I look upon a hillside green, A cow takes water from a stream,
A fox in play is also seen, upon this hillside emerald green,


Through my window it all seems, so far away, as in a dream.

A breeze picks up to push the grass, in great long sweeps I see it pass,
The sun is high a molten mass, resembling gold or polished brass,


Through my window it all seems, so far away, as in a dream.

And to the stream a shepherd lad, shoulders low and poorly clad,
Made his way, though face was sad, for three small sheep were all he had,


Through my window it all seems, so far away, as in a dream.

And from the south a minstrel gay, dressed in scarlet white and grey,
Comes skipping toward the stream to stay, beneath a tree I see him lay,
A merry tune begins to play,

And still…

Through my window it all seems, quite far away, as in a dream.

Then ore the hill comes charging quick, a band of goblins armor thick,
And in their hands an iron pick, the sons of light they mean to STICK!

But no…

Through my window it all seems, quite far away, as in a dream.

The shepherd lad a warning cries, before the pick removes his eyes,
The minstrel flees, at least he tries, but goblin chief with massive size,
Outran the man who screaming dies!

Yet still…

Through my window it all seems, quite far away, as in a dream.

The sheep are taken as a snack, the cow is butchered, carried back,
The fox has fled for all are dead, the stream once clear is running red!

And yes…

Through my window it all seems, quite far away, as in a dream.

Now as I gaze, all seams so still, nothing moves nor ever will,
For goblins bear the urge to kill, now crimson stains the emerald hill…

5 days ago

some days I miss my layups
people break my ankles
some times I miss my cuts
and lose all of my respect

Most days I'm kind of trash
so go ahead and laugh
you should do it while you can
I'm about to come back

I will train my best
until theres pain in my chest
fight for that ball
until the very end.

And in my wake
quietly I will wait
to shoot in your face
in front of all your friends.

so watch out for you shall see
theres nobody better than me
for i am the queen of the court.
and winning is my game.

Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler
7 days ago

Beer, you said
Was all you ever had
Affair, you said
Was all you ever needed
Waste, you said
Was all you ever felt
Abuse, you said
Was all you ever wanted
Family, you said
Was such a waste
Reality, you said
Was just an illusion
Daughter, you told
Was such a disappointment
Son, you told
Was nothing that mattered

And yet you beg for us to forgive
These statements you made
The actions and consequences you caused
And this turmoil you've created in our heads

Thank you mother
For showing me that even heros can become villains
For giving me the truth of the world
That everything will change
And it could wreck you whole

You gave me the biggest lesson in life
That no matter the circumstances
You have the right to fight against
The right to take matters into your own hands
To do the best you can for you
Sounds a little selfish,
And trust me it is,
But its the right amount of sin
That makes the world spin

Pain, I say
Is what I have known
Love, I say
Is hard to let got
Family, I say
Is a hard thing to leave
Life, I say
Is never easy

Moving on, I say
Is a fight worth taking

I don't know how to feel about this
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The darkness knocked at my door
I opened it, just a crack
I stared and my heart did soar
I can not take it back
That glance i gave to those eyes
The way it stared at me
It made me despise
Everything i had come to see
Without wanting too
I opened wide the door
And it showed me something new
I thought it would give me more
It wisperd inside my ear
That i was all alone
It was all i could hear
It told me i couldn't go home
It handed me the knife
And showed me how to bleed
It made me want to take my life
And commit this awful deed
It took from me so much
And gave me nothing back
My shoulders were always hunched
My heart was always black
I began to lose all hope
I couldn't even see
There was no way to cope
With the darkness eating me
But this wont be the end
Because i wont give up the fight
It just another bend
In the war of wrong vs. right
And i may be in pain
And I may fall down
But i wont go insane
I wont alow myself to drown
Beneath all these emotions
Running through my mind
And all these crazy notions
I will try and bind
Because this is my life
And i will fight back
Even though theres stife
I wont be controlled by my heart even when its all black.

Fighting against depression.

So you must have something you really care about to call yourself a fighter. There is a certain amount of pride that comes along with that.

I’ll be honest with you, this world will try to bring you down, along with everything you care about. Maybe not all the time, but there will be days when it feels like the world stopped caring. But for some reason you didn’t give up… Why? I guess only you know that.

Everybody has something they’re willing to fight for, and maybe you had to fight physically or internally. But you have something you’re willing to defend. Whether it be your family or possessions, beliefs, or even yourself. And I get that, believe me I do. I may not know you, but I get wanting to stand up for something.

Because everybody’s got something worth fighting for. Why else do we decide to defend ourselves for what we’ve got? So keep fighting. In some cases, it keeps us alive. Take care of yourself. It seems like you’re doing a good job at doing that already. Thanks for finding my letter

~Letter Writer

I need this more than anything right now...

Truth be told, I probably need therapy, or counselling I'm not sure.
But I'm not going to get involved in that.

So instead I go to a karate class twice a week. And it's a good outlet for anger.

Just imagine the person or thing you're currently mad at and go crazy. Punch, kick, fight!

Make it known that you are blazing mad! Don't back down until you have won!

When the class is over, you're probably tired, you've used a lot of your energy, so you can maybe sleep your anger off.

But somedays, you rage does not give up, it sticks with you and you're still not satisfied with the service, you want a refund? Well too bad, you don't get one! Remember, this is not a real therapy session...

Maybe I should go into therapy -- or counselling.

Because even if you fight with all your rage and anger and hate, you won't win a fight if the person you're mad at --

If the person you are fighting...

Is yourself.

Let's go! Hands up! Let's start this fight shall we?

Darkness and Light,
truth and lies, escape betrayed
the sun and moon,
life and death, you can't evade.

Viridescent curtains cast a revolt and
sunlight disappears behind closed doors,
feeble reality inside a mended mind.
On my own with unquenched motivation
as I lay here, ecumenical eye
spins the room.

To forget, but eventually remember. Now,
3 AM in a soundless sleep I float through the astral plane
with patchwork creed ghosted over my arms;
a reminder that these actions will repeat.

Stuck in a Loop these
obstacles at work, watching
wicked storms of acid rain and
clouds of murk.

The rain?
This rain is
burning away insecurities.
Panoramic sphere,
healing wounds and
regenerating confidence.

Infinite Loop.

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Mar 10

The good, the bad, everything.
When you were happy, sad, mad, flat out numb from the acid.
I loved it. I loved you, all of you.
What I loved the most about you was your smile.
It was lopsided and dorky, you teeth weren't perfect but I loved them anyways.
And your light brown eyes hung low, you looked like a predator.
But the only thing you killed were my sides because you were tickling me.
And I know it sounds cliche but I don't care,
You were my everything.
Those times you held me when I cried, you were my everything.
When you made me smile, you were my everything.
Watching the re-runs of Family Guy and throwing popcorn at each other, you were my everything.
God, even when we screamed and yelled at each other, you were my everything.
Even when we made love and I lit a cigarette after and you called it 'gross' but you'd snort up a line so quickly it was insane...
You were my everything and even though you've left me behind and you'll never me able to come back to me...
Able to kiss me, hold me, yell at me, even just touch me

Hi! So this piece right here came to me when i was walking home from school today. It's about a wife giving her eulogy to her late husband. i think im saying this right probably not but it's supposed to be sad and happy all at the same time. you can love a person so much that you hate them, but in the end you'll still smile because you'll never regret loving them. it kind of sounds like he's broken up with her but he's died, from what? i don't know, it just came to me. i hope you like it! Follow me for more :)
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Feeling a tightened crush to your veins
Feeling a drop of happiness fall from your wish
Knowing if you look down, your heart will be in chains
And hearing the tension inside my mind if I listen

Feeling anger rise from your blood
Feeling a shake in resisting thoughts
Knowing your tears hit the floor into a flood
And sensing a confusion that is stuck in knots

Feeling the darkened soothing torture
Feeling as if nothing could be a fix
Knowing the flames hurt your feelings like a scorcher
And all the emotions that come with time is a trick

Everything I do
Everything I say
Everything I think
Is just a motion.

What is the point?
What is the purpose?

I used to get excited
I used to be sad
I used to enjoy life
But now I am numb
There is no feeling

I scream in frustration
I do not understand!
What has changed?

My life is the same as ever it has been
It is only my view that has changed
And now I wonder
What is the point

What is the point of getting up
What is the point of working hard
What is the point of eating
Or sleeping or talking
What is the point of fighting the monsters
When they always come back

What is the point of my life?
Can someone please tell me my purpose?
Can someone give me a reason to keep going?

I do not want to die.
I want to live again.
Would someone please tell me how?

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