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Bluejay Apr 2018
What would you do


I told you that I finally

had the answers
to all your problems?
Bluejay Apr 2018
I couldn't tell you how long you were gone
or even why you decided to leave, but I can
say with certainty that even the shadows started
asking where you went. The walls wouldn't talk
about you but they started whispering all your songs
as Sleep settled in. And even though I couldn't
give you definitive time frames all of us know
without any doubts that you have been gone longer
than the universe existed without planets and
longer than dinosaurs have been extinct.

We know because your ghost moved in to the study
when the walls turned to glass and the waves
became nothing more than the memories of a memory.

Oh ***, I couldn't tell you how long it's been
since you left, but haven't you been gone
more than long enough?
Inspired by "If Walls Could Talk" by Hotspur
Bluejay Apr 2018
Just so you know,

I am just as selfish

as you are.
If not a million times

Bluejay Apr 2018
I never meant to hurt you.

It's not you, it's me.
i love you. I'm sorry.

But that is what


says, isn't it, darling?
Bluejay Apr 2018
Oh Darling,

don't you know
that the love
I have for you
is completely

u n l i k e

any other
in all of history?
For my friend Josh, but also in honor of all the bizarre occurrences that were happening in France in 2014 and 2015 when I wrote this
Bluejay Apr 2018
I'm not sure if you've noticed it or not,
but this feeling you are feeling, it's called
being in love. you know because going
even a day without their perfect smile is
too long and everything about them
appeals to you in a way it never has before.

Don't worry, you're in love if your heart dances
to a different beat when they say those words and
if your soul giggles when they are beside you,
you really know you're in love then. I'm not sure if
you noticed it or not, but this feeling you're feeling
right now is what they call being in love.
Bluejay Apr 2018
Darling, listen to me please, I've only got
one week left to make a difference in this old town.
To pick a name to be remembered by and
do something worth remembering at all.
But I want you to know you've already got
a home in this broken, bleeding heart of mine,
a home completely unlike anything else
anyone could possible have. You look like
you are about to cry Darling.

Darling, listen to me please, this
is not the end, there's no reason to cry.

I'll see you again
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