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Ankit Dubey Mar 2020
Zikr jab zindagi ka hota hai toh hum aksar apni zindagi ke guzre waqt ke flashbacks mein chale jaate hai, aur kehte hai zindagi toh bohot buri guzar rahi hai.. yeh maana ki jo beet gaya hai usse bhulaya toh jaa sakta hai magar apne zehan se mitaya nahi jaa sakta.. bas unn tamaam ache-bure daur ko muqaddar samjhkar aage badha jaa sakta hai. Aur life mein ek phase aata jab humein lagta hai ab aur kya dekhne ko baaqi reh gaya hai zindagi mein saare tajurbe aur sabaq mil chuke hai ab toot jaane mein hi bhalayi hai haar jaana hi ek aakhri sahi rasta hai. Aur phir apni khushiyon ka shok aur barbaadiyon ka jashn manane lag jaate hai. Magar khushiyan bhi itni aasani haar nahi maanti. Zindagi humein har ache-bure daur ke baad ek khoobsurat tohfa deti hai jisse hum mauka kehte hai. Humein zindagi se mile wo saare tajurbe aur sabaq phir se jeene ka hausla dete hai. Ek nayi umeed dete hai. Aur shayad isliye hum zindagi ka saath nahi chhorte.
Beete kal mein pareshan rehte hai, aane kal ki fizool mein fikar rehti hai aur jo aaj hai usse jeete toh hai magar thodi bechaini ke saath. Jo guzar gaya usse accept karke aage badh jao, jo kal hoga wo tumhare aaj ki mehnat se pata chalega na ki fikar se, aur apne aaj se mohabbat karo.
Ek badi ajeeb si cheez hai jo hum sabhi ke saath hoti hai jab hum 5-6 saal purani tasveer mein khudko dekhte hai toh hasi aajati hai ki kaise the hum ab waqai behtar badlaav aaya hai hum mein wo badlaav tum laaye ** khud ke andar. Waqt ke saath mature hokar, mushkil se mushkil maqaam haasil karke, apna vision aur mindset positive rakhkar, apni zindagi ko sahi raaste mein le jaakar. Isliye tum haare nahi **, zindagi mauke deti hai magar tumhe ehsaas tak nahi hone degi kab tumne uss mauke ka fayda utha liya. Aur agar kabhi bura phase aaye toh uss mein bekhauf hokar jeena magar sahi waqt par nikalkar apni zindagi ko behtar bana dena. Kyunki abhi tumhara qissa khatam nahi huwa, abhi tumhe nikhar ke wapas aana hai kahani badalne.. .
Ankit Dubey Feb 2020
Will You be my Valentine?

Don't you think I cook good enough to feed you during your food swings?

I can be your partner in deciding which dress to buy and which one to wear on any occasion.

Be it your mood swings of unexpected headache or tiredness, my fingers have got magic of relaxing you with an oil massage.

I can be your moving Spotify at any hour of the day, and I'll be a good companion to watch Netflix shows together.

I know sometimes you stay, sometimes you sway yet I've always got a way to keep you happy and by my side.

I just love listening to your childhood stories at late night, so that you go as crazy as me.

When nothing goes right, apart from your voice, it's your hug that makes me feel alive.

Together we share a good tunning,
we know
When to dump down anger and when to listen to the other person calmly,
When to fight for self-respect and when to compromise with the situation.

This is not just because its 14th Feb, still I'll ask; will you hold my hand till eternity?
Will you be my Valentine forever ??
  Dec 2019 Ankit Dubey
Hello again,

I think the proper way of starting this is with an apology
But it's already too late
For you are finally gone from my life
And from now on I'm gonna be honest with these emotions

I guess the saying "You never know how much something
means to you until they're gone" has struck me
And all I have left is to write before I break down

You were a sweet person, You were the one who always managed to make me laugh, even on those days where I felt like most of the world was against me, You stayed with me, talking to me until the sun comes up in the morning, sharing every little detail on those emotions your fragile heart has bottled up, but I broke that.

I've always regretted these memories, all the good times we had, all those those times we spent with each other, I always felt regretful for wasting those precious moments I spent with you, because all those happiness turns into a weapon that both engraved a deep scar in both of our hearts.

I tried to keep you within my reach for when the time comes until I can learn how to love properly, but how did that turn out, I found someone else who I feel like I'm incapable of loving properly as I still suffer from the damage I caused for the both of our hearts.

In the end I'm suffering, suffering from wishing I could hear your voice again, suffering from remembering all those moments I spent awake being with you, suffering because I ended up breaking both of our hearts due to my ineptitude of feeling love.

You were the one of the only ones who helped me, who stayed with me, who tried to help me find an escape in the darkness that lurked withing my mind.

I hope for the best that being away from me has helped you, cause even I wouldn't want to be with me too.

The boy who couldn't love
I know you probably won't see this, But i truly am sorry for hurting you
  Dec 2019 Ankit Dubey
Talking Back
Dear Future love,

I look forward to seeing you form many faces
The happy ones when I occasionally cook
Because the mixture of my cultural differences will be comes as a surprise

The confusion when you upset me
To the sad ones you make when we argue
    because we care

Your sleeping one because you consider my
    side to be your place of comfort
The excitement we will share when good
    comes our way
To those tranquil moments that we wish
    would just stop

But the thing I look forward to the most
   Is loving you
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