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Agas Waluya Mar 9
He once had a dream
A rendezvous with a star
They laid in vast serenity
Emit the nebulous gleam of light

He asked for a Norse saga
For the star had revealed her consolation
She then asked him to take his council
Indeed, an old soul with greater maturity

She reminds him of a being
Whose moral compass is unerring
The strenuous encumbrances she is lifting
Nonetheless she always twinkling

Bliss untold
Lost in times
Merely a dream
An illusory interlude
Agas Waluya Feb 2019
Alone again
The only echo I hear
is my own voice
Stuck with the thoughts

Just cut my wrist
we cut our hopes
Smoking brown
as I begin to crumble

Expand it even more
with those glistening minds of yours
I see the stars
almost every day

They hurt. They’re stuck
Your words have never been this sharp
Confused, I was and I’ve been
but keep following your footprint
Agas Waluya Feb 2019
Though lips stay shut
As words don't matter
and things are mess

Though heart has yearned for a glimpse of her
and winter has never been this cold
I might be filled with warmth
if I could just be with her

So talk to me, though scars would be unhealed
Hold your paddle, as we pass this stormy ocean

Hold on to those memories we have
Don't let them disappear
even a mere speck of it
Dedicated to the ones who have difficult moments on make things right when their relationships in jeopardy. As words would not speak as they would have been, good memories are the only things to reminisce.
Agas Waluya Jun 2017
Never thought it would turn up like this
Take a step back from the words of unknown
exhausted by screaming feelings
hence I choose to take a rest

Try to speak the unspeakable
a murmur of voices contain within me
Confused and lost have I been
I'm just trying to reach you, my dear

Hopes aren't hopes anymore
My will has been taken from its core
The world has decided who has lost
I've lost

She's out of my league
It's so predictable
Distance has been my own foe
Is true love that hard to find?

Reminisce the world we used to live in
Dimension beyond our imagination
I could only hope that it won't be forgotten

*For that slight remembrance...
...brought the smile upon our face
Distance is indeed a true challenge for a relationship.
Agas Waluya May 2017
Broken, decayed
As they have never been the adversaries
Depressed, forlorn
As they befriended my mind
Virtuous, vigorous
As I hardly be
Frail, tenuous
As I conceal it in front of beings

Tell you my thoughts,
you will collide
Tell you my strength,
you will revile
Tell you my griefs,
you will laugh
Tell you the reason,
you already left
  May 2017 Agas Waluya
Heedlessly, do I wonder
if perhaps you, too, are alone this night;
gazing beneath the veil of a starlit sky
gliding in the vast emptiness
between the starts.
  May 2017 Agas Waluya
i wrote a lot of great poetry when i was in love
i wrote even better poetry when i was in pain
i wrote the best poetry when i realized that the two emotions were actually the same.
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