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Ek cup chai le kar baitha aur

Ravivar tha aur yunhi waqt

Beetta hi chala gaya…

Phir khuch panne ultaye…

Ankahi kahani ke…

Khuch Paheli Ko dekha…

Mann hi mann

Socha kal suljaunga

Woh wali purani Paheli…

Jo aaine ki tarah

Samne toh kabhi ojhal ** jaati hai…

Kyuki aaj Ravivar tha…

Aur waqt…

Thodi Dhoop Ko aane diya

Thodi thand se baatein Kiya

Phir ek cup chai Liya

kal Somvar hai


Aaj waqt…

Yunhi yunnhi…

Beetta chala Gaya…

Yunnhi yunhi

waqt aaj…


Kya phir chai…

Mein pita hi chala gaya…









Happily in the hills
Forest of my mind




A lot of introspection
Boiling my thoughtful eve
Vapour of perfume encircling clouds
Fumes rising...

High sky
Don't know why?


Stirring constantly...

Hills are lovely...

But where is my lover tell me O surprising moon or busy bee?






over n over, over
Pseudo immaterial,
despairs and numbness..










Kissing me...


Kissing me...


For my well being...

whenever my  mood's get off!!!

Let the muse

Uncontrollably, I say to breezy moon
I am seeing you dear like a everyday monsoon...
Still in my heart

Our inception of love will rise soon

Your cheerful smile
Remains always with beautiful rosy dimple...
Hills of happiness shine...

Alluring me to walk with you...

Remembering each mile...

Like before...

In my rivers of my dreams
I am with you

We are rising


O my dear!

Magically I entered her room
Half closed, half open
I walked further
Brownie girl


Dark dragons in her speechless eyes
Sizzling hot like a piece of cake in her sweet mouth
Going for sweet miracles
With her lips

For sure!
Curing my curious heart
Step by step
Turtle dance...

A flashback

Duo in same land
Thousands years back
Making sweet poison
Experimental hazards took place...
Love goes beyond imagination...
Kissing fish eyes...

Monsoon special dinner
We met again


Abracadabra in her eyes...
She told me stop...
I told a lie
In a game of truth and dare

Then I
Presented her
A pair of daffodils
flowering eyes to eyes
With fire and ice
Again experiment
Let's see
She told me

A magic book in her left hand
Magically rotating right hand
Butterfly clips
Brown curly hairs
waving with beats of fan rotation
Necklaces of my mind

A sweet venom in the table
Drop by drop
Experiments goes on and on
Sometimes present...
Past and future...

I asked her
tell me the magic O dear...
She said " close your eyes"...
And whispers in my ear
Drumming my heart
Don't tell..

Candles lighted...
Looking pigeons and free wishes

Clouds are wondering with chirping kisses

Looking thou art of sweet dreams!

Flawless garden and green eyes like icecream…

Oh, my Rainy!

Where shall I live, tell me thee

Oh, pure love! Calls me!

Truly in my dream

I feel free…

I don’t wake up

Because I will be in your dreams

Sailing across rivers and oceans…

To meet thee!

Infinitely till the silver lines shine your way and
make your happy forever as your stay!

Dark the wind and oceans breezes

Dark the sea and the clouds freezes

Everything I feel sometimes lament

Under the real drops of fearful tears…

Sometimes I change my gear

And listen to you in my heart

You’re more than a divine art

So don’t tell me to wake up

Don’t wake me up Dear

Let me live just a few more years…

Till I depart elsewhere in the vast universe

Kiss me softly

And become my free verse…

Let the vice versa happens in streams of dreams!

Oh my Rainy

Become my dream!

And I will pursue your dream

Under the dream…

We will cascade new love…

Let’s meet in inception…

With the speed of light, we will thrill our passion

Cherishing each other enthusiasm









Like waves…

We will wake…

Sin cosine

Oh my Rainy

If you wish

We will one day

transform imagination

Believe me

Till I live in your dreams

Under the impression of imagination

We will spark a new world

I guarantee

and dancing snow

Will be a new hut of enthusiasm

Supernatural earth…

Supernatural moon…

Under the supernatural universe…

We will live purely in the heart to heart natural..

Oh, my Rainy!

Come when the rain stops

Under the digital circuits

We will flip flop

Stop the watch…

With eyes to eyes…

We will dream more!

Amore and Amore!

Oh, my Rainy!

We will wish together…

And the clouds of love will remain all years…

Till we reach the next version of dreams!

We will live more than together…

Will you come in the dreams of my dreams?

If I truly wish in my wishes

Looking glass and mirror of the streams!

Oh, my Rainy!

Brew my heart

And drink it!

Brew my heart

Drink it!

Let me be yours completely

I am sincere truly


Oh, my Rainy!


Oh, my Rainy!


**** me softly!
**** me softly!
Everyone will watch you
When you fall
No one will catch you
When you fall

Saddened with sorrow
Tears of pain
Yet, another tomorrow
Will shine, after the rain...

People will laugh at you
When you fail
Hardly someone will correct you
When you fail

Memories may linger
Creeping through your veins
A cut on your finger
May ignite your pain...

The care will come from your heart
When you love
Hurt will also pierce through your heart
When you love

Fall, fail, love or pain
It all comes upon like a fairytale
An experience that we all gain

Spilling thoughts.
One day!
A long long time back
I was fed up completely with my life
So I thought let’s take a chance
Take a risk in life, so I traveled
Continuously in a lane and
Determined my mind that I will
Not take U-turn in that lane
After a while reached its end
A tip of an edge!!
seen an angel goddess in another tip
Near to my adjacent
Simply she was also frustrated with her life
Damm it what we are doing…
Her hairs started flowing against the wind
And her looks blue and pink
Mesmerized me like slowly slowly
My heart is by love
But she was also determined
That she will not take U turn
then how will we met then, I asked her
She looked at sky azure
while twinkling her eyes
And said we will meet there
I thought okay reverse if I will go
I will die, forward maybe I will die
We both jumped
into the infinite deep abyss


She opened her wings
And caught me with her feather
She took initiative and kissed me in air
And I asked who are you, my angel?
She told me, She was just taking a test

“Whether you just say about love
you really mean love from your heart”

I was passed her test
She took me to heavenly stars
She was twinkling more brightly above far
very far…
like a Venus of heart
her divine art
After reaching her destination
And she waves her hand from the sky
And everyone in ground prayed her
Which I know why…
then onwards I make her my goddess!!!
I prayed her daily….and get peace while praying




Wake Up
Wake Up

Sky kiss and lawn of mind
Greening beautifully
Sky kiss

Zumba laugh

Raining and fog falling
turtles pleasantly rolling
Don’t have time for calling

Looking sky
don’t know why?
Ohh It’s not too high, O dear!

Let’s open your astronaut dream
packed with oxygen drill

Moon wink
link your dream strings
Kites flying
and so the rising moon
Beloved come soon
Under the Shade of a tree
Let’s feel free
Let’s uncage your butterfly and a bee

colors hop
colors hop

Get up
Leave your lazy cushions
Do the tango
Don’t wait!
close all your negativity entry gate!

A round walk! Around the walk!
feel the rhythm and think what you have brought
Gain some spiritual meditational sky talk
Then some bang bang chocolate

Take some Fruit’s salad
jolly your mind and add your heart
A dazzling mug of coffee

Rise up and twinkle!
Rise up and twinkle!

start your day!
Don’t let it down dreamy feather
realize the real
concatenate the imagination
Mumbo Jumbo!

Let’s go
driving the infinite snow
feel the cold
relax with the music old!

Take a break!
Let’s go

Pots of golden *** and vacant space
time your mind
sometimes memories rewind
under the cup of diverging new winds

If reached in the forest unknowingly
wild your heart and don’t feel unrest
Wear a mask under the green shadow
Don’t fear if the lion is so near
like a moonwalk
reverse your gear of slow walk
without eye to eye contact

If lion attack
punches the nose hard
never let the lionto eat you
Don’t go beyond the imagination,O dear!

Wild the forest
wild so you!
Wild the forest
wild so you!

Bright love
singing right in front of the mind tree, a pond
O melting glaciers
Hurry up!
seasons of a fluffy polar bear
Drinking beer…

closely searching me near!
So I deep sleep while drinking a lovely beer…

Just to fear the wild bear!

cheers!!! cheers!!!cheers!!!

Grasses of dreams want to sprout
Layer the other side of the coin!

Wake up!
Wake up!

Trees are laughing
Kissing and rejoicing
Oh Dear!
Everything is in the dream!

Snow is wildly astonishing
Foresting smile!
Glittering star shining in the dreamy mile!

Layer’s of desert fall
I am in the dream
I can’t call…

Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Wake Up!!

Wake Up !

Wake Up!

Wake Up!

Wake Up !!

Wake Up !!!

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