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I'm happy for you,
Since you're happier now.
I hope she'll make you happy every day.
You deserve that.
Belle Feb 19
I got lost in vulnerability.
I got lost in you
I got lost in us.
Good Bye, you made me vulnerable
Good Bye, you found me
Good Bye, you created us
I dont write this to make you sad
I don't know how else to say
"I dont want to live without you"
Good Bye, this is our love song, the silence
Good Bye, I cant love you quietly
Good Bye, my being burns for you
I understand that I am not for you
I understand that you are beyond me
I understand that you deserve more
Good Bye, this is the end
Good Bye, I wont love you; it isnt reciprocated
Good Bye, *good bye
Belle Feb 19
The late hours remind me of you
Of us
We spent too much time talking at these
Ridiculous hours
Somehow the memory holds me like I wish
You would
Sometimes things arent physical but you still
Feel them
I think that is you. Lost in longing for
Someone. Anyone.
But I dont want anyone, I want
You alone.
That could never happen because you dont
Want me
You love me, but as someone who
Needs you
Not a lover, just well loved
By you
Belle Feb 4
I dont want to
Actively die.
But I don't want to
Passively live
Belle Feb 3
Good morning darling.
Its 3 am but that doesn't matter.
You're sleeping so soundly
And look so peacefully in bliss.
I am so amazed that I am the one.
The one the gets to sleep here
The one that gets to kiss you
Thank you.
Belle Feb 2
It's not fair
How everything can
Be taken away
At a moment's
Notice. But that,
That is why
You enjoy it.
Belle Jan 29
We were in love
I thought we were
But suddenly "no"
Didn't mean anything
His hands were on me
He was in me
Too strong to stop.
Too ashamed, I stayed
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