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Mar 2010
got my hands in my pockets
my chin in the air
my feet on the ground
im on a mission
a dare

got my hands in my pockets
my chin in the air
got my eyes fixed foreword
like there's nothing their

nothing but my path
my goals
my ends
my faults
my treasure
my money
my friends
my sweet jar of honey
my strength
my heart
my strive
to be a part
of something big
a part of something real
a part of something special
something that will make me feel

and free
in the air
where nothing can touch me
where no one can bring me down

i got my hands out of my pockets
my head held high
my feet steppin up
and im wavin bye

bye to my world o fear
bye to my world of pain
bye to my world of dead ends
bye to my world of never ending rain

bye to the darkness in the corner
bye to the darkness under the sheets
bye to the filling my head
bye to the holding my feet

bye to the hateful swing that misses every time
trying to hit me
trying to pound me
trying to deal great pain

i am above you now
im standin tall
nothing can hold me back
nothing at all
Marco Jimenez
Written by
Marco Jimenez  Earth
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