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Dec 2014
I'm like a little caterpillar
Tryna make it in the world
But to all the other people
I'm just a little girl
There's no way that I
Could ever get my dream
What's so special about me?

I believe
That I can achieve
So I'm breaking all the barriers
Watch out, I'm coming through
I can only grow stronger
Gonna do what I wanna do
I'm breaking away
I'm ready to soar
And fly through the open door


I'm saying
Bye bye
You can't bring me down
I'm flying so
High, high
No one can make me drown
Remember when you said
I couldn't make it, couldn't take it
Just look at me now
You said
I would fall
I would never reach the top
But your stuck on the ground
I'm saying bye bye
Watch me fly
Leave you behind
Bye bye

Like a little flower
Everybody sees me as small
But I know one day
My day to blossom will come
Like a little flower
I'll grow big and strong
And like a little flower
I'll make the world more beautiful

But I'm just a little girl
Tryna survive a hard hard world
How could I ever get my dreams
What's special about me?

I'm letting the Lord lead the way
He'll guide me
You can do anything
He'll help you
Don't listen to what people say
Just believe
You can achieve

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