Saint Titus
Saint Titus
1 day ago

In my game everything goes a little better
In my life victory taste a little bitter
Im far too cold to care about the weather
I guess god is right and i am just a sinner

I hope you leave so I can start to miss you
Fearing the world is a step too far
I like to live in a special place of solitude
I guess it helps to wonder where you are

When will the rain come and segrigate
The orgin and the man so intertwined
When did the hateful consumate
I guess i'll leave my identity in mind

And when the times comes
Dont get me wrong, i hope it does too
And when the last chime rings
Dont get me wrong, i hear them too
And when the lights start flickering
Dont misunderstand my state of mind
And when someone comes looking

I'll drag my nails acrost the chalkboard
So i can stay here forever, and create clever pictures

Even in a crowd I feel alone
Too bad I can't keep it that way
George Salazar
George Salazar
4 days ago

I'll lick the sins off your skin.
You can ride me til I bleed,
I'll bleed for you.
You'll be wet from the eyes
And the mouth
And the ass
And the cunt.
And I
And the night
Will be yours as long as it lasts.
Worry not about me though
I can last longer than the evening.

#melancholy   #sex  
Lunar Love
Lunar Love
5 days ago

the radio static of a blank station
the moment raindrops hit surfaces
the gliding of wooden sliding doors
the tick-tock of the clock on the wall
the sounds of leaves flying in the wind
the period of time a guitar is being tuned
the mellow piano scale of moonlight sonata
the echoes of footsteps in an empty hallway
the breathing of a newborn and a dying man
the far-off engine roars of a car on a highway
the supersonics of an airplane flying overhead
the crashing of tidal waves upon the breakwater
the tinkle of chimes or frozen icicles on a cold day
the scrape of my pencil on paper as i draw and write
the scratchy noise after a vinyl record finishes to play
the ruffle of bedsheets when someone is restless in bed
the bristle of hair when mothers tousle their children's hair
his voice

this poem's alternate title is "Wistful Sounds".

w stands for wistful and wabi
s stands for sounds and sabi

wabi-sabi: the philosophy and design principle which appreciates the aging and decay (due to time and weathering) of an object, idea, or even a person. It is said that wabi-sabi is the feeling that stirs a wistful, sad melancholy close enough to spiritual longing.
George Salazar
George Salazar
6 days ago

Blessed are the marble floors
That your feet
Constantly tread upon.
I envy them so.
I envy them so.

David Doran
David Doran
7 days ago

Oh take me home
To my melancholic road,
Where I used to stroll everyday.

Where all you would hear
Was the song of a wing
And a sigh was all you would say.

Where all you would smell
Was the freshest of air
And the sweetest of colours in May.

Oh take me home
To my melancholic road,
Oh take me back for one day.

Written while walking the roads up by my home in the country,  I don't get down as often as I would like.
#melancholic   #life   #lonely   #home   #alone   #melancholy   #path   #old   #season   #road  
George Salazar
George Salazar
7 days ago

You should probably take off your heels now
You have been running on my mind.
Would you please leave that coat hanging by my wall
If you'll be so kind.
Take off the pearls from your eyes
The ebony off your thighs
Take off with what little sanity I have left today.
Make the night come.
Make the night stay.

#melancholy   #sex  
George Salazar
George Salazar
7 days ago

She does not quite let go of my cock.
Oh Lily, how I've longed to fuck her perfectly white teeth.
And caress her dark knees and skinny thighs.
When lucifer fell, he did not fall alone.
I think I know what to do with little angels like you.
You come with me now where you belong.
Come with me.

#melancholy   #sex  
George Salazar
George Salazar
7 days ago

Pleasuring themselves to the thought of a friend
Delighting in a sudden burst of violence from one another.
Finding pleasure deep within the throbbing wounds of pain
Being a perverted voyeur to the suffering of the world.
We all do it every once in a while,
Even more than we care to admit.
But of course no one admits.
The ones who do, are either nailed or burned at the cross, stoned and beaten to death or locked away for not denying the perverse nature of man.
Do you see him?

Mar 18

Today I don't care.
Melancholy fills the air.
My lungs need repair.

#sad   #depression   #life   #haiku   #depressed   #melancholy   #blah  

As I sit here above the sky
And look upon the clouds
I stretch my mind far and wide
As much as it allows

The further I set out about
The sea above the land
It covers and clears, and covers and clears
And without a doubt expands

The tiny lights and tiny fields
It's as if I am a God
With one quick wipe I clean the land
Or upon a town I trod

Yet I can't help feeling like a lonely bird
Upon my wings today
However, it's quiet nice to feel alone
It has its own strange way
I seem to appreciate the smaller things
Like orange rising up from grey

#love   #sad   #lonely   #alone   #nature   #strange   #melancholy   #fly   #plane   #bird  
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