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Yea im ******* trash and i know it
Im a ******* ******* and i dont deserve to live
Everytime i get her trust back
I say one stupid thing
And its gone again
I dont know why i say it
Its stupid, for absolutly no reason
I lied to her face
Because i thought it would help
For some weird ******* reason
Why did i think that?
That is no way to keep her trust

Im ******* trash
And she deserves better
Why do i keep her chained to me
I love her so much
But i keep breaking her heart
And making her question her trust
Its stupid, why do i do that

The other night was amazing
We talked and cuddled and shared stories and it was magical
Things were looking so great
It was the best night of my life
And now its being followed by the worst day
A day where i make her feel horrable
Because of ANOTHER
stupid, inconsiderate thing
That i said

Im ******* trash
And i wish there was some way to make it up to her

And never let her down again
Im ******* trash
In the end
We never really know
We dont know how we got here
And we dont know where we are going
In the end
Well at least for me, in the end
I found someone who understands me
Who truely knows what its like to be in my shoes
The end is all that really matters isnt it?
Because our whole life, we are always focusing on that point far away
Never stoping, never looking back
So is that one fixed point in our future all that matters?
Certainly not because even tho we look straight at it, the closer we get, the more tempted we are to look away, i dont want to see what lies beyond that point where my life draws to a close
And my mind is forever

In the end
We look back
And we see what we have always been looking for
We see the happiness
The so called meaning of life
The beauty of the world
And the beauty of love
In the end
It is a dream, a very pleasant dream for most
And for sorry to say...a nightmare
But it all comes to a close
Those who suffer can feel releif
At that final moment in their life
A moment that cannot be taken away
A moment that belongs to them,
And those who look back upon fond memories of days past can feel pride
Of what accomplishments their will has brought to the world

In the end
The end is really what you make of it
A dream, a nightmare, a tradgety or one final justice
The end is nothing more
Or less
Than that

And if it seems to be approaching too quick then by all means
Slow it, do everything you can to slow it
But never try to speed it up
Or stop it
You only get to understand and make certain of what it all means once
And after that
Lights out
So let it take its time
And when the day comes to meet it
Shake its hand and welcome it with open arms
As you would
And old friend


"He intends to understand all that he was and is to be, and so he will accept what comes to him with open arms; the willingness to find out what lies beyond will not be forsaken by any intuition brought forth by a power other than the power that lies within"

He intends
To end the end
In the end
Really some deep thought put into this
listen here and listen close
I’ll tell you the story of a musical ghost
Ernst the composer, with a lifelong dream
of becoming a genius, a composition king

he was born on a day
like any other man, i'd say,
into a jewish family
where he studied the melody

a melody that protruded
from pianist hands
throughout the symphonies
from germany to england

He was known far and wide
in a land without pride
as a musical guide
where the ****’s reside

Great misfortune mounted upon
great toils, soiled by a life on the run
this was his fate, to be cast out, and away
like a broken, old picture frame

and upon a new dawn
to the westward and on
he sought to find a home
when there was nowhere to roam.

He packed up his bags
as he had little more than rags
to flee to the free
and away...from the **** regime

and made it to america…

so soon sorry
for he faintly did fair
the world was weary
yet his book he still shared

and he passed on his knowledge
of his music, sublime
his artistic ability
to tame tone and time

and from the day he was born
to the day he passed on
we’ll remember those teachings
and those beautiful songs

1887 to 1964
ernst we still remember you
and all that you lived for
Poem about Ernst Toch, a composer during world war 2
Give me your left hand my love
And we’ll stowe away from here
And by the time your father comes
His grandchild, you will bear
And i will stand by you my love
Even when this day is done
And ill die with you my love
When our time has come
just a lil devotion poem lol xD
We are the music we create
We are the music we create

We are the music we create
The two of us together
An unbroken fate

We are the music we create
We are the music we create

We are the music we create
Both happy and sad
Filled with love, not hate

We are the music we create
We are the music we create

We are the music we create
Sounding simple words
Through a melodious gate

We are the music we create
We are the music we create
We make wonderful songs together
I cant wait to play another
Yes :)
Its complicated
Actually...yes :)
And her?
I think so
What next?
Live like there is no tomorrow
And her?
Love me as best she can, for as long as she can
Plans for the future?
Still get married, move to canada, have kids, grow old together and die in each others arms
We figured things out, sorry for the scare guys
The rythem has awoken
The rymes...yet to be spoken
When the thought returns to me
Under the blessing of my liberty

a shadow has returned
Upon my mind to make it burn
A love thats lost, once so soft
Has struke my heart in turn

A life i had forgoten...
Long ago upon a day
When nothing ever made me happy
Where nothing went my way

When a little light upon the dark
Stained my life, i had to start
To think that life
Is worth living

And ever since the stain has gone
Searched have i
To write a wrong
But yet not to an avail

My life is one big fail
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