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I hate you
Loyal, you stay, though
Of course, you were never one
Very much set on impressing
Everyone around you
Yet, still, the thing is
Of all the people in this world
Ultimately, I got you

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My heart cries out to my God.
He is all I have in the land of the living.
May he incline his ear towards me
When I praise him with thanksgiving.

May he hear my earnest petition
For his name to be made known.
May he remember the worship I've given
And the faithfulness that I've shown.

My heart cries out to my God.
It pleads with him for strength.
As I encounter many obstacles,
I beg him for more faith.

I know that I'll have bad days and
Circumstances beyond my control.
But help me Jah to make it through.
Onto your loyal love, I firmly hold.

My heart cries out to my God.
My tears blur my spiritual vision.
I need his guidance and direction
To make the right decisions.

Do not forsake my tears, O Jah.
Do not turn aside from my pain.
My heart cries out to you, O Jah.
May your approval and favor, I gain.

© 2017 Raul Zamarripa III
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Let me be your fighter
Your knight in shining armor
I will raise my blade for you
And show you what I can do
Just give me a cause to defend
And I shall protect it till the end
I shall hold it close to my heart
And ensure it never falls apart

Come here and take my hand
To protect you I will take a stand
For I am a knight that fights alone
To protect the one on the throne
Go and hide behind the wall
Get to safety I will stall
Please make it out safe and sound
Even if my body is laid in the ground

Don't you cry upon my death
This is no tragedy like Macbeth
But a honor that I am proud to take
For protecting a friend is no mistake

Jan 10


You were two-faced
like most people,
and that hasn't changed,
but I have...
You will be disappointed to learn
I am not wasteful with
my loyalty anymore.

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Dec 30, 2016

(Before you continue reading I ask that you read all of it and thats all I ask; proceed€;)

Spontaneous like gun powder set off;
It's similar to my heart catching even more feelings, like the air is contagious and your personality is what I can't get enough of.

Gestured a pose like roman statues do!
Though it all my mind will stay true to you.
Situations been keeping us apart but honestly
If you're about me how I think of you, Constantly;
Abnormally loyalty is just another brick I'd lay down for you till our friendship bridge is complete.

Obstacles the size of massive icicles stuck above me;
Triggered by the words I've sorted together that closely rresemble you and I when were together talking. Pain should be common to those incautious;
Can tell through your eyes that you've had your fair share;
In this cruel development we the people made the world;
You truly showed interest in me and others didn't so listen to my interests for one minute.

(*Before you continue reading I ask that you read **all of it** and thats all I ask*)

Love the wife of Loyalty stands with her husband's arms wrapped around her and her arms wrapped around him in an warming embrace.  Loyalty looked into the eyes of Love and said

"My beautiful, beautiful, wife you filled my heart with joy by becoming my wife.  My world revolves around you.  I will always be there for you.  I will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I will protect you from all threats."

Love gave Loyalty a squeeze and said

"I too will stand by your side and help you chase after your dreams.  I will be there for you in your time of need or when ever you just want me by your side."

Love and Loyalty looked into each other's eyes and began to kiss.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

Troy Bell
Troy Bell
Dec 24, 2016

The age of betrayal
Unbefitting of a king
Passed down from gen to gen
The curse of never-ending pain

Solitude takes hold
As trust runs dry
The knifes of many
To heavy to bare

Seconds turn to hours
Time slips away
The ache in the heart
Remains to this day

Years go by
The suffering never ceases
Knives remain stuck
In this target on our back

Ever so casually
It grows bigger and bigger
Soon taking over
So nothing else remains

Betrayal hurts the most
From those you hold so dear
For when their knife slips in
Your heart shatters in two

#trust   #pain   #betrayal   #loyalty  
Dec 22, 2016

For all the times I tried to hide
All the darkness I've defied
And all those times I felt alive
Only to fall down again and die

I know some people refuse to see
The life I lead, the blood I bleed
The reasons I did things that just weren't clean
And when I hid away, just let me be

I don't expect everybody to trust
The passion, the fire, the anger, the lust
The security, loyalty, vision deceives
It's how you perceive, how you see me

And I'm sorry that tonight I said goodbye
But it's better for you, I ain't gonna lie
In every lie there's a kernel of truth
And it shows me that I was never right for you

#trust   #goodbye   #adieu   #blood   #loyalty   #farewell   #security   #vyscern  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Dec 17, 2016

Patience is what it takes,
To be happy and successful.

Dedication is what it takes,
To be sincere and well-turned.

Time is what it takes,
To be recognized by a true lover.

Maturity is what it takes,
To be faithful and loyal to one love.

Affection is what it takes,
To be caring and loving in life.

Strength is what it takes,
To be full of fidelity and satisfaction.

Morality is what it takes,
To avoid infidelity and seduction.

Did you have any of it, dear?

HP Poem #1325
©Atul Kaushal
Bethany G Blicq
Dec 17, 2016

“You can’t help her now,”
they try to tell me.
To convince me.

“She’s a lost cause,”
they try to tell me.
Lost in a sea of abuse,
fishing for love in a lie.

“She already sold her soul,”
they try to tell me.
The devil faces me,
grinning ear to ear.

“Surrender your hope,
or I’ll steal yours next,”
it's a promise not a threat.

“All I can do is watch
and wait
for the moment you slip up,”
I grin back, and say,
“If she won’t fight for her life,
I will.”

“Why bother?”
The devil needs to know.

“I once was her.”

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

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