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September Roses May 2018
How do I write in a poem that I am
        S C R E A M N G
How do I convey how  f r u s t r a t e d I am
How do I get you to know how
      o              u       i          g
c         n              s        n
        my mind is right now
How do I explain my writings of a crumbling sanity as poetic licence
      It becomes easy when nobody knows your how much of concealed life you really have
           My mother can't worry, She doesn't have such terrible thoughts

The bullets I try to use just ricochet around my skull blending my memories, rattling my thoughts.
My personality has died with my will to live
Bryce Jun 2018
Gliding deftly along the city street
rolling quick and constantly
onward to some unknown scene,
some backward park in the nighttime
smoke curling from these
parted lips, moist and inviting
calling me somewhere I've never seen.

New day, new night
new feelings, rage in delight
fill me with your hilarious entropy,
knock my quarks into the next century,
will you please?

Now you're smoking the pipe and all at once you are free
between you and me, this smoke is thicker and sticks
like glue,
wispy and dreamy and the world spins and calls Toltec
telephone company can't pay me for all those calls collected
and rendered obsolete
Sun god dead as that silly calendar meme

and Imma tell you
these ladies in the picnic table
buried alive for boxed lunch and god's brunch
Jesus ******* Christ
and a indelible roster of good guys,
to which we all must strive to live and die
never moving forward
chasing our tails like a sick dog
under the jasmine runner between the decades-old tanbark
imported from overseas
dead trees
dead canine
and oh isn't it just divine?

You see it, pretty lady.
I can see it hiding behind your eyes
the things you don't tell the others because you're afraid
if they found out,
you'd be crucified.

Well honey I hate to inform,
With KGB efficiency that these love-a-dumbs
aint Methuselah,
they'll be dead!
long before your flood of tears tears me from the land
ballistas me across the great expanse to some strange Ararat
of the eastern seaboard,
or maybe wash me deep along the 80
into the desert sands and tiles
on a leaky cell phone screen
desperately trying to dial home on low battery,
realizing all this was one big deferred dream,
baking in the sun and shriveling
oh well, back to the grindstone-- all those lies plucked your nose,
gotta cut it back to size,
'else your soul it'll outgrow

Don't worry honey bee
It hasn't happened to me,
and We know with calcuable mathematical truth
that it'll never happen to you.
Bryce Jul 2018
Amid the verbose magicians
Seeking kinships
And sailing deep into their arduous mists
Watching them peddle their afternoon
To a handful of smiling children holding their breath
Amazed in gentle body trick

The older men of age
Leaning deep into their creased chins
Stroking the grizzled fat
Blinding light of soul
Staring down the barrel of life
Striking the enemy one last time
And yet smiling
Met of match,
taking care of their kids.

Then there's the cold-clocked dudes
On the phone pushing buttons
In a button-up raglan
Lost indistinct
the promised land
The golden shores swept away by
inconvenient time
Left shopping in an auto mall
"Won't you look at the time?"
7.07 APR
Boy what a steal!
And Steve maddened and screamed
As the lines blurred instinctual between opposing teams
And the oven dinged a great alabaster slant
Leaning towards the new millenitants

Rise up!
***** the wheel
Turn the axel from pistons
To alkaline metal
And doubt with great monumental
That the machine borders all
And we cannot retreat

And while I sift bouyantly between the waves
Searching the puzzle piece within the molecules
Reconnecting with the things
And representing
dreams on a 66 hertz screen
I call rather failing
Towards a black rocked shore
Towards the sweet Dorigen
Of my dreams
Finding an integral of time
And space

And calculating the intangible *****
Of my desmise
With the imaginary constiutent
Of that lighted mind.
HanbijX Jan 6
We say hey!!!
But actually at the time,
It's the ending.

We say bye!!!
But actually at the time,
It' the begining.

Today it's ending for us,
Until the time
Making for us (again)

I'll waiting for u,
To say...
Sometimes I wanna
Say I am in a trouble...
Please STAY,
But like the same...
You say BYE and
My words go UNSAID!!!
Love is not only about the feelings... sometimes it means mental supports too...
Peter Balkus Apr 2018
Rest in peace all,
who were forced to learn
how to goodbye a whole life
in one day.
thoughts from february fourteenth;

No one else alone, just me. Hence the word alone.
Only my dreams to send a rose to.

NO, no thank you. Love is not for me.
I'm perfectly fine being with myself.
Richard B Shick Jul 2018
DAY by day,
Week by week

Taking all your  abuse,
Yet turning the other cheek

Continuously Dragging me down,
Lowering my self esteem.

Having No way  out,
Is how you make it seem.

I’m never good enough,
You'll never find someone better.

Building up my courage,
To finally write this letter.

Realizing who I am,
And what I’m really worth.

Meant to be respected,
As I walk upon the earth.

I’m finally standing up,
Finally standing my ground.

I deserve so much better,
Tell me how that sounds.

I finally had enough,
You keep me all depressed.

These feelings hidden inside,
It’s time to lay to rest.

I am a beautiful person,
And I’m worthy of so much more.

So make sure you kiss my ***,
As I’m walking out the door.

I know this won’t be easy,
But it’s what I have to do.

It’s time I love myself,
Instead off loving you.


Written By
Richard B Shick
Inspired by a friend
Be strong Melanie
JayceeJellies Dec 2015
Crawling in my skin
cringe, cringe, cringe-
it's a meme you dip!

*AyY **** bye!
Grace Spellman Feb 2017
I found somebody who carries my soul gently.
He took the demons you left me with and cast them all out.;
He planted flowers where you left weeds.
Although I was nothing but a dimly lit star to you, he sees the opposite.
I am his sun, he is my moon.
And together we rule the galaxy.
He takes care of me like no one has ever before.

-Thank you for leaving, for if you hadn't I would never have found my diamond in the rough.
Ladislav Josephs May 2015
Another sleepless night
Thinking of words to say gently good bye

We talked long hours last night
Result is - I won't be your shining armor knight

I am tired of hide and seek
I am strong, but in this game am weak

You will grant me lunch, meeting
Teach me Chinese while eating

Not good enough to satisfied
My desire to be with you, gratified

Instead of making love
You punched my face,
heart with boxing glove

On the WeChat you have send me
Flower with cat's pose
It turned out to be stem
Full of thorns, not rose

Go ahead roam Internet,
streets, bars searching for love

You won't find it
It just has flown away
Under wings of white dove

Despite of all I said, I love you still
Love you forever and always will

I do anything for you, I say
Love you until my dying day
Sometimes you have to part with your love, not matter how painful it is to say good bye.
Who Jun 2018
A punch,
A knife,
You've thrown both.

You can't buy my love.

All the time.

Mom of the year,
I'm almost gone
I'm almost free.
2 more months. Dueces
madyson shaye Jul 2017
it's the middle of the night
and I won't rest until I get
the chance to change everything
and jump into another body
I've got chlorine in my hair
I've got scars on my skin
I'm only trying to keep my
head above all this water
the end means I stop looking back
you know how skies look different
when you're at a ****** gas station?
I think that's kind of the same as how
your love always seemed sweeter
when it was nearly killing me
Eden Quinn Feb 17
In a graveyard, a little being
slept on the bench
while people passing by
what it was doing there
but little did they know,
the being came to say
its bye-bye.

When I feel suicidal, I always visit the graveyard and end up crying because deep down I know that I am loved and my grave would be filled with flowers. However, I only know it and can´t really feel it.
It´s like feeling lonely when you know you´re not and it´s killing me.
Jeannery May 2018
My eyes still open every morning
Which I find alarming
For I know I shouldn't be walking
On earth that I am not existing.

I don't know what life's for,
Where they get their everyday vigor.
My eyes are sore;
I can"t take life anymore.

This world's full of toxicity
And my soul's aching for felicity
That I know I won't ever feel
For everyone's so unreal.

I lived my life so blue
I don't even know what to do
For I am living in an environment that's so untrue
Everyone will be happy if I bid my "adieu."

--jeannery a.

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