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Cathyy Apr 2016
Let's dance on a New York Rooftop,
Since this is the closest to Heaven we've ever been,
The sky changed it's tone for us...
We live in an endless reel of film.

Can I feel you on my moon kissed skin?
Since this is the closest we've ever been..
Eyes meeting, but never stay
Hearts beating but never at the same pace.

'Cause you have different goals
And I have all these ambitions
You deserve more than you know
And i'm working towards more recognition
You can swim, i'll just take a boat
And i'll meet you at a location
Where it's possible,
For us to be us..

'Love' is such a complicated word to use here
I kinda fell in 'love' with someone last new year's
But things have changed since you got here,
Things changed, I changed & now my story has a new exciting page
But ****... What if losing you is part of the universe's plan?
What if fate never really gave a crap?
If the world's intentions were to suddenly change,
No doubt, I'll still 'like like' you anyway
Probably my new favourite poem that I've written this year so far, and I say that a lot but I mean it this time! Haha!

Hope you guys liked the personality that poured out in writing this :)

I also have a new youtube video out if any of you want to hear me sing and dabble in guitar ;)

Link is here;

Thanks. X
Cathyy Apr 2016
It's a life full of games,
From kicking ***** against your neighbour's walls to fixing heartbreaks and charging mobile phones,
You sit with the populars to feel less alone.

And in this game of life,
You'll sometimes have luck when you roll the dice,
But honestly just keep rolling with whatever may come, cause every blessing in itself is a prize..
You've got friends and family,
Teachers and knowledge that will actually come handy,
And you've got stars in your soul,
& a galaxy of a mind that only you control

So run! Under the summer sun
If you want danger here it comes
Oh I'm no stranger to giving up
But as I grow up,
I've started missing how it felt to be.. wildly young (!)
So i'm gonna use my voice,
As this year I'm turning 19 without a choice
Let's run... If not hand in hand,
run as fast as you can, and leave a trail for me
Oh If you can't fall in love with me
Then I hope you'll fall in love with your life at least,
Cause life's a breeze when you live like you're wildly young
This was really fun to write. Hope some of you find it relatable x
Cathyy Mar 2016
There's a letter that I'll never
Deliver to you girl you left a mess in my world,
And now things in my bedroom
Remind me of you..

See there are old cd's I burned
And paper planes crashed by the door
And song lyrics spilled on the floor
I should probably clean it all up but
A part of me just won't forget us
You must have been pretty special
Cause these days, I try not to be so sentimental..
Did you get the memo?
I've been recording demos
And someday in December,
I'll record a single'
Just you wait.
I'm not going anywhere but up,
Though things in my bedroom remind me of you, I actually don't give a ****
I'm just bringing all of this up
Because, I thought it'd be nice
To spare you a thought, and a poem
Every now and then...
Oh **** we used to be the best of friends
And in my journals there's evidence
Man its been a while and you're still relevant..
So for the hell of it
Let's raise a glass....
Oh in my room theres a few birthday cards
But as the years go on, i get less and less of those
And theres a lava lamp, thats pretty small.. But thats okay
Cause its next to my cd player thats still playing my first mixtape..
So oh yeah, let's raise a glass..
To the person I am today,
Darling you said we all have to change
Well if i did, it came from a place of pain..
Thanks for the positive response on the last two poems! But this is typical Cathy now! A new little freestyle :)
Cathyy Mar 2016
Would you let me walk you back to school?
And maybe later, teach me how to play pool?..
Oh maybe Friday if you're free,
Play dinosaur mini golf with me?
I know I'm uncool..
But I like who I am when i'm with you

Wont you tell your bro to add me back
Tell him I play guitar too but mostly when I'm sad..
Rock and roll is pretty cool,
And Hip Hop was better when it was old school..
But I write acoustic tunes...
Oh you know I do.

Did you ever get the message that I never sent?
You always said you could read me,
Well did you figure I was upset
When you didn't answer the phone
All these days I've felt alone
Just a little hollow and not okay..
But i'd still be here tomorrow,
Despite yesterday.

Oh I'd still love you tomorrow,
Even if my heart breaks apart today.
Cathyy Feb 2016
To that time we played blackjack
I was impressed by your ability to shuffle all the cards just like that,
&then; you showed me a magic trick with pistachio shells
Oh what a friendship it is when someone buys you peanuts and opens all the shells

Yeah confession;
You're in my sci fi screenplay
I think I wrote about you in the most innocent way
And theres a song that,
I currently have on replay...
And a smile that can't help but shine when I see your face
What a moment it is when you're sitting there on the bus and you just want to photograph it

Life's a chess game, and now its your move..
I'm standing on the front line,
I'm giving my horsey to you (haha)
Oh this life's a chess game,
One wrong move and I'll lose....
But here right now we're at a stalemate
All my pieces were going but the piece that remains, patiently waits
For you..
Oh with you I never want the game to end so soon

And I know that we can't fall in love
Cause we've got different ones for us
But what a friendship it is when none of that matters no more..
You're the chess opponent I've been waiting for,
You are.
Really like this one, its one of my best from this year in my opinion! Really personal references..
Cathyy Feb 2016
Take my hand and free fall,
You look at me as if no one else exists at all..
And suddenly everything that seemed so heavy back then,
Doesn't weigh anything,
I've let go..

Lets solve crosswords and play board games
Thats what Sundays are for aren't they?
I look at you as if you are the missing piece..
From this puzzle of a sky above me

And all I have to give,
Is just a song that rhymes a little bit
And quite a meaningful hug
That goes on longer than a couple mins'
Would you take care of me?
And share with me,
Your hopes and your dreams..

I wanna write songs and drink coffee with you
Take it as easy as I can
I know my love often gets out of hand
But I'd like to get out the shower and model for you,
Tell you every evening how I am,
I know some days I'm quite sad
But I am easy to cheer up you see..
And if How I met your mother came on
Would you lie here with me for days on repeat? :')
A new favourite this year hehe
Includes personal references.
Cathyy Jan 2016
Will you dance with me forever,
Around in circles?
We'll stay young together..
Forget growing older
You'll still make my heart race
Whenever you walk by

Let's paint this city over
With colours of Autumn
Red orange yellow and gold
Leaves.. you feeling colder
I'll still hug you tighter,
Whenever you walk by

...As time moved on, so did you
There hasn't been a day where I don't miss you,
And now everything has changed
But darling I could kiss you,
I'll never let you go..
I just want you to know...

Would you dance with me forever?
If I could turn back time,
Would you want to stay young together
I'll paint you a brand new infinite sky,
Anything just to have you,
Happy, here in my life...
I'll write you the most romantic poem in the world,
Even if it can't change how I appear now, in your eyes..
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