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By this
I know
You'll never say you're wrong
The hollow course our love ran
Our veins
Drenched with rain
A night tower
With weighted scars
In the distance
Gleaming from your notions
Of society and suicide
I thought of you
As the street glistened
The smoke pouring from my mouth
Bent in your direction
Finding you empty
Exhausted logic
With a waking memory
You don't know yourself anymore
I just wanted to hold you
Shattered glass as the curtain drops
Noticeable yawns of immortality
Agreed now we breathe
A ***** of pain
I die twice on tile floors
However we will change
To a gradual descent
Your bloodline dead
Teeth keep you still
Everything left to God is quiet now
Simple dreams
Our mistakes lay downstairs
There's nothing more

— The End —