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TG May 2017
A storm of petals
a cheery blossom blooming
hands barely touching
hearts in synchronicity
two strangers falling in love
A tanka
TG Apr 2017
Perhaps the problem is we live as though we have an eternity to fall in love, to have everything we want,
to be able to fix all the problems we ignore and to apologize to those we hurt.  We live as though we are more than stellar fragments afloat in the immensity of space and time.
The problem is that we continue living this way until the last insignificant second when we finally hear the chimes of the cosmic harmonies calling us back home and then, we will be nothing but a wisp of nebulosity from gas and dust from whence we came,
scattered through space unfettered by ordinary human limitations.

How will you spend your brief moments here on earth?
How much will you love?
How much will you give?
How will you be remembered?
These are the thoughts that are haunting me today.
TG Apr 2017
I count the atoms in
the desert inside the hourglass
awaiting the day, we finally meet once more
as ashes returning among the stars.
TG Apr 2017
Heedlessly, do I wonder
if perhaps you, too, are alone this night;
gazing beneath the veil of a starlit sky
gliding in the vast emptiness
between the starts.
TG Apr 2017
Ten thousand leaves fell
with a single wisp of air
that escaped from your lips
as you smile;

that is how rapturously I fell in love
with you.
TG Apr 2017
beneath her lipstick
a cluster of stars gather
and explodes on him
TG Apr 2017
Scarlet leaves fall
gently gliding in the autumn air
withering away
with the bright hues of our passion
tears fall like petals in the wind.
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