4 hours ago

I have a voice.
I have a damn voice.
If you try to crush it,
I will scream
at the top of my lungs,
without making
a single sound.

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Kelise Blackwell
Kelise Blackwell
6 hours ago

My voice
may be heavy with water
but it is strong.
My voice carries.
It carried my burdens
when my shoulders weren't strong enough.
It carried ships of men over the edge
of me
because they wouldn't pull over
and ask for directions.
It carried far enough
to pull you into my currents
so you could draw a map
of my cliffs and trenches
and never lose your bearings.

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Dog Years
Dog Years
6 days ago

If I could read your mind
I wouldn’t.
I'd rather go through the agony
Of not knowing,
Than rob myself from the beauty
of finding out through your

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In the howling waste even the darkness has a voice. It taunts and beckons, it begs and calls. It slithers it way into your heart and if you listen to it you may be lost within. You'll never see the light again.

#lost   #darkness   #voice   #waste   #howling   #beckons  
Poetic T
Poetic T
Feb 15

Vocalization woven in palms of an interpreted force,
censorship is versed where only a fist in restrained in
preparation  of a moment wielded in distemper.
Aversion is the weapon yielding over another

Degraded by the waves of depression pushing  her
further from the shores of  a sanctuary, she must
use wilful reflection to abate the coming precipitation.
Stronger in willingness a knock is heard at the door..

"Freedom is the courage to verse to others and not in silence,

spousal abuse
#anger   #tears   #bravery   #voice   #fists  
Feb 14

Waves of voice tones, they all sound the same as you do, Remembrance of memories that have been inside the graves of feelings and whatever I keep for you!
"Wejdan! Are you available on Saturday? Wejdan, let's go and have fun together"

I fucking hate that voice.

Ugh Raneem...
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your voice
is liquid gold.
i want to drown in it and
hear your songs on the radio
or on the inebriated tongues
of the restless youth on rooftops,
who harmonise their screams
with the wind.

your voice
is mellow sunshine.
i want to keep it in my pocket as a
portal to warmth and wine-flavoured
mouths singing nonsense lullabies,
serenaded by piano keys and laughter,
as winter lulled the city to sleep
outside my bedroom door.

#love   #music   #voice  
Bella M
Feb 10

How is it that I feel loneliest
when surrounded by vast amounts of people?

It is when my ears indulge on the overlapping words
from the relentless conversations around me
when all I can process is static

Yet if I was to converse with a single person
breathing even the most minuscule of sound
it is in that moment I would be engulfed in a sense of familiarity and warmth

In this same time where only I and one other were to occupy a room
my voice would flow like winds
a continuous breeze that were to be as easy to exhale as a breathe

If these same four walls were to contain various minds, voices, thoughts, bodies with the ability to judge
A snake would wrap itself around my throat, choking me if I even attempted to release a sound

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Feb 9

Wind flow in the direction
As pressure directed it!
Water flows in the direction
As gravitation directed it!
We follow the direction
As inner voice directed!

#direction   #voice   #inner  

Just when i hear your voice...

when i hear your voice...

i feel as you hold me..

holding me so tight..

as i am so close to you..

close as we are alone ...

so lonely in our lonely world...

there where we can only stop all dreams..

no dreams to dream and think about...

just a reality and a poetic seconds...

which we can lust for a last moment...

to make and to drink each other's love...

that love which we both need...

where every lies are disappear...

and stay only an honest feelings...

those feelings which they real live inside...

just only when i hear your voice...

just when we are on a phone ...

in a mid of night...

while no one there...

only me and you...

just only a short distance between us...

but sure we feel each others so well..

there you are, laying into your bed...

while i am here ,but feel your warm bed...

just only when i hear your voice...

i feel your hold...

i feel so loved....


hazem al ...

#hear   #i   #when   #voice   #just   #your  
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