Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
2 days ago

At 10 years old, I argued for my time back. I don't to play piano anymore, I want my 10 000 hours back.

This is the brokenness I am

At 13 I had a double, nothing in common but the title of their being. And yet that is all it took to become nothing.

This is the brokenness I am

At 14 I spent time with a locker, the only friend I had in the jail of a building.  A homeless student living amongst the rich.

This is the brokenness I am

At 15 I was trying to put life together, but it didn't work. Making myself angry about it. Maybe you don't have to accept that life doesn't like you, that people don't like you. That you don't like you.

This is the brokenness I am

Wrote this a year ago. It's still very relatable. I think I was better at allusion when I wrote poetry back then.
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The Silence
The Silence
2 days ago

You look to the clock and wait for the bell
Work set aside for thoughts of tomorrow
Unable to endure the rest of this class
This day
This year
You view high school as the dark  tunnel of your youth
And ask if there's a light at the end
You lose the purpose among other things
Though constantly haunted by reminders of grades
Taken over by stress
And eaten away by  uncertainty
Forced to test your comedic abilities
You are built with the power of strength
And each day you grow in these attributes
Maximize your potential
Take weaknesses to your advantage
Now, you look to the clock and wait
Wait for the future you shaped in this class
This day
This year.

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Terry Collett
Terry Collett
2 days ago

Martha closed the door
of the side chapel.

Sunlight shone through
the coloured glass
onto the statue
of St Therese
and on the crucifix.

She stared at them both
it was so quiet
she felt she could hear
her heart beating.

She walked
to the Crucified
and touched His feet
with her fingers.

Looking up
she could see
His half closed eyes
looking down at her.

St Therese
looked down
at the floor
eyes unmoving.

Martha kissed
the nailed feet
felt the cold plaster
stood back
looked at His hands
nailed wide
hands making claws
in their agony.

The door opened
behind her
the old nun
who walked with a stick
entered and said
what are you doing
in here Macquire?

Martha turned around
and gazed at the nun
contemplating our Lord
she replied.

Girls are not
to be in here
the nun said
now go.

Martha looked
at the crucifix
and said
see you later
and walked past
the nun taking in
her aged face
as she did so.  

She walked down
the passageway
the nun's clickedy stick
following behind
sounding like one
who was blind.

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In an affair of infatuation
that happened to me in high school.
She was heartbroken and told everyone.
Then I became the fool

Yeah it was me

I wanted to taste a big chunk of life
At 17 I did not want a wife
She held my hand, she kissed my lips
She told me when she does her heart skips

We couldn't agree

Despite the feeling of egregious lust
This was not a relationship I could trust
She told me she lies awake and thinks of me
To satisfy my sexual lust how easy could this be?

I feared entrapment

Her smooth skin and pretty face
Was it worth the price of self-disgrace
In class, she never took her eyes from me
I was not overjoyed with glee

A clinging vine

Although her company was great at first
For entangling vines, I did not thirst
She demanded my 24/7 attention
To escape her, I earned detention

Obsession or Possession

Her professions of love and eternal possession?
Without my kiss, she'd have depression
She'd call me at all hours of night
And not hang up until daylight?

Hostage to her needs

I started to get concerned and did not call
Or I'd not show at her place at all
She threatened all sort of self-harm?
Once she had even cut her arm.?

What do I get that remains me

She didn't know love from manipulation
How could I have loved self-mutilation?
This was changing from crush simple and sweet
To a horror from which I wanted to retreat.

Sometimes it is greener

I pulled the plug and sought greener pastures
I wasn't kidding this was not empty gesture
This was nothing like love and more like a hi-jack
All I was doing was taking my life back

Forest Lake Academy
Writing, biology, anatomy
Where I first loved science
Found a word smith's defiance
Asian, male, teacher to blame
Don't remember his name
But he taught me well
And now I excel
White, female, teacher to blame
Don't remember her name
But she started me writing
Words come like thunder and lightning
And it's kinda exciting
Sensing synapses igniting
The proverbial bulb of light
An idea with untold height
The honor to write

its that feeling of lightening
crackling through your veins

a sense of urgency and restlessness
gritting teeth, jaw clamped shut

trying to stifle a scream, deep within
muscles flex, knuckles turn white

head in hands and hair in fingers
verging a threat to the roots clung tight

"you can't change or progress"
"locked away in the corners of your mind"
"no happiness or sadness"

stagnate and still
while rotting away

I want you to know that this has not fallen off my to-do list

It’s just that I spend most of my time worrying

So much so that I am unable to breathe

Or focus on the tasks that choke me  

And when I'm not worried

I'm laying in bed unable to do anything

I call it ‘a stop-start’ anxiety

riddled with depression

I have contemplated emailing this to a teacher as an explanation to why I haven't done any work in a few weeks, but I worry how she'll respond.
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I died drowning
Drowning like the rest of America
Trying to breathe under the numbers
All of them telling us that we're failures
I died drowning

It was more so a murder than an unfortunate event
I blame society
Piling papers and statistics on teens and the to be's
We're shoved into school at the age of 3
For that I blame you

I blame you for my death
The air was extracted from my lungs
All 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen

Geometry fried my brain at exactly 112 degrees
Physics pushed me off a cliff and I accelerate by 9.81 m/s
World History murdered me with every war and battle

English killed me just like every author
Band beat me to death like a drum
Weightlifting dropped 225 lbs on my throat
The play acted out all of my deaths

I didn't die just drowning
I was beaten, burned, shot, choked, mocked and everything in between.
I was murdered and I  am still living

I am here to convict the killers
They say it takes a village to raise a kid
But what does it take to kill one?

What everyone in school feels
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Circular Baseball
With family 'round
Spring and school starting
Playing soccer
Baseball Diamond
Play Ball!

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Mar 7

I literally can’t go to the mall
Without doing my homework first.
And I literally can’t take my money
Without carrying a purse.
I literally can’t text my friends
Without having my parents see.
I literally can’t leave the house
Without having my annoying brother with me.

I literally can’t do this and that.
I literally can’t own a cat.
There are literally so many things I want to do,
But I LITERALLY can’t do those, too.

This is a poem where I embraced my inner middle school girl. The assignment for one of my methods courses was to create a poem with a recurring word or phrase.
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