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Mar 2016
In the end
We never really know
We dont know how we got here
And we dont know where we are going
In the end
Well at least for me, in the end
I found someone who understands me
Who truely knows what its like to be in my shoes
The end is all that really matters isnt it?
Because our whole life, we are always focusing on that point far away
Never stoping, never looking back
So is that one fixed point in our future all that matters?
Certainly not because even tho we look straight at it, the closer we get, the more tempted we are to look away, i dont want to see what lies beyond that point where my life draws to a close
And my mind is forever

In the end
We look back
And we see what we have always been looking for
We see the happiness
The so called meaning of life
The beauty of the world
And the beauty of love
In the end
It is a dream, a very pleasant dream for most
And for sorry to say...a nightmare
But it all comes to a close
Those who suffer can feel releif
At that final moment in their life
A moment that cannot be taken away
A moment that belongs to them,
And those who look back upon fond memories of days past can feel pride
Of what accomplishments their will has brought to the world

In the end
The end is really what you make of it
A dream, a nightmare, a tradgety or one final justice
The end is nothing more
Or less
Than that

And if it seems to be approaching too quick then by all means
Slow it, do everything you can to slow it
But never try to speed it up
Or stop it
You only get to understand and make certain of what it all means once
And after that
Lights out
So let it take its time
And when the day comes to meet it
Shake its hand and welcome it with open arms
As you would
And old friend


"He intends to understand all that he was and is to be, and so he will accept what comes to him with open arms; the willingness to find out what lies beyond will not be forsaken by any intuition brought forth by a power other than the power that lies within"

He intends
To end the end
In the end
Really some deep thought put into this
William McLaughlin
Written by
William McLaughlin  Springdale Ar
(Springdale Ar)   
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