Ron Gavalik
Ron Gavalik
4 hours ago

‪I am you‬
‪and you‬
‪are my enemy‬
‪Late at night‬
‪I plot your demise‬
‪In the mornings‬
‪In the evenings‬
‪I beg forgiveness‬
‪The cycle‬
‪never ends‬

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18 hours ago

i made love to your poetry
and it made love to me
its words lightly caress
the body that once felt

i made love to your poetry
and it made love to me
its dead verses
filled a body so insensate

i made love to your poetry
and it didnt make love to me
meaningless letters
had only resided

   within the deepest depths
                                      and corners of
                                                             my murky  m  i  n  d  ...


#love   #desire   #lust   #break   #forgiveness   #despair  
2 days ago

i no longer pray for forgiveness.
i pray for growth.
and for me

that is enough.

maybe i have found myself
#girl   #lost   #forgiveness   #new   #growth   #pray   #found  
Vincent JFA
Vincent JFA
2 days ago

I could never hate a human
as much as I revere them a hero,
because I love my heroes
for remembering their flesh;
I know that you are not your demons,
because if you were,
you wouldn't be trying
to shovel them out of your head
to install a window in the cavity
so the sun can come into your skull
to greet all the angels that you know
are still somewhere
in your mind.

And she was all I had ever wanted.
Those green eyes turned to glisten,
Her button nose succumbed cold,
Breath left her body to melt.
She allowed tears walk along
Every pore on her forgiving face.
She let the sobs be heard by
Every soul in that forgiving place.
And she was all I had ever wanted.
Crying for the words I should,
Taking on the pain I could.
And she was all I had ever wanted,
To feel love, to surrender.

Austin Bauer
Austin Bauer
4 days ago

Bend down today
in humble submission,
in groveling forgiveness,
and wash the feet
of another.

Partner with your savior,
recognize the filth
of your own sin,
and wash the feet
of another.

Become acquainted
with the essence
of your existence
by washing the feet
of another.

Esteem one higher
than yourself,
meet that lowest place,
and wash the feet
of another.

You will find
how you too will
become clean when
you wash the feet
of another.

So do not tarry,
no, now, today
bend down
and wash the feet
of another.

A meditation on John 13.
#love   #god   #the   #forgiveness   #feet   #jesus   #christianity   #wash  
Eric Pon
Eric Pon
4 days ago

please never cease to lift
that heavy head and heart
in darkness one might go a-drift;
so back to light you'll dart

5 days ago

ten days i will spend
asking for forgiveness
praying for redemption
getting down upon my bones
and whimpering at your feet.

kick me while i'm down.
to feel the snap of your toe
against my ribcage
is better than nothing at all.

I would rather be abused and forgotten
Ryan Long
Ryan Long
6 days ago

Dear Lord above
please hear my prayer,
The cries of your child
Let me know you are near

I'm weak in my flesh
Sin is so tempting
It dances on the edge
Ever calling and beckoning

Who would know?
It calls out to me,
Go ahead and enjoy yourself
There's no one here to see

But this is not a sin
That just involves me
Another is a part of this
Careful is what I must be

My spirit in a rage
begins to burn bright
It yells at me inside
Don't give in you must fight!

You are more than conquerors!
Does the Good book not say?
He's given everything you need
To come out the victor this day

Dear God I come before you
With tears in my eyes
I need your strength to win this one
Before all my hope dies

Please forgive me Dear Father
For the sins of my mind
Wash it out with your Holy Spirit
And let your Word in it bind

Lord we're trying so hard
We want you in our midst
Please help us focus on you
And your truths not to miss

We're weak oh God
We can't do this on our own
Give our spirits strength to stand
And sin not to condone


Mar 16

is a funny thing.

It has no boundaries
but we end up putting them there

And sometimes forgiveness
is easier said
than done.

When I look beyond my waist, I see
all the forgiveness
you've given me

The pain you've tolerated
The time you've waited
The space you've instated
reminds me
your forgiveness
knows no end.

I look below my hips and see
all the times
you felt like nobody

I didn't know you then
I didn't know me then,
I only knew the light of the moon
when everyone else
was walking in daylight.

I look to my thighs and see
all the hatred
I came to believe

Not for others, no-
for the words,
the actions,
the things my eyes said
when my mind knew otherwise
and my heart screamed in agony

Sometimes forgiveness
is easier said
than done.
Especially for one
giving so much effort
to forgive themselves
when everyday they see
the person they used to be.

I'm still so sorry
I'd take it back if I could
My promise holds firm
#regret   #forgiveness   #sorry   #scars   #thighs   #hips   #waist  
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