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Terry Collett Mar 2018
Delia has seduced
the French teacher.

She lies beside her
in the teacher's bed
in the private school
her father paid for.

It has been a good night.
Passions spent.

She looks at
the sleeping teacher.

Dark hair and closed lids.
Naked beneath
the sheets and duvet.

The other girls won't
get those French lessons.

Delia climbs quietly
from bed.

She'll shower then go
back to her dorm.

Still she sleeps.
Exhausted poor dear.

She showers using
the teacher's shampoo
and soap.

She dries using
the teacher's towel.

She dresses
into her nightdress
and leaves the room.

Back in her dorm
she climbs into bed
and runs over the night
in her teenage head.
listen here and listen close
I’ll tell you the story of a musical ghost
Ernst the composer, with a lifelong dream
of becoming a genius, a composition king

he was born on a day
like any other man, i'd say,
into a jewish family
where he studied the melody

a melody that protruded
from pianist hands
throughout the symphonies
from germany to england

He was known far and wide
in a land without pride
as a musical guide
where the ****’s reside

Great misfortune mounted upon
great toils, soiled by a life on the run
this was his fate, to be cast out, and away
like a broken, old picture frame

and upon a new dawn
to the westward and on
he sought to find a home
when there was nowhere to roam.

He packed up his bags
as he had little more than rags
to flee to the free
and away...from the **** regime

and made it to america…

so soon sorry
for he faintly did fair
the world was weary
yet his book he still shared

and he passed on his knowledge
of his music, sublime
his artistic ability
to tame tone and time

and from the day he was born
to the day he passed on
we’ll remember those teachings
and those beautiful songs

1887 to 1964
ernst we still remember you
and all that you lived for
Poem about Ernst Toch, a composer during world war 2

— The End —