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William Robbins Oct 2020
Like a spinning stone, skipping along the surface, waiting to sink, and find it's place back among the bedrock.
Busy Brain, dances through the years, yearning to still it's thoughts, that it may sink into it's purpose
William Robbins Sep 2015
Little bird
Up in a tree.
Sometimes I forget
This is your home too.

Little bird
Forgive me
Our lives are just
So different.

Little bird
Up in a tree
Will you ever,
Remember me.
William Robbins Sep 2015
Passing stream of neon light
A multi colored dream.
Techno night
An energy fight.
All I see is beams.
Ravers, dance
Blitzed on LSD.
To escape robotic wits, through transcendental hits, is
  trading true life for a dream.  
Flashing signs
Outshine the sky
But stars sparkle bright in high minded eyes.
Disco boogeymen twinkle the streets
And Metropolis glistens.
There's music in the background
From a small electronic boutique
Between a novelty store, and a smoke shop
That house a strange and rare mystique.

On a city night, I'm looking across a busy street, and I feel the most powerful of feelings. In awe, all around, I see the fantasies of generations before us. The future itself, as it slowly descends.
William Robbins Sep 2015
Fighters, love to fight, and Lovers, fight for love. But while the strike of a fighter might hurt for a night.
The strike of a Lover will change you for life.
William Robbins Sep 2015
A faded responsibility
For the whimsy of a night
Mango habanero love
William Robbins Sep 2015
Stop. > Solitude. > Silence. >
Surrender. > Search. > Find. >
William Robbins Sep 2015
Pity the people who find their happiness from what they have, worth from what people think, and peace from what they know. They can be destroyed in an instant, and tortured for a lifetime.
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