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 Jan 2019 Thorns
Frosted Flowers
She was a beautiful girl
radiant and bright
A freshwater pearl
glowing with inner light

The world tried to beat her down
Submit to the gloom and despair
in jealousy and hatred she drowned

Her glow masked by the water
murky and dark
She fought hard against the saltwater

I saw her dying
slow and tortuous
And sent a knife flying
in mercy

I buried her in a coffin
filled with roses, tulips, lilies and
other flowers whose names
I have long forgotten

I placed her coffin in my heart
the only warmth left in my body
With every beat
my heart aches

I think of the girl
who was too good for the world
 Jan 2019 Thorns
have you been
i guess not,
for your attention
in my poem
could tell
sorry if this nurse
took so long
in finding
the perfect words
to cure
your soul
strip your clothes
stand at the mirror
gaze at the
creature with
the foggy figure
a sinkhole
in those eyes
and a temporary
stitch whenever
you would
the collarbone
which hides,
suffocates from the
blanket of skin
sickening lies
it penetrated
corrupted your mind
ignored the
fact and just
the beast
will **** you,
don't find
it ****
the chaos is screaming
later on
you'll be
i know how
a reflection
you lost yourself
you lost you
it's like
having a stray cat
beneath your
a wandering stranger
sails from
the memories
of truth
overflowing blood
your dilemmas
it mimicked the
fire of hell
in those
the greatest harm
you'll ever
cause you
but why a
and not a
listen here,
you are your
the cure and the pain,
which decision
will define?
all i can
say is,
save yourself
from death,
it hasn't
deseved you yet
go ahead
and fight your
way to life
I suffered from these issues. And I don't have to wait to heal completely so i could serve my people.
You can take my wealth
bear away with my belongings
steal the essence of which gives me life

You can strip skin from my body
rip the flesh from my bones
drain the blood from my veins
set my body to ash from whence it came

You can burn me from history
let alight a torch to engulf my name

Stand side by side with time until I’m forgotten

With me,
you may do as you like.

But a life is far beyond what can be touched

It’s comprised of feelings
of actions
of influence

It’s an idea

So bear away with me as you like
but you can’t take away who I am

O take away what pleases thy
be it life itself
but you can’t put cease to the world that we created
nor the the presence of our ramifications

We are beyond what we are
we are what we represent
 Nov 2018 Thorns
He doesn't burn photographs
He doesn't join therapy sessions
He doesn't smoke too many cigarettes
Nor he drown himself into alcohol
He scratches his wounds daily
And never let them heal
He doesn't try to get rid of the pain
Instead he let it grow on him
He waters the seed of sorrow with his tears
He feeds it with the manure of old memories
He takes it to sleep with him
And nurtures it in himself
Till the moment when every single drop of his blood gets replaced by this pain
Until his fragile heart can bear no more
And his soul starts overflowing with emotions
That's when he dip his pen into this pain
And empty his heart on a piece of paper
He bares his soul for us to feel
He creates poetry that the world would cherish for centuries to come
That's how true poetry comes into existence
 Nov 2018 Thorns
leave me
 Nov 2018 Thorns
its funny
i was there for you
i saved you from your darkest times
i was there

once you were fine
you vanished
you left

leaving me to save myself
i needed you to save me but you left when i needed you

- how can i trust you again
 Nov 2018 Thorns
Dark Smile
1) empty bottles that clink as you wade through them. you drown in an ever-increasing pool of bottles

2) puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. i want to pour coloured powder on her cheeks. i want to trace every single stream

3) eardrum rupturing music. he screams along to it. they become indistinguishable from the music. he enjoys being a part of something.

4) a lone figure next to a lake. they hug their legs. nothing moves. everything is completely still. if you listen closely, you can hear their heart shattering into the tiniest fragments. they try to keep it together. an internal war rages. but nothing moves.

5) the buzzing. hair falling to the ground. a blank stare and tiny smile

6) you are a tiny dark speck, against the looming white landscape.

7) the lingering taste of coffee. a lit cigarette dangling from between fingers. flecks of ash fall to the ground.

8) submerged into the deepdarkbluebutmaybeblack ocean. everything is dulled.

9) a neatly folded stack of clothes in a washing machine.

10) putting your fingers in between your legs. you are in front of a mirror. you watch yourself

11) a body falling apart into several meat-sized chunks. they are stapled back together.

12) clay masks.

13) lose strands of hair tied together in a trash can

14) refusing to follow the rules.
i know this is not good. at all. but it's inspiredby 13 ways of looking at a blackbird by wallace stevens
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