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Isn't it astonishing,
   The amount of hate
That humans have for
        Each other?

If only that same effort
    Was used to threaten
The crooked hand holding
          Us captive.
Sally A Bayan Nov 2015
There should be much reason for joy these days
the holidays are coming-
there is much sadness,
and grieving
too much violence happening
in this
distraught world
of ours.

Christmas is near,
Christmas songs should be played
a different kind of music
persistently plays
murmured by the wind
stirs the heart and mind of many
this desire for power is
gaining audience-
inflicting pain
claiming lives
sowing fear
affecting the whole
human race.

once, we had
what we now have
is a


Copyright November 15, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
You say we're different
I say we're the same
We both have feelings
And we both have a brain

We both have ten fingers
Two eyes and one nose
We both have a smile
And we both have ten toes

But what about those
Who have no nose
And they can't stand up
Cause they have no toes

What about those
Who's smiles are dead
Because it was their turn
to have C4 strapped to their heads

What about those
Who have no rights
No choice at all
When it comes to their life

So, I hereby propose
That we all get along
Calm the **** down
And take a hit off my ****

Cause this world is messed up
Duh, we all got the memo
Lets all just be friends
Chill out, HELLO!?
Dedication to 9/11
Styles Dec 2014
Last Night
I found myself stuck
I kept
opening my eyes
But I
couldn't wake up.

I'm just stuck
In a world, in real-time
Every secret is another risk.
Promises are just a remnant of a myth
Trust was a lie.
And honestly was abolished, so
True Love couldn't really exist.
People better at using words as fist --
than using them as a gift.
Children getting schooled like fish,
school programs turned to projects
to nature the statistics;
so if the shoes fits
they are too dump to notice;
Police enforcing politics,
while social media enforce justice,
young heart-broken mothers seethe,
with protesters cause,
because they wouldn't let son breathe.
People shooting in black on white,
so its hard to see, it
killing you and me.
ConfusedPoet Dec 2014
Dear Society,

Why can’t we all just get along?
We’re stuck between what’s right and what’s cool.
We have this fine line that we waver back and forth.
And to many times,
Go with the cool

When I mean we,
I mean WE,
The collective,
The race,
The world

Why can’t we all just get along?
It doesn’t matter if your Black or White or Pink!
Or Catholic or Jewish or Muslim,
Or tall or large or thin or small
Or Gay or Lesbian or Straight

Why can’t we all just get along?
We’re all different, can’t you see?
We aren’t alike,
And you have to admit,
It’d be boring if we were!

Why can’t we get along?
It’s really quite simple,
Just smile and say hello,
To all those that you meet,
Today and tomorrow, and throughout your life

Why can’t we all just get along?
We seem, I think,
To not understand what we are,
Who we are
How we are

Why can’t we all just get along?
It’s just a simple question.
We go along with violence around us,
Consuming us,
Poisoning us,

It’s actually so simple,
That a lot of adults don’t know.
But still I have to ask,
Really, really, really have to ask
Why can’t we all just get along?

A Confused Poet

— The End —