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hannah Mar 2018
I sit here not over there with the smart kids
I sit here not over there with the "cool" kids
I sit here not over there with the happy kids
I sit here not over there with the emo kids
I sit here not over there with the dorky kids
I sit here not over there with the gamer kids
       I don't fit in anywhere
Poetlefemme Aug 2016
I asked a bird
Who was flying by
If he ever worried about time gone by?
He laughed and smiled with no reply.

I saw a pig wallowing in complete despair.
I say, old fellow, "what are you doing there?"
He snorted and spit, sat in his own **** without a care.
Yet he seemed content and gazed into his muddy lair.

As I trod onto the the beaten path, i suddenly began to laugh.
And out popped a rattler slithering to and fro.
Not even a daring thought of discussing life with him, my future at that point seemed awfully grim.
My chances of survival were getting slim.
Ill think again before going on another adventure on a dangerous  whim.
Something different
Null Dec 2014
The way you wear your favorite nirvana shirt makes me smile
I enjoy listening to you ramble in thought
There's something different in your tone
I know you are sad, but so am I
And maybe together we can find happiness
I'm not asking to be addicted to one another
I'm asking to be company
To sit and talk about the stars
To listen to Pearl Jam on repeat
To teach me video games and laugh uncontrollably at my lack of skill
I'm hoping to be the reason you smile even if it is for the shortest time period
Written for someone special
Blythe Cassidy Sep 2014
Your mind is a universe
created by all the ancestral gods
and refined by your hands.
Innumerable stars leak your thoughts
like holes in the hull of a ship.
You let them sink you.
You are overwhelmed by words
and pictures and feelings
until they are pulled into a black hole.

But black holes are extremely dense
and you once told me they might be
the origin of the big bang.
Which explains when you have nothing left to take,
you explode into a thousand emotions.
Billions of colors roaring through the void
and making all of it matter

because somehow feeling is
worth it.
Ellyn k Thaiden Jul 2014
I've never known how to properly end a conversation with you, whether it be a phone call or a kiss good bye. Fingers fumble and awkward "I love you"'s and "good bye"'s drunkenly find their way out of my sober mouth. I never know how to say "fare well".

My theory is that I never want to say good bye in the first place. I'd rather be with you. Though you might be busy talking to someone else or in another room, I want to always be close to you. Saying "good bye" doesn't feel good at all. It feels like I'm going far away and I'm leaving a piece of me behind. I know I might sound clingy and suffocating, but I have adapted a terrible habit of needing someone around to keep me sane. I use to love to be alone, but now I go crazy with thoughts stampeding through my head. I hate to say good bye.

But I love to say "hello". Our "hello"'s are the best. We meet with kisses and hugs and sometimes chocolates. We meet with wide grins and bright eyes that catch the light just right at six in the evening. Our "hello"'s are heart warming and relieving.

The "hello"'s almost make the "good bye"'s worth it.


— The End —