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Serendipity Dec 2020
She was born in the back alleys of bones
left as scrap thrown to the dogs
by men who chewed her raw
and picked their teeth
with the edge of her.

When sprouts formed,
and skin and flesh blanketed her existence,
and blood dripped into her veins
from body bags in dumpsters:
she began to grow anger,
and brain,
and heart,
and eyes,
and fists.

So she may see the men her tossed her,
and attain her vengeance.
pnam Jan 2020

kal  taq thaa khaali  kaagaz yeh dil
   mile aap thoe rachi yeh khoob ghazal
   raah thoe thee par thee na koi manzil
   chalen saath thoe hai har raah saral

English Translation

This heart a blank paper till yesterday
You came along poetic verses it communique
Roads were aplenty but no destination
Walk with me every stroll a simplification
Dated 1992
pnam Jan 2020
Language: Roman-Hindi

dard hota hai ab yun dooor na jaaya kijiye
is theer ko ab is dil me hee rahne dijiye
sah na payega ab ye dil ye tho zara dekiye
kafa hain humse agar tho ek mauka aur dijiye

Translation in English

It hurts now don't stay away
Let this cupids arrow in my heart stay
This heart will not bear can't you see
If you are displeased, another chance I plea
Dated 1992
Aŧül Feb 2016
Kabul kab luti ye to na maaloom chal saka,
Magar kamobesh halchal to kabhi se thi.

When Kabul was gutted it couldn't be known,
But the drift was more or less the same since long.
I'm happy now.

Self-derived definition:
Whimmings, like whim, can also relate to sudden change of mind.

My HP Poem #1028
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —