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May 2019 · 144
Seed towards salvation.
Everybody whom you come across in your life are able to plant seeds thus the indulgence. A seed which only reveals through a conscious state of mind and shall only come out at our full potential, deep contentment.

A miraculous progress fed on our consciousness, a triumph to self exploration and development towards the inner peace we want.
It is a purer form of self growth through self reflection upon actions, thoughts, feelings and experiences of ourselves and others.

So do not drift into shadows after a mistake, change or loss in life. Rather create an inner dialogue, explore your experiences and surround yourself with consciousness, a purer form of salvation shall be met.
May 2019 · 105
Distance of consistency.
Distance makes us able to create a different perspective upon the natural reach of sight within our environment.
A marvelous tool to create consciousness, a moment of silent review to the madness we wander through. It may create gratitude, pride sadness, disappointment and many other emotional definitions. Yet regardless of how we look at our own creation of life, what is most fundamental is how we evolve on whom we have become and how we decide on furthering the shape of our lives
May 2019 · 275
In regards to our memories we shall never be apart. Whether formulated or not, expressed or maintained in silence, these memories have a far reaching influence.
May 2019 · 491
Shes a young woman in a red flower dress.
Surrounded by a charm of hummingbirds.
A young girl full of forbidden energy flickering in the gloom.
Ardent to compensate through the indulgence in sense of pleasure. An attempt to extinguish dissatisfaction by gratifying desire.
The approach gives pleasure, but the won is gross, transitory and devoid of deep contentment.
She prays but gets no special dispensation for this believe now.
A sobbing whisper in the throat of a mermaid.
All is left is to transcend by recognition of the futility of desire.
She found her middle way, now she must give rise to vision, which will rise to knowledge and lead her to inner peace.
May 2019 · 105
He walks upon the water, he spends a long time watching from his wooden tower, afraid he would drown in water. Such time went to waste for his assuming.
Doomed to his anchored environment, held back by his inner dialogues.
In such fulfillment of his own truth he had lost to understand the importance of perspective.
Yet on some day he walked, a careful but determent wander across the water towards his deepest desires. His old truth finally neglected.

— The End —