1 day ago

Do you remember

How you tortured me

Neglected my every thought

Left me alone

Crying in the corner

Couldn't tell anyone

Even if I went to a phone

Now that the tables have switched

What is it now that you want

Your words are just words

Your hits tickle

Your kicks send me a giggle

The time has changed

I am over the pain

But yet wrecked by the train

Do you remember

How cold you were to me

So when the time comes

I won't treat you like December

Forgiveness is never weakness, foolishness maybe, but never weakness and can be turned into strength, to endure and to get through the worst of life's moments.
Joshua Hobbs
Joshua Hobbs
1 day ago

I stand in front of a runaway train,
The feeling breaths life once again.
I speak with lips of a dry pale,
words are found from my own inner Hell.
Stillness of roots coursing through my vein,
Plants me firmly within the pain.
Forged in a land so far away,
Carried by a weary heart until this day.
And the mind of man is one of fickle,
Lost within it's own pleasures-
through cracked bricks, depression trickles.
Raining down like a feverish blight,
Consuming Thy flesh unable to fight.
Faces mix and the same voices sing,
Not a different tune, from the bell shall ring.
Sweaty hands and weak knees plea,
Wishing for a normality that shall never be.
Cold, I see the Reaper's hand,
My shadowy Mistress beckons her man.
I take the walk that many have taken,
Cracks in the ground, as the Earth is shaken.
Blood in my wake, peace upon the path,
Down on my knees, I accept the Holy's wrath.
Words said and actions done,
They leave me now with the setting Sun.
And as I lay, into the Earth I seep,
Bury me now, where the Angels shall weep.

Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
2 days ago

Time is not a war to be waged;
there can never be a winner.
At the end we're all the same;
the anointed and the sinner.

Take up your arms and you will find
you'll leave with less than you had;
all the fruits of your trying labor
will surely have gone bad.

Instead of changing the world around
try instead to be the change;
raise the white flag and you will earn
from a war you didn't engage.

If there's a lesson to be learned:
you need not hold the line.
All the anger and hate will depart
through the gentle surrender to time.

3 days ago

I had to stop counting the days
They were turning into hours that slipped away
In minutes of monumental ways
This love can move mountains
Why haven't you felt your earth shake
From the quakes of the pain it takes
To wake and wait
To greet each day

What is left to say?

That Its been to long
Since you've been gone
A book of poetry
A collection of songs
The choice to change
The force to move on
But never really getting along

Where are you?

Rhetorical questions of significance
Your smile
Your smell
Your touch
Your laugh
I miss it

Who can forgive us?

Our future children still weep on days
We give our love away
To sources that won't pave the way
For them to be made

How long will you wait?

Redemption hangs in the shadows of the courage we lack
To admit what we have is good
But what we need; we may never get back

Mak Waddle
Mak Waddle
3 days ago

Don't forgive me because I cried
Don't forgive me "even though" I lied
Don't forgive me because I'm a kid
Don't forgive because you could've done what I did
Allow me to face my consequences
Let me adapt to my circumstances
Don't allow me my relapses
Let me feel guilt in my synapses
Please don't forgive me because I apologized
Please don't forgive unless I realized
The wrongs I did
And the wrongs I said
The crimes I hid
And the crimes I fed

Please don't forgive me
Because I seem to feel guilty
Please don't forgive me
Because my eyes went all "melty"
Please don't forgive me

Branden Youngs
Branden Youngs
6 days ago

She was someone who was taught to love by the sea.
Tidal waves in her heart, just waiting to break free.

Passion of a hurricane.
Lightning in her kiss.
Chaos owns her brain.
Drown you with her bliss.

Forgiveness of a sunrise.
There will be no compromise.

Illya Oz
Illya Oz
Jan 13


Falling forever downwards
Into a hole that just grows
Deeper and deeper
And darker and darker


Digging my hole deeper
With every mistake I make
Every time I mess up
Every time I hurt someone


Crying tears fall from my eyes
The shame and embarrassment
Saying sorry is not enough
For me to be forgiven


Remembering every mistake I made
No matter how small they are
Or how bad my memories is
They will never stop replaying in my mind


Begging for forgiveness
For things they probably don't remember
And that probably don't care about
But they need to know that I do


Hoping that one day they will forgive me
And that I will forgive myself
For the things that create my hole
And then mabey I will stop...


I always seem to get hung up on every little thing I do wrong or was yelled at about. I will spent hours lying awake in bed remembering and feeling bad about something I did two years ago.

I don't know what I feel anymore. One minute I'm happy, the next minute sad. One day I hate him the next, I miss him. My feelings are everywhere. I can't control them. But this time it's true. This time I know. The darkness lingering inside of me tells me, I do truly miss him, I do want him back. But the emptiness has came and is unbearable. He is gone and I cannot control it. For I was to selfish to see before that I was the luckiest girl ever. But that is gone and I am unsure that I will ever get it back.

Do I deserve it back? Do I deserve to have him? I wish, but I a doubt in my mind that he will ever forgive me fully for the mistakes I've made. Life will go on, dark, empty, hopeless. I wish it could get better. I wish I could see light At the end of the tunnel but I just don't see it.

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Those who seek constant conflict
Often are bored and unhappy
Those who fish for compliments
Often are empty and vain
Those who are impatient
Often are quick to anger and slow to resolve
Those who are arrogant
Often are the most insecure
Those who are unforgiving
Often are manipulative
Often these are all of us
At one time or another
Be at peace
Seek happiness constantly
Endlesssly fill the heart with beauty
Be patient infinitely
Resolve often
Present yourself humbly
Forgive always

Nobody is perfect
#love   #anger   #life   #hate   #forgiveness   #arguments  

We who shuffle seamlessly along history's bloody banks,
And think our lives are pointful, filled up with meaning,
Yet believe prayers are unanswered, and demeaning,
But if they're not, could never offer thanks,
Can feel the horrors we have created just beneath our skin;
Writhing, contorting, causing trembles in our hands,
Over nothing so petty as what some god claims is sin,
And won't be washed clean by the hourglass's sands.

I am strongly convinced that, even if I can
(By some miracle), be absolved by God's forgiveness,
That He has absolutely no damn right to do this,
To steal that from me, and to change what I am.

It is important that we forgive others, but it  is only important that one person forgives you. That person is yourself.
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