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Shruti Dadhich Oct 2018
Chand ko chandni ka tohfa ** tum,

Savere  ko suraj ka saath ** tum,

Mere dil k samandar me motiyo se chupe ek khubsurat raz,
Meri zindagi ka sabse khubsurat ehsaas
                                ** tum,
Aur  kya kahu?

Bas  meri  har  subha pr  aus  ki bundo se likhe  naam,
Meri  har  raat  ke har  aakhari jam
** tum,

Meri  aankho me bas  chuka ek khubsurat khwab,
Mere khuda se puche har  ek sawal ka jawab
** tum,

Meri  adhuri aas,
Meri  pyas
** tum,

Meri zindagi,
Meri khushi
bas ** tum...
The first ever romantic poem of mine which I have completed... Thanks to all the poets who motivated me to write it, & special thanks to my one & only friend who has motivated me the most to write it!!!
This one is dedicated to Moon!!!

It's English conversion...


A gift of light to moon you are,

A company of sun to the morning you are,

In my heart's sea, a hidden secret just like a beautiful pearl,
The most beautiful feeling of my
life you are,

What more shall I say?

The name written with fog on my every morning,
The last drink of every evening
You are,

A very beautiful dream hidden in my eyes,
The answer of my every question asked to Almighty
You are,

My incomplete desire,
My ******,
You are

My life,
My happiness,
Merely you are...
Yog sey milte hai yaar ,dost
Jo yuggo tak hummey yaad rehte hai,
Hum toh yuhi zindagi mey zulajte rehte aur koshish jaari rehte,
Agar tum naa hote !
Agar tum naa hote .

Some friendships are special ..Penned this on a friends birthday on 10.2.2019# sums up to "friends are a vital part of your life "
Tumhin tum khyalon men aane lage **
Mujhe kyun divana banane lage **
Ab lagta nahin hai kahin bhi dil apna
Tumhin tum yadon men chhane lage **
Aane laga *** jo ab pas tere
Tum mujhi se door jane lage **
Jab uthne lagi hai nazar teri janib
Nigahon ko mujhse bachane lage **
Kya milta hai tujhko meri bekasi se
Hansa ke mujhe jo rulane lage **
Unhin pe fida hai ye dil ai PALAK ab
Jinhen pake tum gungunane lage **
Urdu poem in Roman fonts
Brother Jimmy Nov 2015

Your beautiful heart has a tiny little hole
Goin’ b’bap-bim-boom boom-bap...b’bap
The mitral-valve-prolapsed leaky little hole
It goes ba-***-bap, bitty-bap, rat-ta tat tat

Instead of the traditional ba-dum, ba-dum
And aside from the fact that I like the beat
There’s another reason, baby, I like you, (yum)
Why I lay myself down at your ivory feet

It’s not because your heart sound like a drum
Or the fact your soul shines bright and true
It’s not just the *** tuh-tum tum tum
...It’s because I have a hole in my heart too
For Diane
Donna Sep 2018
Today I made a
Shepard pie and I topped it
with soft grated cheese

Then I boiled some
Brussels which reminded me
of green summer trees

So today I ate
summer on my dinner plate
Making my tum smile

It made Deans tum smile
too and together both our
tummies laughed out loud

But Jennifer the
fairy was not impressed , she
was a vegan and

proud to be one , I told
her I was proud of her too
but she gave me a

snide look and she flew
off into a tree to sit
next to a magpie

She whispered into
the magpies ear but I smiled!
Today I learnt a

lesson in life and
that is to accept people
for what they are and

not judge way to much!
As I continue to eat
meat Jennifer would

have to find a way
to forgive me! But she's still
not talking to me

But I'm sure she come
around eventually cause
she's my lovely friend

Sometimes it just takes
time to forgive , but in the
end , it all works out
Just reflecting on my day today and the fact I still eat meat plus my creativity amd imagination seeem to be asleep at the moment *** o yes it's also about forgiveness it was a conversation I had with my Dean today which I found inspiring xxxxx
Donna Oct 2018
Fajitas and chips
To warm up my hungry tum
And watch the stars glow
Lovely dinner tonight **
Ankit Dubey May 12
Dil chahe agar k chahu tujhe aur jada,
Pyar karu tujhe khud se jada,
Bana loo tujhe apna,
Kareeb aa jaun tere aur jada,
Jindagi tere naam kar doo,
Bandagi teri bana doo,
Bhar loo tujhko bahon me,
Pyar kar loo tujhe aur jada,
Kyun khafa ** jate **,
Kyun roothkar tum jate **,
Kyun bhool sab kuch jate **,
Jab dil chahta hai k yumhe yaad aaun aur jada,
Tumhe pyar kar loo aur jada,
Beet jayegi jindgani,
Kho jayegi apni kahani,
Roothna manana to hota hi rahta hai,
Kyun dard dete ** khud ko,
Sab jante ** tum agar,
Chahte ** yum agar,
Kyun rooth jate ** aur jada,
Dil chahta hai k pyar kar loo aur jada,
Na rooth tum jaya karo,
Na khud ko yun tadpaya karo,
Kabhi mere bhi ban jaya karo,
Yun khamosh na ** jaya karo,
Kyun khwab me aate ** tum,
Kyu saanso me bas jate ** tum,
Kyun yaad aate harpal aate ** tum,
Kya karu,
kaise khus rakhu tumhe aur jada,
Dil chahta hai k chahoo tumhe air jada,
Puar kar loo tumhe ur jada....

I love you ...
Misss you.
Elm Feb 23
The scarab sits atop its collected sphere
Wielding its mental sextant
It chases the sun
And it gives its life direction

Man sits atop the same
How we yearn for unreachable ideals
The gold of perfection
Ra, the sun

So scarab we aren't much different
We spend our lives with eyes fixed on the past
Blind to the future
We roll our cherished ***** into so many obstacles
Purely out of our condition
Strike the baring rock and become lost.

We climb back up on our ball
To find our golden god
And continue as if before
Our endless journey to find Tum
The **** always strikes the fan first.
Pragati Feb 10
Chle aao jana tumhara intzar abhi baki hai...tum aaoge jarur yeh aas abhi baki hai...rooth gyi nindiya jin aankhon se vo adhura sa khwav abhi baki hai...kah n payi jise un uljhe halat me us khasm-kash ka ejhaar abhi baki hai...bah chle sb aansu tanhai me un aankhon ki pyas abhi baki hai...ruk gye lfz jubaa..n pr aate-aate sunle ei musafir mere alfaz abhi baki hai...chaha tumhe shiddat se...mamga tumhe minnat se...miloge jis dua se vo ardaas abhi baki hai...nahi pta kb aaoge tum tumhare aane ka #ehsaas hi mere liy kafi hai....   Chle aao jana....intzaar abhi baki hai....
Mn kis rasty peh chala mj ko ilm na huwa
Kis makaam peh ja poncha mj ko andaza na tha

Phr b ik umeed hai nazro mai baki
K daiku ga zrur, mn kirno ka aruj

Ye dunya or is k kissy khatm hony waly to nahe
Pr jo khatm hona hai wo hai wajud apna

Ab ye b nahe k haar gaya *** zamany sy mn
Bs na jany kb sy khamoshi ka mn pasnd bn gaya

Ye kahani hai ik ujrhy huwy gulshan ki
Jis ki bahar ko ik zamana beet gaya

Khair hoti rahy gi ye baaty b sath sath
Kabi tum hmko yaad krna tamasha e rozgaar mai....
Ankit Dubey May 12
bojh palkon k niche chupaun kitna,
tumhe bhulaun kitna tumse door jaun kitna,
tum aa gayi ** to mai samhal jaunga,
na chodkar jao mai ab na rah paunga,
tumhe mai aur chahunga tumhe mai aur chahunga...
tum hi har taraf ** mere,
nahi dikhta koi chehra,
tum choti c gudiya meri,
mai tumme simat jaunga,
tumhe pyar karunga tumhe mai aur chahunga,
na door tum jao na chodkar jao,
ab door tumse mai ek pal bhi rah na paunga,
tumhe mai aur chahunga tumhe mai aur chahunga.....
tumhi to khwab ** mere,
tumhi jine ki hasrat **,
tumh mai kho nahi sakta,
door mai rah nahi sakta,
tumhe kaise bhukaunga,
bina tumhare ji na paunga,
tumhe mai aur chahunga, tumhe mai aur chahunga...
meri tum aarjoo **,
meri har tamnna **,
chohton me tum meri **,
bandagi bhi tum meri **,
mera ehsas tum hi **,
mere jine ki khwahish **,
tumhe mai aur chahunga tumhe mai aur chahunga...
tumhi meri ibadat **,
tumhi meri rahgujar **,
meri tum rahnuma bhi **,
mere dil ki kavayad **,
mujhme tum aise bas jao,
kabhi na tumko bhulaunga,
mai tumko aur chahunga mai tumko aur chahunga....
har ehsaas dhadkan ka,
har ehsaas tadpan ka,
machalta meri dil bhi hai,
tadpta mera dil bhi hai,
kaise mai paas aa jaun,
kaise mai bahin me bhar loo,
kaise mai yaad na aaun ,
kaise mai door jaunga ,
na tere bin rh paunga,
tumhe mai aur chahunga tumhe mai aur chahunga....
i love u sh.....  plzz nvr leave me.

— The End —