With the reception I'm getting from you
I might as well be in Timbuktu
It's a growing feeling of deja vu

All my words you misconstrue
I tried to explain till in the face I'm peacock blue
One of these days your gonna get whats due

And life, on you is gonna chew
And spit you out like rancid stew
Then maybe you will feel bad for what you do

Treating me like a pair of old brown shoes
Walking on me until your through
An apology is overdue
Don't give me that look you know it's true

With you every thing is a hullabaloo
I think I'll find someone new
With them I'll move to Kalamazoo
There my life you can't askew

©Pauline Russell

Alexa Santini
Alexa Santini
7 days ago

You call it Trump's America
Like hate is something new
You blame just half of America
For something we all do

Human nature begs for us
To criticize and demean
While the only way to find a way
Is somewhere in between

To speak our mind freely
And honestly spread our words
To be kind and fair but also just
To speak what must be heard

For everyone to love themselves
For all to have a friend
For all a warm bed in the night
For every broken heart to mend

Something for all to strive for,
Peace, hope, and love
But humans always screw it up,
So we must ask God above

To keep everyone safe at night
And have liberty to say
How we feel, think, hope
And never discriminate as we pray

You call it Trump's America,
Like insults have never been thrown
I ask you please, before you hurt,
Take a look at only your own

Words, actions, deeds and intent
Make sure one has never been done
To hurt, scathe, to cause fear or pain
If you have, I ask you, run

To whom you have hurt and apologize
For whatever thing you undertook
For it is by forgiveness alone
That this world will clearly look

Upon what it has done
And what it can do
For before we move forward,
We must look backwards too

You call it Trump's America
But I see it as our own
A place with much good soil
For seeds of love to be sown

Look around our America
And see what you can do
To spread the seeds of peace
And maybe water them too

"Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you,"
--Calling anyone names is never going to get anyone anywhere. --Sadly, all of America is tied up in petty fights, when there are so many people without basic needs in this world. --We are all responsible for the words and actions we say and take. --Put someone else before yourself today- and see what happens. --If everyone is a teensy bit better every day, this world will soon improve drastically.--
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Mar 21


I'm sorry
I keep apologizing


#love   #frustration   #sorry   #apology   #irony  

I'm Sorry...

For everything

All of my family will soon be free.
#truth   #regret   #stop   #me   #family   #apology   #4w  

How can I ever explain it?
Not without a full disclosure
I will tell you every bit
Your kindness to which I demure

Soldiers fight their own private war
Mine to protect the Hill Tribes
Willing to suffer all the gore
All credit to them I ascribe

Upon arrival in Da Nang
I gathered my field gear and rifle
A mission with Colonel Vang
Preparation seemed but a trifle

My kind mountain Hmong Tribal ladies
Give a great gift to me, your sons
I will escort them through Hades
I'll teach them to murder with guns

Wet their tongues in cobra's blood
I have come to save you from doom
The coming communist red flood
Boys already made their own tomb

We shall fly the flags of the Hmong
We'll rally boys from the villes
We must slaughter the Minh and Cong
The Hmong will have their own Bastille

I will take a dragon to wife
Boys will nurture in her foul breath
They will worship their bloody knife
We'll dance the ritual of death

I’m the lost soul forest monster
Others have come before today
They are pathetic impostors
We will flow through the night to slay

Other boys born beneath the palm
They have come to steal your life's breath
It's them that we target to bomb
I'll walk among you as Macbeth

My Duncan is among your kin
Banquo will haunt me til I rot
I will be fixed with mortal sin
Unable to wash away the spot

I will hide my hands from Odin
A conundrum in which I'm caught
Future will be among the Jinn
My destiny from this foul plot

Your sons buried in sacred ground
They'll not be stained with my darkness
Peace for them will be so profound
How many thanks can I express

Those boys in valor's selfless crown
From gallantry, their future gone
Sins I keep and can't beat down
For many years, I must atone.

I, far removed from battles roar
Do fondly remember those boys
Their smiles and laughter before
Stand out among life's greatest joys

No more the fierce warrior am I
Just an old man with memories
I am needing to just say goodbye
And maybe, maybe my conscience appeases

This is my lament.  It is extracted from my third life.
Mar 6

Thank you
for understanding when I mess up
and slowly teaching me
the right way to love you.

Even when you weren't okay,
you've treated me with so much patience
I'd feel as if I cheated you
if I did anything less to repay.

I'm so sorry
that I fall short sometimes.

There will be moments where
I might do or say
that makes you doubt that I care.

I regret all of those times, honestly
and I always will as long as they happen.
"It's never my intention-"
How could it ever be?

If there's a better way to love you
than I already do,
bring it into my view.

I don't care how difficult it may be
because I know it's worth
all the effort it takes
to love you unconditionally.

Just to see your joyful eyes,
to hear your sincere laughter,
for me to know your mind is at peace-
those would be rewards in disguise.

Thank you
for understanding when I mess up
and slowly letting me learn
through and through-

You're showing me how to love you
with a love that only we will ever understand.

Mar 3

I miss you
I still think about you
I'm sorry
I love you


this is where "backspace " was inspired from
#love   #pain   #hurt   #infatuation   #sorry   #technology   #text   #apology   #freeverse   #typing  

‪ I allow him to place the knives in my back,
he needs somewhere to put them ..
they sink right in to my delicate skin ...
he says " I love you " as a thank you .‬

I accept .

#love   #lust   #hurt   #heartache   #apology   #knives  

Though not at fault, I sing apologies
Seeking clemency through melodious songs and broken symphonies
These hands cannot concoct the needed remedies
And are notorious for exacerbating tragedies

We traversed a single road and at the divarication
A duet of goodbyes signaled the shifting of attention
The surroundings committed an aberration
Yielding you years of consistent tribulations

Enigmatic is how the unpredictable universe shall eternally operate
To its oscillating desires, the hands of time convulate
I deem us victims of it and its partner, mischievous fate
When the world slowed down for you, they made mine accelerate

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you are a child. you are the passage of time.
you are someone i love(d). i asked for your hand
and you gave it to me. cut it off and everything.
the only thing i can hold is your hand. it is
disconnected from the rest of you.
you are standing in front of me, with stubs of muscle,
blood, and bone in the absence of your palms.
when i say palm, what i mean to say is a flower.
what i mean to say is a zinnia. what i mean to say is
an entire garden of whatever. when i try to
intertwine our fingers, i cannot. your fingers are
immovable. your heart is too. you are a human body
made of 63% water, but every single flower inside of you
is still wilting. i say Come here i have an entire lake
underneath my ribcage. Come here i can teach you
how to swim all you have to do is let me. Come here
i love you, but only underwater.

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