In a stronger signal.

We have taken her away
                            Kept her estranged as
Mutated cells eating away
                                  Conformed to the
Image of an empty shell
                                  Of a neutral network
Caught in a degenerative loop--
                                    A dense
Gravitational pull slowly
                                Leading her along
Into the vortex of the
                                        Absence of light.

Yet something our minds
                               Cannot understand as
Yet is developing
                          Out of sight-mind   after
The imploding of her
                                  Beautiful mass.
                             The burning-out of
Countless worlds.
Even the farthest reach
                                   Of the poetic eye--
A genesis beyond Eden
                                      Attempting with
Greater resolve to
                            Orchestrate the divine
Purpose of the
                              Primeval garden
                            And tuned to higher
Orgasmic harmony
                                           The new
Birth of soul leading
                                        Body & mind--
Her voice
                   Being the gravitational orb
Swaying visceral
                     Waters and deeper currents
Complying this
                                 Time around.

                    --Daniel Irwin Tucker

Feel the ebb and flow.
#moon   #soul   #sea   #spirit   #tide   #void   #visceral   #cosmic  
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