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Wesley Dotson Feb 14
I’m surrounded by white noise.
All I can comprehend
Starts with knifes for girls
And ends in flowers for boys.
Elders overtly condescend
The slightest error,
I single number ends
The brightest of lives
Snuffed our in terror.
Wesley Dotson Feb 13
With a Rose quartz around your neck
You’d figure Shakespeare had named you.

Depression is a heavy obstacle,
One that I can not save.
Could I provide a monocle,
Examine the stone.
It fades when exposed
To too much light.
You’re meant to be brave,
You’re never quite alone.
You’re time is not apropos.

I find you significant.
Wesley Dotson Feb 11
Stubborn and cross,
Gross, and seldom lost.
Thank you for holding my hand,
On New Years.
I guess it meant a lot to me.

You’re writings have been an inspiration,
Much so that I feel like I won’t have a dream of my own.
I would follow yours to the end of the earth though,
Because much like you I
I am awfully beautiful,
Stubborn, and cross
Gross, and mostly lost.
I’m afraid that I do this all the time. I’m worried i’m Infatuated with another person. But they always have potential to mean so much to me, and I don’t know if that’s wrong or not.
  Feb 11 Wesley Dotson
Dead lover
When life keeps giving you lemons,
You are a **** lemon tree
Life is awful
Wesley Dotson Feb 11
In my roommates blue light.
I’ve got a heart
In the the terrible sky’s night.
You can’t say what you are
When we don’t feel alright.
Classless every single
Absence of light
Wesley Dotson Feb 11
Sensitive words
Chilling into snow.
You only come forward
Thanks to the cold.
Bereft of frozen breath
When wanting to say hello.
Acceptance of death
As a mean to an end.
You frost into me,
As a quick sense of pain,
But then you leave,
An imaginative of the brain.

I’ve seen you as celestial,
This we’ve all already known,
I've held on for so long,
It'd be a disaster to see you go.

But you were never here.
Wesley Dotson Dec 2015
I know that I've been wrong
I hope you don't hate me
I was trying to help you all along
I hope you don't hate me
I pushed myself away
I hope you don't hate
You pushed me and told me to stay.
I hope you don't hate me
I have to move on
I hope you don't hate me
Because I loved you.
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